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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm so sorry for the delay in updating, I promise to work harder! LOL
A week flew by as Emma worked at school and Nick took some meetings with his management about possibly doing a solo tour. They spent as many nights as they could together and Nick continued to give her his running countdown of how long she had to move in. She’d laugh every time he told her but she knew he was serious and that a choice would need to be made soon. Deciding she needed some friendly advice, she invited Addie out to lunch. Her friend had always been honest with her before and her guidance was invaluable.

“Hey there lady.” Addie said as she made her way to the booth. “Glad you could carve some bff time into your busy schedule.”

“I always have time for you.”

“Sure, sure. I believe a certain six foot something blond might be occupying most of your attention and time lately. I was wondering if you guys were gonna come up for air at some point!”

“Thanks for hanging in there and having faith we would!” Emma replied with a laugh.

“No sweat, figured it would happen eventually.”

The girls placed their drink and food orders and when they were done, Addie decided to just attack the issue.

“I’m guessing you summoned me because Nicky asked you to move back in.”

“How the hell did you know?”

“My husband, he sucks at keeping secrets.”

“Or you’re just really good at getting them out of people.”

Addie nodded. “There’s that too. So are you gonna do it?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.”

“Well who does then? I thought this was something you wanted.”

“It is but I’m….”

“Oh no, not this bullshit again. Let me see if I can figure it out. You’ve gotten hurt before, you’re afraid of doing it again, yada, yada, yada. Don’t bother using that crap with me.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“I’m serious. You cannot keep going back and forth. At some point you need to make a decision and stick with it.”

“I know I do.”

“Then why are you wasting time talking to me about this?”

“I guess I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

“Whose shoe? Lauren is completely out of the picture and Nick hasn’t looked at anyone else since you came back into the picture.”

“She could come back.”

“Is that what this is about? A chance that Lauren could come waltzing back in the door?”


“Then kick her ass out!”

Emma burst out laughing and some of the other diners looked at her with contempt. She put her napkin up to her mouth and tried to clear her throat.

“You’re gonna get us kicked out.”

“So what?” Addie said. “I can say what I want, where I want. And don’t try to change the subject. If you want to be with Nick, then do it. If not, don’t drag it out.”

“I definitely want to be with him, I’m just not sure about the moving back in together part.”

“When does he want to know by?”

“Um let me check.” Emma said and pulled out her phone. “Seven days, ten hours and thirty-six minutes.”

“What the f…hell? What’d you have a countdown?”

“He does. He sends me texts all the time reminding me.”

“Then you had been move in soon because Lord knows what he’ll resort to after that lovely time limit expires.”

“I think I’m afraid to find out!”


Emma pulled into the beach house driveway after spending a couple of hours with Addie and to her surprise, Nick was waiting for her on the front steps. She jumped out of the car, ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck; he smiled and pulled her off the ground.

“Miss me?” he asked with a sexy grin.

“Of course! I didn’t expect you to be home tonight.”

“Jeez…what are you doing, throwing another kegger?”

“Wise ass. I meant that I thought you had to meet with someone from your management company.”

“I already did. Things went smoothly and we had time to spare. I was thinking that maybe we could go out on a date.”

“Ooohh..I like it. Should I change first?”

“Yeah, maybe some jeans and sneakers.”

“Ok. Give me five minutes.”

She raced down the hallway into their bedroom and started yanking clothes out of her duffel bag; Nick stood in the doorway watching her.

“You do know that if you move in with me, you won’t have to carry around all your belongings.” he said as she made a dash into the bathroom. “I’ll even share my closet with you!”

“Thanks, I appreciate the generosity!” she called through the door as she changed.

“That’s me, Mr. Generous.”

She was out in a few minutes and kissed him gently after she’d dropped her stuff on the bed. “Ready?”

“I just need one thing.” Nick answered.

She watched as he dug around in his closet and after a few seconds, pulled out a batting helmet. Cocking an eyebrow, she stared at him.

“Um, is that necessary?”

“With you around it is!”

Nick grabbed her by the hand and dragged her out to the car.