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"Miss Cappel, is it true that you had altercation with my client the day of the shooting?" Garrett asked.

"Yes" Natalie said.

"Care to tell me what happened?" Garrett asked her, leaning against the witness box.

"I was standing in the line for lunch with Neilson and Damien stumbled in" Natalie said to him.

"Why do you say stumbled?" Garrett asked.

"He was obviously very drunk at that point" she said.

"Really? What gave you that impression?" Garrett asked her.

"He was uneasy on his feet, his speech was slurred, not to mention the overwhelming smell of alcohol" Natalie said "He was also very very angry" she said.

"Angry? At who?" Garrett asked.

"Kyle" she said.

"He was berating Kyle over this award calling him the golden boy, stuff like that, Kyle tried to get him to calm down but that just seemed to make him angrier" she said "So, I went to Kyle's defense and that's when he decided to turn his anger on me" she said to Garrett.

"And how did he do this?" Garrett asked her.

"Damien accused me of cheating on Neilson with Kyle" Natalie said embarrassed.

"Just Kyle?" Garrett asked her.

"No, he also accused me of having sex with Bradley, Adam and Harry" she said embarrassed.

"Did you?" Garrett asked, she looked at him in disbelief.

"Objection your honor!" Ian said "Miss Cappel's private life is irrelevant to this case" he said to Judge Buchanan.

"Sustained, Mr. Benson, you're testing my patience" Judge Buchanan said.

"Yes, I apologize your honor" Garrett said "What happened after he accused you of cheating on your boyfriend?" Garrett asked her.

"He asked Neilson if they were all done with me he could have a shot, so I slapped him" Natalie said.

"You slapped him?" Garrett asked.

"Yes, I did" she said.

"How hard did you slap him?" Garrett asked.

"Not as hard as I could've" she said glaring a Damien.

"How did he react?" Garrett asked.

"He grabbed my arm tightly and wouldn't let go" she said.

"Well to be fair...you did just slap him" Garrett said.

Bradley shook his head in disbelief and scoffed at his questioning.

"He had just humiliated me in front of the entire school" she said irritated.

"So that gives you a right to slap him?" Garrett asked.

"No...I guess not" she said.

"No further questions, your witness" Garrett said sitting down.

"Natalie, what happened when you heard the first gunshots?" Ian asked standing up.

"I was in the bathroom with some of my friends when I heard them" she said.

"Did you know that at this point it was Bradley who had been shot?" he asked.

"No, I didn't know until I left the bathroom, I saw Bradley and Neilson in the hallway, Bradley was on the floor against the lockers, when I got closer I saw the blood" she said.

"It was your idea to take him to the girls' bathroom correct?" Ian asked.

"Yes, I didn't know where Damien was or if he was going to come back, I was afraid that if he had saw us trying to leave he would kill us" she said "So I told Neilson to get him to the girls' bathroom and we stayed there until Neilson broke out a window" she said.

“How was Bradley doing at this point?” Ian asked.

“We tried to stop the bleeding, we applied pressure but it wasn’t working, so Bradley would go in and out of consciousness” she said. “He was scared and he thought he might die, we did too” she said.

“I found a brick underneath one of the bathroom stalls” she said.

“They use it to prop the bathroom door open, so Neilson threw it through the window” she said “He helped me climb out and I got the paramedics” she said.

“Okay, thank you Natalie, no further questions your honor” Ian said.


"Harry, in your words can you describe what happened?" Ian asked Harry.

"The morning of the assembly I was on newspaper duty” Harry said.

“What does that mean?” Ian asked.

“I’m the photographer for the school newspaper, it was my job to take pictures of the assembly for that week’s edition of the paper” Harry said. “I was developing pictures for the school paper, I came out of the dark room and everyone was gone" Harry said to him.

“Gone?” Ian asked.

“Yeah, I uh, looked at my phone and saw my mom called so I called her back, she told me there was someone with a gun inside the school" Harry said.

“What did you do?” Ian asked.

"I ran, I went to my locker, got my stuff and I got to the ground floor and that's when I heard yelling" Harry said.

"Did you recognize the voice?" Ian asked.
"Yeah it was Kyle" Harry said "So I followed the sound and I pushed the door to the room open and saw Kyle and Damien fighting over something" Harry said to him.

"Did you know what it was?" Ian asked.

"No... I know now that it was actually a gun" Harry said.

“I heard the gun go off and I looked down and saw blood” Harry said.

“Do you remember anything after being shot?” Ian asked.

“I just remember Adam laying me on the floor and trying to stop the bleeding, I remember because it hurt…a lot” Harry said "Next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital and Kyle told me that Damien had shot me" Harry said.

"Thank you Harry, no further questions" Ian said.

"Redirect your honor?" Garrett asked standing up "So...Kyle told you Damien shot you?" he asked Harry.

"Yes" Harry said to him.

"And you believed him?" Garrett asked approaching the witness stand.

"Well yeah" Harry said “Why wouldn’t I?” he asked.

“You said you saw Damien and Kyle fighting over the gun…for all you know Kyle could’ve pulled the trigger” Garrett said to him.

"Objection your honor, Adam McLean just testified to the fact that Mr. Benson’s client blew on the barrel of the gun stating ‘2 down, 3 to go’” Ian said.

“Sustained, move on counselor” Judge Buchanan said to Garrett.

“No further questions your honor” Garrett said.

“You may step down, Mr. Deckler call your next witness” Judge Buchanan said as Harry moved slowly to exit the witness stand.

“The people call Neilson Carter to the stand” Ian said.

"Neilson, explain to me everything that happened after Bradley was shot” Ian said.

“Uh, we waited until we were sure Damien was gone to get up from the floor, I patted myself down to make sure I was okay and Bradley said he was okay but then I looked over and I saw he was bleeding” Neilson said.

“Bradley didn’t know he was shot?” Ian asked.

“Not at first, he started to collapse, so I set him down on the floor against the locker and that’s when Nat ran around the corner” Neilson said. “Bradley wanted us to leave him there and run, to save ourselves” Neilson said.

“But you didn’t?” Ian asked.

“No, course not” Neilson said "Bradley's my best friend I wasn't going to leave him there to die" Neilson said to him.

“Continue, please” Ian said.

“I wanted to get Bradley out of there as soon as possible but Nat convinced me that if Damien were to see us trying to get away he would probably kill us” Neilson said.

“So that’s when you and Natalie dragged Bradley to the bathroom” Ian said.

“Yes” Neilson said.

“We lied him on the floor, we got all the toilet paper and paper towels to try and stop the bleeding" Neilson said.

“Was Bradley still conscious at this point?” Ian asked.

“Yes” Neilson said “Nat and I started arguing over what to do and how to help Bradley and I finally realized we could climb out through the windows but then Nat informed me that our principal had had them sealed shut” Neilson said.

“Why’s that?” Ian asked confused.

“I don’t know, Nat said it was because people were climbing out to ditch school or something” Neilson said. "I found a wrench in the supply closet and started to break out the window" Neilson said to him.

"How was Bradley at this point?" Ian asked.

"He thought he might die" Neilson said “Then Nat found the brick on the floor so I threw it into the window and I knocked out the left over glass, I was able to lift Natalie up through the window and that’s when she went to get help” Neilson said.

"Is it true, that to protect you from being shot, he pushed you out of the way?" Ian asked.

"Yeah it is" Neilson said.

“Thank you, Neilson, no further questions” Ian said sitting down.

"Neilson, do you know what this is?" Garrett asked holding up his sketch pad.

"That's my sketch pad I use for my advanced art class" Neilson said to him.

"You're a very good artist" Garrett said paging through it.

"Thanks" Neilson said.

"You drew this on the morning of the shooting correct?" he asked holding up a picture.

Neilson fought the smirk that was creeping up on him "Yes, I did" he replied.

"Neilson who is this supposed to be a picture of?" Garrett asked him.

"Well...it's the devil wearing a letterman's jacket and holding a football" Neilson said nervously.

"That I can clearly see...looks an awful like my client don't you think?" Garrett asked.

"Objection, your honor is this a trial or show and tell time?" Ian asked.

"Sustained" Judge Buchanan said.

"I really don't see the resemblance" Neilson said, Bradley laughed to himself.

"Neilson witnesses say you attempted to lunge at my client in the cafeteria, is that correct?" Garrett asked.

"If you're talking about after he just accused my girlfriend of sleeping with my friends and then asked me if it were okay for him to sleep with her then, yes, I did…who wouldn’t?" Neilson asked.

“How about someone with self control?” Garrett asked, Neilson looked at him disbelief and scoffed.

“Objection your honor!” Ian bellowed.

"No further questions your honor" Garrett said.

"Mr. Deckler, call your next witness" Judge Buchanan said to Ian.

"The people call Damien Winchester to the stand" Ian said.