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Author's Chapter Notes:
A huge thank you to Sapphire who kicked my butt and reminded me that I needed to get on the ball about updating. I also want to thank Inconsolable and addictedtobsb for their reviews. I hope everyone is liking the story and I apologize for the slacking in updating!
“Do you think they’re ok?”

Nick sighed; AJ had asked the same question every ten minutes since they had left Lauren and Sam with Drew. He knew his brother was truly concerned for Sam and that this decision to leave had been difficult for him. However, Nick was going to strangle him if he heard him ask it one more time.

“They’re fine J; they’ve been fine for the last two hours. And every time you ask me this question, until I hear otherwise, I’m going to give you the same answer. Now go take a nap.”

The guys had rented a tour bus to share on their short, five day tour and the guys were either asleep or halfway there. AJ felt bad that he kept bothering Nick but he couldn’t shake the concern and fear that something would happen while he was away. The decision to leave had been torture for him and he prayed every night since making it that he wouldn’t regret it.

“I know but I’m not there to make sure.”

Nick rolled over to face his brother who was standing right outside his bunk.

“She is fine. If anything was going on, Drew or Lauren would call us and let us know. They promised to watch over her and they always follow through on their promises.” Nick turned back over. “Now go to sleep.”


“I feel like I’m sixteen again!” Sam said as she polished the last finger on Lauren’s right hand. “It’s like a sleepover.”

“It really is except we can drink now!” Lauren laughed. “We couldn’t do that at sixteen.”

Sam smiled; she really enjoyed spending time with Lauren and having her here while AJ was gone was a comfort. She hadn’t had many close female friends besides Sarah and her sister. And she really didn’t have her anymore because Sarah had left the week before to head back to Boston; she said California didn’t agree with her but she invited Sam to stay with them any time she wanted.

She glanced down as Lauren was painting her toenails and she was glad that she had such a good friend in her. Nick’s wife had always been there for her and looked after her as if she was like her little sister. She knew AJ was really concerned about leaving her alone for five days but she felt safe with Lauren and Drew.

AJ’s bodyguard came into the room a few minutes later to find Lauren braiding Sam’s hair.

“Just wanted to let you guys know that the pizza’s here.”

“Great.” Lauren replied. “I’m starving.”

“Me too.” Sam agreed and then turned to Drew. “Do you want us to do your nails after dinner?”

“Hell to the no!” Drew said with a deep laugh. “My job description says I need to protect you but it doesn’t mention anything about getting a manicure!”

“AJ gets them.” Sam said with a fake pout.

“That’s because that boy might as well be a woman at times!”

“Hey!” Lauren said as she whacked Drew on the arm. “Watch it!”

“Seriously Laur, have you seen that man shop?” Drew asked as they made their way into the kitchen. “He buys more accessories and jewelry than any woman I know.”

Lauren thought about it for a minute.

“Yeah, you’re kind of right about that. We could probably play dress up in his closet.”

“That’s a terrific idea!” Sam shouted as they turned to face her. “I totally think we should dig out some of his stuff and dress up like him. I think it would help him feel a little better about being gone if he could see us being silly and having a good time. Maybe he won’t feel as bad.”

Lauren and Drew contemplated the whole idea during dinner and they had to agree with Sam that it might lighten AJ’s mood a little to see everyone ok. The three of them investigated his closet and dug out hats and wife beaters as well as some jeans. Lauren and Sam were too small to fit in his jeans so they had to hike them up with belts. They put the wife beaters on with the fedoras and took turns posing in different AJ styles while Drew took some pictures with his phone.

When they were done, they cleaned up his closet and sat down with Drew to pick out the best pictures. Lauren wanted to send some to Nick as well so that he would be in on the photo shoot. After narrowing it down to two a piece, they texted them to the two guys along with some captions that were lyrics to some of their songs. Sam truly hoped that this would ease some of her boyfriend’s concerns about being gone.


“Oh my God!” Nick said as he rolled off the couch onto the floor giggling. “J! Have you checked your phone?”

“No, I just finished showering.” AJ replied, poking his head out of the bathroom door. “What’s wrong? Is it Sam?”

Howie grabbed Nick’s phone to see what was funny and busted out laughing. He passed the phone to Brian and Kevin who got as much amusement out of it as their other two brothers.

“Somebody tell me what’s going on!” AJ demanded as he stormed out of the bathroom with only a towel on.

“You’re gonna love it.” Brian chuckled as he handed AJ his phone. “It’s priceless.”

AJ flicked over to his messages and waited a moment for them to load. When he saw what the two women sent him, he started to laugh along with the guys. Seeing Sam having fun with a big smile on her face definitely made it easier for him to be out there and he started to think that maybe this whole trip would be fine.