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"Damien Winchester? Damien Winchester...why does that sound familiar?" Melissa asked.

“Oh come on Miss you know who he is, he's been picking on the boys for years, blonde kid? His father is Derek Winchester? Kyle plays football with him" Kellie said to her.

"Oh yeah, okay now I know who you mean" Melissa said to her. "Well wait do you really think he's capable of doing something like this?" Melissa asked.

"I think he's an arrogant entitled rich kid with an axe to grind against my son and I think given the chance he would hurt him" Kellie said putting her ear back to her phone "Kev, we have a problem" she said on the phone.

AJ felt his pocket vibrate, walking through the group of people again "Miss hey, what's up?" he asked answering.

“Oh thank god you answered…didn’t you guys have an interview this afternoon?” she asked.

“Cancelled, they’re covering this school shooting thing…what’s up?” he asked.

“The shooting…it’s at Hilridge” she said.

He glanced back at the TV, looking at the school from above once again "I think Adam might be in trouble" she said.

Kevin walked into the airport's lounge and sat at the bar, his phone still at his ear, he looked up at the plasma TV suspended above the bar “Can you turn that up?” he asked the bartender “Sure” he said taking the small remote and turning up the volume.

"And now let’s turn to Marissa Stevens who is now outside the school where the shooting is taking place, Marissa?” "Thanks John, I'm here outside of Hilridge High School, which is in a small sheltered county of Los Angeles not far from the city, the silence of the upscale wealthy neighborhood has been broken when a gunman entered the building, a teacher and a football coach have been shot, the identity of the gunman has not been revealed, it is rumored to be a student here at the school, more details to come, stay tuned"

"Are you sure it was Damien?" he asked.

"Yes Kevin he told me himself" Kellie said to him irritated.

"Okay listen to me, try to stay calm, I'm going to see if I can get any more information" he said.

"I'm going down there" she said.

"No, do not go anywhere near that school Kel" he said to her.

"I'm telling you, that little prick has done something to our son and I am not going to sit here and wait, I'm going down there, I'll call you if I hear anything" she said hanging up.

"Kel...Kellie!" he yelled hanging his phone up.


"Principal Wexler?! Principal Wexler!" a woman yelled running towards him "We have a problem" she said.

"Mrs. Geary don't worry everything is going to be just fine."

"No three of my students never showed up for study hall."

"We have a bigger problem than students ditching study hall" he said to her.

"Natalie Cappel, Neilson Carter and Bradley Littrell are missing!" she yelled at him.

"What?" he asked.

"Natalie, Neilson and Bradley are in my study hall group, they never showed up.

"Excuse me? Ma’am I'm Charles Swan, I'm the police captain can you tell me what's going on?" he asked Mrs. Geary.

"I run the library, I had a group of students scheduled for study hall today, three of them never showed up, Mr. Wexler what are we going to do?!" she asked hysterically.


AJ fell over his feet trying to reach the green room, frantically running down a hallway. "Excuse me, sorry emergency" he said knocking people out of the way. "Come on pick up pick up" he said to himself, his phone pressed tightly against his face.

"Hey, it's Adam, leave a message" his voice said on the outgoing message.

"Adam John!" he said to himself when he felt his hand vibrate "Hello?" he asked, still running to the green room.

"It's me" Kevin said to him "Did you hear about what's going on at the school?"

"I'm at a TV station it would be pretty hard not to" AJ said, still huffing "Where are you?" he asked.

"I'm stuck at the airport I've been trying to get an earlier flight, have you heard from any of the boys yet?"

"No, I've been trying to get ahold of Adam, he's not answering, Miss tried him earlier and she couldn't get him either" AJ said. "I got to go, I have to let the others know what's going on" he said.

"Call me if anything happens"

"I will, I'll talk to you soon" Kevin said hanging up.


“Mm hmm okay so the fabric samples will be here tomorrow, okay great well thanks a lot, okay bye” Christina said hanging up the phone in her office when her phone began ringing. "Hey" she said answering "What's up?" she asked.

“Chris we have a major problem” Kellie said when there was a knock at her office door.

“Chris you’ve got to see this” Anna said coming into the office and turning on her TV.

“What’s wrong?” Christina asked.

“It’s the boys” Kellie said.

"Details and information about today's shooting are still pouring in, so far the number of victims is unknown, we will try to bring everyone as much information as possible, sources say the gunman is a student at the high school where the shooting is taking place".

"There is a shooting at the boys’ school" Kellie said.

"Oh my god" Christina said watching the TV.

“I'm going over there" Kellie said.

“I’ll meet you there in ten minutes" Christina said as they hung up, she quickly scrolled through her contact list and pushed on Harry's number. His phone began to vibrate as it sat in his bag, he still stood in the dark room dipping more pictures in and out of chemicals as he developed them.

“Hey its Harry, not available right now, so leave a message bye" his voice said as it went to voice mail.

“Harry it’s your mother you call me as soon as you get this” Christina said frantically before grabbing her jacket "Anna, I got to go, take over for me" she yelled to her assistant.

"What's going on?" Anna asked as Christina ran from her office.


Captain Swan wrote something down on a small notepad as he talked to Mrs. Geary.

"Captain" Mr. Wexler said approaching him "There's something you need to know" he said.

"Mr. Wexler don't worry we're going to find these kids."

"No that's what I need to talk to you about...Kyle Richardson, Neilson Carter and Bradley Littrell aren't your typical high school students...they're special" Mr. Wexler said.

"Special as in...?" Captain Swan asked.

"As in celebrity parents special."

"You're telling me these kids have famous parents? And now they're missing?" Captain Swan asked.

"Mr. Wexler!" Miss Hawthorne yelled “We have a situation, we have a very very bad situation” she said frantically.

“So I’ve noticed” he said “Tess, we’re in the middle of a crisis here how can things get any worst?”

“Damien Winchester is the shooter…and he’s taken Adam McLean and Kyle Richardson hostage” she said.

“Excuse me, miss?” Captain Swan asked “Charles Swan police captain, can you tell me what’s going on?” he asked her.

"When I got back to my classroom all my students were gone, I just found a couple of them and took them over to the elementary school, they told me they saw Damien enter my classroom with a gun, he then forced Kyle and Adam from the room”.

"Great...now we have a hostage situation on our hands" Captain Swan said to himself "Call in the swats" he said to a uniformed officer.

"Yes sir."

“Now miss…”

“Hawthorne, Tess Hawthorne” she said.

“Hawthorne, can you tell me who the students Damien took hostage were?"

"Kyle Richardson and Adam McLean."

"Richardson...didn't you just say this kid had celebrity parents?" he asked Mr. Wexler.

"Parent" Miss Hawthorne said correcting him "So does Adam McLean" she said to him.

"Wonderful I got 4 celebrity kids, two are hostages and two are missing" Captain Swan grumbled. "What kind of famous person sends their kid to a public high school anyways?!” he asked.


They sat on a couch in the green room, Howie checked his watch and sat down on the arm of the couch. Brian chewed on his fingernails, Nick’s eyes were fixated on his phone screen, his fingers quickly scrolling up and down.

“Okay I can’t take this anymore, I have to know what’s going on” Brian said picking up his phone.

“I thought we agreed there’s nothing to be worried about?” Howie said.

“We don’t know that” Brian said “All they said that it was some high school here in LA, last time I checked the boys went to a high school here in LA” he said.

“That doesn’t mean anything, you know how many schools there are in LA?” Howie said.

“Oh no?” Nick asked “Here it is ‘Shots fired at Hilridge High School, gunman at large inside building’" he read.

“Oh god” Brian said.

“Last time I checked Twitter was not a credible news source!” Howie said.

“It’s a local news bulletin Howard!” Nick said.

AJ burst into the green room, panting and huffing "We...we...we have...a problem" he said trying to catch his breath “Miss just called me…the boys are in trouble” he said as they looked at each other nervously.