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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry for the short chapter, I promise to make the next one longer!
The foursome made their way back to their friends’ home and they decided, much to Addie’s chagrin, to watch a horror movie. They headed to the kitchen to make popcorn first and Emma excused herself to the bathroom as Nick was heading outside to take a call.

“Ok.” Addie whispered to her husband. “You get in there and stretch out on the couch. I’ll bring the popcorn in and sit in the chair.”

“Why? That means that Emma and Nick will be stuck with…”

“The loveseat, that’s my point!”

Howie sighed and draped his arm around his wife’s shoulders. “Should we really push this? I mean they just got back on speaking terms.”

“Yes.” Addie replied adamantly. “If we don’t push and prod a little, they’re going to take forever and a day to get back together.”

“And you want them back together?”

“I want them happy.” Addie answered quietly. “I know he makes her happy and she really needs that right now.”

“Ok. I’ll do it for that.”

Howie heard Nick come back in and made a dash for the couch as Addie headed towards the chair with the bowls of popcorn. Nick noticed that they had spread themselves and left the loveseat as the only available place to sit.

“Pushy much?” he muttered.

“Yes.” Addie said with a smile. “Are you complaining?”

Nick blushed and slumped down on the small sofa leaving room for Emma to sit. She joined them a few minutes later and gave Howie and Addie the same glance over that Nick did. Her friend winked at her and she shook her head as she took her spot next to Nick.

“I’ll try not to claw you.” Emma told him as the movie started.

“I’ll keep my guard up.” he answered with a laugh.

They spent the first half of the movie trying to stay in their own spaces, but as the movie gotten scarier, Emma had a hard time not crawling all over the couch, hiding her eyes. Nick moved a little to accommodate her but then just gave up. He knew the next part of the movie would send her over the edge, so he braced himself for her launch. His intuition was correct and as the scene played on, Emma yanked her feet off the floor and buried her head into Nick’s shoulder.

“Sorry.” she whispered. “I didn’t expect that to happen.”

“The bad guy being revealed or almost taking my arm off?” he asked with a chuckle.


“It’s fine.”

He decided to take a chance and drape his arm around her; she surprised him by scooting closer to him and resting her head on his shoulder. The scent of her shampoo reminded him of all the times they spent close together like that and he realized how much he truly missed it. There wasn’t any other woman that brought out these feelings in him and he knew, at that moment, that no matter how many walls she threw up, he was going to keep banging away at them until he wore her down.

Addie glanced over at her friend and smiled at the sight of her and Nick getting cozy on the couch together. This is exactly what Emma needed, and whether she’d admit it or not, the spot she was in was where she belonged.

The movie finally ended and everyone was yawning. Nick decided to call it a night since he had to take Emma home and they said their goodbyes quickly. The ride back to Emma’s was quiet and they both were acting like shy teenagers on a first date. Nick offered to walk her up to her apartment when they pulled in and she accepted.

“Thanks for driving me.” Emma said as she put her key in the lock. “I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome.”

She started into the apartment and Nick turned to head back to the car. He was startled when he heard her call out to him.

“If you have a minute, I can change and give you back your sweatshirt.”

Nick didn’t a damn if he ever got the sweatshirt back but he would do anything to spend a little more time with her, so he waited in her living room while she changed.

“Here you go.”

Emma returned and handed him the sweatshirt. She had pulled her hair into a bun but a few stubborn strands had fallen in her eyes. Nick reached out to tuck them behind her ear and his hand grazed her cheek as he slid it down her face. Instead of pulling it all the way back, he cupped his hand over her cheek. She looked up at him and he knew that if he didn’t take a chance right then and there, he wasn’t sure he’d get another one. He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips; he pulled back after a few seconds, not wanting to be too intense. Emma opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Nick smiled and pulled her into a hug; he rested his head on hers and loved the feeling he had when she snaked her arms around his waist. They stayed there for a few minutes and Nick tried hard to resist the urge to push this further. He finally decided that he needed to leave or there would be no way he could stop himself from testing the limits. The need to be with her was so intense but he wanted to make sure that she was feeling the same way before he made any big moves.

“I think I should go.” Nick said quietly.

“For tonight?” Emma asked.

“For tonight.” he answered and headed towards the door.

Both of them wanted more but neither one wanted to rush into something either. They both knew that whatever was between them had returned and they were willing to give each other enough space to figure it out.

“Do you think I could take you out sometime?” he asked.


Nick leaned down and kissed her gently. “Good.”

Emma gave him another smile and closed the door. He bolted down the stairs and jumped into his truck; he knew he had to hurry back to his place because he was in serious need of a cold shower.