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Kyle came out of the cafeteria, he took a deep breath and leaned up against the lockers, his pocket once again began to ring, he pulled it out "What?!" he asked irritated.

"Whoa, Hey" Kevin said to him.

"Oh...hey dad, what's up?" Kyle asked.

"You okay?” he Kevin asked.

"Not particularly” Kyle said bitterly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, Kyle sighed once more “Nothing, I’ll be alright, I can handle it” Kyle said. “This is a surprise, you don’t really call me during school” Kyle said.

“Yeah…well your mom called last night and said you might be getting some award at school today, just wanted to check in and see how everything went” Kevin said.

"Yeah...I don't want to talk about that right now" Kyle said angrily.

"Kyle, obviously you’re not fine, so why don’t you just tell me what the problem is” Kevin said, he saw the bathroom door open and Bradley, Neilson and Natalie file out.

“Yeah dad can we talk about it later? I got to go” Kyle said.

“Course, call me later alright? Hey, listen, I love you” Kevin said.

"Yeah, love you too, bye" Kyle said hanging up.

"Nat" he said jogging towards her "Hey, I'm so sorry he did that to you in there" he said hugging her.

"It's not your fault" she said to him "I appreciate you for sticking up for me".

"That was no problem" she said managing a small smile.

"You okay?" he asked

"Yeah I'll be alright, thanks" she said

"Good" he said to her

"So what happened to Satan's spawn?" Bradley asked

"Wexler has him" Kyle said to him.

"Hello again Mrs. Winchester this is Principal Wexler I have your son Damien in my office and I'm calling you to let you know that he will be coming home early today followed by a week's suspension, if you have any questions please call my office, thank you" he said hanging up the phone.

"She didn't answer did she?" Damien asked.

"No, she didn't" Mr. Wexler said turning his chair around.

"Ah good old Daphne, when you need her, she's nowhere to be found".

The door to Principal Wexler's office opened "Come in coach" the principal said waving the coach in.

"Oh here we go" Damien groaned

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked Damien angrily "What has gotten into you?".

"Whiskey, you should try it sometime" Damien said to him.

"Damien, we have a serious problem here."

"No, you're the one who has the problem, I'm perfectly fine" Damien said putting his feet up on Mr. Wexler's desk.

He angrily shoved them back to the floor

"Skipping class, going up to the roof, drinking and on school property no less, becoming intoxicated not to mention that little stunt you pulled the cafeteria" Mr. Wexler said angrily. "Totally humiliating Natalie Cappel and threatening Kyle Richardson".

"Oh no no that" Damien said "Not perfect little sweet innocent Kyle" Damien said to him."Quick someone call in the feds!" he said "Nat's not so innocent either okay, that little whore bitch slapped me".

"Watch the language in my office!" Mr. Wexler yelled at him.

"Damien this is unacceptable, as a member of this school's football team I expect obedience on and off the field your behavior today has put your position as a team member in jeopardy".

"oh no" Damien said faking disappointment, rolling his eyes. "You know what screw you both okay? Screw the team, I don't need any of you" Damien said standing up "I'll hand in my jersey after my suspension's up" he said flinging the door open and storming out.

He got into his car and peeled out of the school parking lot, leaving tire tracks behind him. Kyle stared out of a window, watching Damien's car speed down the street. He sat parked outside, staring at himself in the rearview mirror.

“Mom” Damien said as he entered the kitchen

“I hope you’re in the mood for dessert” she said “I made my famous berry cobbler, I know it’s your favorite” she said.

“Yeah, mom look about this whole MVP thing…” Damien said.

“Oh Damien, I cannot tell you how happy you’ve made your father, ever since you told him the news he has been beaming with pride” she said.

“Mom, is dad really serious about this whole donation thing?” he asked.

“Well of course he is” Daphne said.

“It’s a little much don’t you think? I mean I don’t think you can just buy something like this” Damien said to her.

“Well honey, all your father wants is for you to be happy and if there’s any way he can contribute then he’ll do it” she said.

“Right” he said leaving the kitchen.

“Yeah okay, great” Derek said as he sat in his office “I’ll see you on the green this Saturday, okay talk to you then, bye” he said hanging up his phone.

"Hey dad?" Damien asked coming into his office.

"Ah just in time” Derek said to him “I just got off the phone with the president of the school board and they’ve accepted my donation to the football team” Derek said gladly.

“You really didn’t have to do that” Damien said.

“Nonsense, besides Tom and I go way back” he said “If that doesn’t get you that award I don’t know what will” he said. “Now didn’t I tell you all that extra training and practices would help?"

“Yeah” Damien said nodding and taking a seat in a large green leather chair.

"Damien...I know that we've had our differences...most fathers and sons do but...I'm proud of you son" Derek said putting a hand on his shoulder.

Damien looked up him "Wow...thanks" he said in shock.

"Now listen, I will be out of town that day, which I want you to call me right after you win, I'll fly home that night, we'll have a big celebratory dinner" Derek said sitting at his desk. "You know I feel bad for the kid who’s going to miss out on this opportunity? What’s his name? I’ll make sure he wins next year” he said picking up the phone.

“Dad, come on put the phone down” Damien said.

“Something wrong son?” he asked “Yes! This is all too much!” Damien said “I want to win this award because coach thinks I’m the best not because you let the school superintendent win at golf” Damien said. “I want to win because for once I want people to acknowledge me, not Darren and not Kyle!” he said.

“Who’s Kyle?” Derek asked.

“Kyle Richardson” Damien said in disdain.

“The dark haired boy, the one who’s father is in that band” Derek said.

“Yeah that’s him” Damien groaned.

“Hmm” Derek said.

“Hmm?” Damien asked.

“Well I can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve seen him play he’s a good athlete” Derek said. “I’d say you’ve got some stiff competition on your hands” Derek said.

“Yeah well…isn’t what this whole shoving money down the superintendent’s throat is about?” Damien asked.

“Didn’t you just say you wanted to win this just based on merit and not money?” Derek asked "Don't screw this up Damien" Derek said to him.

He blew into the house, walking into the foyer and making his way to his father's den. He pressed a few buttons on a stereo, turning the volume knob all the way up, filling the whole house with a loud angry metal sound. He picked up a small statue and used it to break the glass of his father's well stocked liquor cabinet. He grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels, taking a generous gulp letting it's horrible taste run down his throat. He carried the bottle by it's neck, walking to the large fireplace, picking up the poker.

He made his way upstairs, opening the doors to his father's office, he stepped in. He looked around, the fireplace poker still tightly clamped in his hand, he made his way towards a wall of glass cabinets that held all of his brother's sports achievements. He took another drink before spying the empty space on a shelf next to an award of his brother's, his father's voice echoing in his head. "Don't screw this up Damien" He set the liquor bottle down on the desk, taking a step back and swinging the fireplace poker into the cabinet.

The glass shattered, the awards falling down, he drove the poker through the shelves smashing them all. He then delivered another blow to the other cabinets, glass crunched under his feet. Waving the poker all around the room, breaking anything he could, his rage erupted. A trophy sailed through the patio doors as Damien launched it into the air, he smashed a picture frame with his fist blood ran down his hand and dripped into the perfectly white carpet.

He threw several more of his awards around the room in a fit of rage. Glass lied all over the floor, remnants of broke trophies and awards, a silver medal blew in the breeze as it rested on the broken glass of a patio door. He then took his letterman's jacket out to the patio, pouring the liquor over it and setting it ablaze.

He took a deep breath, poker still in hand and hopped up onto Derek's desk, taking another large swig. He looked around the room at the broke remnants and shattered remains, kicking things out of the way.

"What? what are you going to do?" Kyle asked "You don't want to know" "Try it and see what happens!"

He eyed a classic painting hanging on the wall behind his father's desk. He pulled it back from the wall, revealing a safe behind it, enclosed in the wall. He flipped the combination lock around and opened the safe, he looked back at his team picture lying flat on the desk. As blood ran down the picture of the whole football team his eyes landed on one specific person, Kyle. "You'll pay for this Richardson" he said sinisterly as a cruel, vindictive smile began to cross his face.

He then began to beat the picture with the poker leaving it a broken bloody mess. He left the picture and safe hanging open, the picture still lying on the floor. The front door slammed shut and his tires squealed loudly as he peeled out of the driveway.

"Alright thanks again Jerry, I'll see you again soon" the coach said to the man as he and his photographer left the coach's office.

"Good seeing you again coach, Kyle, congratulations son" he said shaking both of their hands.

"Thanks a lot" Kyle said to him.

"Hang on Kyle I'll get you a note" he said going into his desk.

"Look coach about what happened at lunch with Damien..." Kyle said.

"Don't worry about it Kyle, Damien has already been dealt with".

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked.

"I had no choice I had to kick him off the team"

"I was afraid of that" Kyle said as the coach handed him a slip

"Thanks" he said leaving the office.

"That's a good one" Cecily said as she sat next to Harry at a computer.

"Here what about this?" he asked moving a few pictures around the paper layout.

"Perfect, Mr. Carson? I think we got a design for the front page" she said as Mr. Carson came to their side.

"Love it" he said to them "Excellent job guys" he said to them "Harry you want to get started on the pictures? Cecily can you come and help me over here?" he asked them.

"Yeah sure" Cecily said getting up from her seat as Harry then went into the darkroom with his camera.