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** ASHLEY **

‘You have a new review from nacho_the_pug’

I reread the message for what was probably close to the hundredth time. My finger was shaking, hovering over my left mouse button. It had been months since I had written and even longer since I had uploaded a story. Last night, I had finally decided to bite the bullet and upload the first few chapters of the novel that I had penned almost immediately after returning to my ‘normal’ life. It was a romance, not my usual style, and I had been surprised by the amount of feedback that I had already received; especially since I had left my typical readers hanging when I had discontinued ‘The Chaos Tour’ immediately following the shooting that had almost cost Brian his life and that had left Charlie awaiting trial and, inevitably, death row.

My finger was starting to hurt from being held in such an awkward position. I knew that Nick was the reviewer behind ‘nacho_the_pug’, but I didn’t know if I wanted to read what he had to say. We hadn’t really had a proper conversation since Brian had been released from the hospital, and our messages had become even less frequent now that the guys were getting ready to embark on their new tour; a retro-inspired show that was going to showcase all of their old-school fan favourites.

Even though we didn’t speak that often, I knew that Nick would easily be able to realize that I had modeled my new female lead after myself; the female lead who was completely in love with Brian. In all fairness, I hadn’t expected Nick to read the story. I hadn’t seen his username on the site since everything that had happened, and I had, apparently wrongly, assumed that he had given up his little fan fiction addiction for good.

“You can do this, Ash.” I whispered, trying to psych myself up. “Just click the button and see what he said.”

My little pep-talk worked. I crushed my finger against the mouse and held my breath as the page loaded.

Reviewer: nacho_the_pug

It’s great to see a new story from you! I feel as if I know ‘Paige’ ... I think Brian would like her a lot. I know that Paige is not the only one who is hiding her feelings. I bet that Brian will tell her that he loves her too ... give him some time. xxx

My heart was in my throat. Anyone who looked at the review would think that Nick was just talking about the story, but I knew different. I moved my shaking hands to the keyboard, trying to figure out how to respond, but I stopped short when a new review suddenly popped up above Nick’s.

Reviewer: ajthesexgod

I called this shit!!! This Paige chick needs to get her shit together and talk to Brian, ‘cause Rok is way too much of a pussy to do it himself. Just sayin’...

My eyes widened as I reread the words that could have only come from AJ himself. I was an idiot. What had I been thinking posting a story that detailed my feelings for Brian? I needed to take it down before things really got out of hand.

My mind made up, I began navigating to my account portion of the website, but stopped when my phone pinged with an incoming text message. I looked at the display and Brian’s smiling face stared back at me.

AJ and Nick both tell me that you’re writing again ... I’m glad.

I picked up my phone from the desk with unsteady fingers. Sucking in my breath, I fired back the first thought that came to my mind.

You were my inspiration. I’m glad that you’re feeling well enough to get up on stage again.

I held my breath; feeling as if I might pass out as I waited for Brian’s response.

I inspired you, huh? ;) Are you coming to our opening show? Nick says that he sent you tickets.

I let out my breath in one slow sigh and quickly typed back my answer.

Of course I’m coming! It will be nice to see you ... and the other guys.

The little blinking dots popped up to let me know that Brian was typing a message. I held my breath for the second time; waiting.

It will be nice to see you too, Ash. I’m finally in charge of what I want ... and it’s amazing.

The End