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Nick didn’t hear from Emma over the next few days and he was going from panicked to pissed. Why was she pulling this stunt? He couldn’t remember doing anything to upset her and he didn’t understand why she was suddenly avoiding him. Everything seemed to be going so well and now this. Driving to her apartment several times, he still didn’t get any answers because she wasn’t there either.

By the time a week had passed, Nick called AJ and asked him what to do.

“Where is she?” his brother asked.

“I have no idea. She was supposed to come over a week ago and never showed up. Then she sends me some bullshit text about having things to do and that she would call me later. It’s been seven days!”

“That’s unlike her. Has Addie talked to her?”

“No, she keeps sending her texts that she’s busy and will get back to her.”

“That’s bizarre. Let me try calling her and I’ll call you back.”

“Thanks.” Nick replied and hung up.

AJ called back a few minutes later. “I tried like five times and each time it went to voicemail.”

“See? That’s what I’m saying. I’ve been to her apartment every day for the last four days and I’ve gotten nowhere; she’s never around. You don’t think something happened to her do you?”

“I don’t think so.” AJ responded. “But something is definitely off. Why don’t you take a few days off from calling and see what happens?”

“That’s your advice?” Nick asked with an attitude. “Just stop calling her?”

“Yes. What do you want me to say?”

“How about break down her door and make sure she’s ok?”

“If she’s mad Nick, I don’t think that’s going to help. Just think about it.”

“Fine.” Nick said and hung up again.


Nick did what AJ suggested and another week had passed without him hearing from her. The whole situation was driving him crazy and he couldn’t grasp what was going on. They were doing so well and seemed like they were finally heading in the same direction and now nothing. He was willing to apologize for whatever he’d done if she would just tell him what he did.

Another week passed and Nick was starting to give up hope that anything would work at this point. This whole thing was going nowhere and he was spending most of his time obsessing over what might be wrong and what he should be doing. He’d been so preoccupied that he blew off some of his responsibilities to management. Eventually, they started breathing down his neck and he decided that maybe getting some work done might give him something to do.

He went to meet with a producer about some solo material and he was grateful for the distraction his work was providing. They worked into the night and by the time they were finished, Nick was exhausted. It was now one in the morning and the producer told him that he could use the studio and just to lock it up when he was done. He stayed for another half hour, locked everything up and headed towards his car.

Nick climbed in and rested his head on the back of his seat; all he wanted to do was get home and sleep. Turning the key in the ignition, he heard a disconcerting noise. He tried it again and this time nothing happened. Fan-fucking-tastic he said to himself, this was just what he needed. After trying a few more times, he gave up and pulled out his phone. Hopefully, he could get ahold of Howie and have him come pick him up.

Just as he started to dial, he remembered that Howie and Addie had gone away for the weekend. What was he supposed to do now? He didn’t know anyone in the area and he knew he was about two hours from his home. There was no cab company that was going to drive him that far. An idea popped into his head and he sighed; he could always try calling Emma and see if she answered. If she didn’t, he’d probably have to sleep in the studio for the night.

He dialed the familiar number and prayed to God that she might answer this one time. Apparently the big guy heard him and he was shocked when Emma answered after two rings.

“Hello?” she answered groggily.

“Emma? It’s Nick, please don’t hang up.”

He heard dead silence and silently pleaded with her not to hang up. He decided to talk fast and hope she answered.

“I know I’m the last person you want to talk to but I’m stuck at a studio and my car died. Its two hours away and I can’t get a cab company to pick me up. Howie and Addie are away and I wouldn’t ask you if I had any other choice.”

It took a few moments but he finally heard something.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Emma hung up and Nick leaned back against the seat. Hopefully she’d really come.


Emma showed up just as she said she would and found Nick sleeping in his car. She knocked on the window to get his attention and then headed back to her car. Waiting for him to lock up, she fiddled with the radio stations and settled on one that would allow her not to talk to him. He climbed in and she headed back to his house.

They drove in complete silence and the entire time Nick just wanted to ask her for answers. He knew that he shouldn’t push his luck but he needed to know what was going on. By the time she pulled into his driveway, he decided not to beat around the bush and just ask.

“Why haven’t I heard from you?”

Emma just sat there in silence.

“I have no idea what I did Emma. I would apologize for anything if I just knew what was going on. Please tell me what I did wrong.”

Still nothing.

“I want an answer Em.”

“Well, I don’t have to give you one. And if you don’t like that answer, then call Lauren the next time you need a ride!”