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Papers floated in the air, the gunshot echoed throughout the hallway, books landed face down on the floor, their pages flying through the air before falling with a thud. The shot grabbed the attention of the students in nearby classrooms. Harry looked up from his pictures and looked around confused following the noise, he then shrugged and went back to his work. Kyle and Adam, along with the rest of their class turned their heads towards the classroom door, their teacher looked as well, looking out of the small window into the hallway.

"What the hell was that?" Kyle asked Adam as their class began to whisper to each other.

"Sounded like a gunshot" Adam said to him.

Natalie looked around confused as she heard the shot, holding a tube of lip gloss in her hand, Damien trampled over the discarded books and pieces of paper that lye on the floor. She pushed the bathroom door open, slightly peeking out into the hallway. The sound of footsteps became louder, she quickly hid herself from view. As his footsteps became more distant, Neilson opened his eyes and looked around.

"He gone?" Bradley asked sitting up.

"Yeah I think so" Neilson said sitting up "He's lost his damn mind" Neilson said standing up from the floor.

"You okay?" Bradley asked standing up from the floor.

"Yeah I think I'm alright" Neilson said patting himself down, looking himself over "How about you?" he asked.

"I think I'm okay" Bradley said, Neilson quickly glanced at him, turning back to get a better look his face fell in horror.

"What?" Bradley asked before looking down where the light blue pattern of his shirt began to turn red, blood quickly absorbing through the fabric.

The coach sat at his desk when the door to his office suddenly flew open and there stood Damien.

"Damien Winchester just what in the hell..." the coach said before a shot rang out, the coach fell to the floor, gasping for air.

Everyone in the classroom reacted once more to the sound of the gun being fired.

"Alright that was another one" Kyle said.

"What the hell is going on out there?" Adam asked.

"Oh god" Neilson said to himself cautiously moving towards Bradley.

Bradley touched the bloody spot on his shirt that was quickly spreading wider, he looked at Neilson with a mixture of shock and confusion.

"I didn't...I didn't even feel that" Bradley said looking at his fingertips that were now red "How did I not feel that?" he asked Neilson.

"I think you're in shock, okay let's just..." Neilson said as Bradley's dazed state gave in and he fell forward into Neilson, Neilson caught him and held on to him. “Whoa hey!” Neilson said as he carefully sat Bradley down on the floor, leaning him up against the lockers.

Natalie ran around the corner she rushed over to them "Are you guys alright? I just saw Damien and..." she said."Oh my god, Bradley what happened to you?" she asked crouching down on the floor next to him.

"He's been shot" Neilson said to her.

"How?!" she asked.

"Damien shot him, that psycho has a gun" he said to her Damien marched up the hallway when a teacher spotted him.

"Mr. Winchester, hall pass" the teacher said to him before Damien took another shot, leaving the teacher writhing in pain on the floor, he stepped over them and trampled on.

"Everyone stay right where you are I'm going to see if I can find out what's going on, get down under your desks, now and do not open this door" their teacher said as she left the room. Everyone crouched under their desks, and whispered about what was going on in the hallways.

"You'll pay for this Richardson, you'll see" Damien's words echoing once again in Kyle's mind as fear began to creep into him as he kept his eye on the classroom door.

"You guys need to get out right now, don't worry about me okay? just go" Bradley said to them.

"Are you crazy? we're not going to just leave you" Natalie said to him.

"I'll be fine, just save yourselves, alright go, now!".

"Stop alright? we're not leaving you!" Neilson said to him.

"I'm fine okay?, I'll be alright" Bradley said to them.

"You're bleeding!" Natalie said to him.

"I got plenty of blood!" Bradley said to her.

"Are you crazy?" Neilson asked.

"We got to get him somewhere safe" Natalie said to Neilson.

"Somewhere safe, we got to get him out of here!" Neilson said to her.

"If Damien sees us trying to escape he'll kill us all" Natalie said to him "Come on, girls' bathroom, let's go" she said to him wrapping Bradley's arm around her neck and helping him down the hallway.


Kyle and Adam's teacher, Miss Hawthorne ran down the hallway, hearing groaning noises and followed them, finding coach Reinhart on the floor in his office.

"Oh god, coach?" she asked. He lied there gasping for air as he bled heavily from his gunshot wound. "It's okay coach I'm going to get some help alright?" she asked running from his office. She frantically ran into the main office “Someone call an ambulance and the police department” she said to the secretary.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“There’s someone in the building with a gun, Coach Reinhart’s been shot” she said before the secretary quickly dialed 911.

“Mr. Burns?!” the secretary asked in a panic as he hobbled into the office, he then collapsed on the floor.

“Call…call the police…get help!” he groaned in agony.

“They’re on their way” Miss Hawthorne said crouching down to his level. “Greg, Greg! It's Tess Hawthorne!" she yelled at him "Can you tell me who did this to you?" she asked.

"Win...Winchester" he managed to choke out "Da... Dami..." he said before passing out cold.

"Gregory! Greg!" she said trying to wake him up.

"Yes I am the secretary at Hilridge High School, I believe there is a student in the building with a gun, our football coach and one of our teachers has been shot..." she said in a calm tone on the phone, trying not to go into a panic.

"Where's Mr. Wexler?" Miss Hawthorne asked.

"Lunch with his wife" his secretary said holding her hand over the receiver.

"What is going on here?" Principal Wexler said running into the main office.

"Coach Reinhart and Mr. Burns were shot, Mr. Burns said it was a student" Miss Hawthorne said as he knelt down besides Mr. Burns.

"Who?!" Principal Wexler asked.

"All he said was Winchester, could that be Damien Winchester?" she asked.

"Oh no" he said "Alright get everyone out of the building now! Evacuate immediately!" Principal Wexler shouted


Natalie and Neilson got Bradley into the girls' bathroom, his arms draped around their necks as they struggled to keep him on his feet. They shut the door behind them and locked it, Neilson dragged over a heavy metal trash can, sliding it under the door handle.

They sat Bradley on the floor, leaning him against the wall.

"No lay him down" Natalie said to Neilson, Neilson pulled his backpack off and propped up Bradley's head.

"Bradley, you okay? how do you feel?" Natalie asked.

"...Really?" he asked her.

"Just humor me here" she said to him annoyed.

"Oh you know, bullet in my shoulder same old same old" Bradley said to her.

"There's too much blood" Neilson said "Quick grab the toilet paper and the paper towels" he said to her.

She frantically pulled all the rolls of toilet paper and the paper towels over to Bradley's side, as Neilson carefully pulled Bradley's shirt from him.

"What are you doing?" Bradley asked him.

"I got to keep pressure on it" Neilson said.

"Oh come on this is my favorite shirt!" Bradley said to him.

"You have a bullet in your shoulder, don't worry about your shirt" Neilson said to him.

"Here" Natalie said tearing her cardigan sweater off placing it over Bradley's shirt "Bradley this is going to hurt a little" she said to him, Neilson pressed down on the gunshot wound.

"Ahh!" Bradley screamed in pain “God damn it Neilson!” Bradley growled at him.

“Bradley I know it’s going to hurt but we have to do this or else you’re going to bleed to death!” Natalie said. He clenched his teeth together tightly, choking back pained sobs.

"Get your phone and call for help" Neilson said to her.

"My phone, I don't have my phone!" she said to him.

"You always have your phone!" Neilson said to her.

"Miss Davis confiscated it from me in third period, what about you? Where's yours?".

“I don’t know” he said.

“What do you mean you don't know ?!” she asked.

“That's why we were in the hallway in the first place! I thought maybe I put it in my locker" he said to her.

"Oh my god..." she groaned "Okay, what about him? where's his?" she asked.

"Dude, do you have your cell phone on you?" Neilson asked Bradley.

"Its...it's in my backpack" he said breathing through the searing pain in his shoulder.

Natalie quickly opened the flap to his shoulder bag and looked through it “Barely enough battery power” she said pulling it out “Don’t you ever charge this thing?” she asked.

“Nat!” Neilson said.

“Right sorry” she said trying to dial when the screen went black “it just went dead, we're trapped" she said "We can't go out there, what do we do?" she asked.

"Look the only thing we can do right now is keep him calm and awake and try to stop the bleeding somehow" Neilson said to her.


There was a knock at the door of the publication office, Mr. Carson opened the door and stuck his head out to talk to the secretary who quickly scurried away.

"Alright everyone we need to get out of the building now".

"What's going on?" someone asked him.

"There's an emergency we need to evacuate the building immediately, come on, stay behind me" he said as they all followed him.

Harry still stood under the soft glow of the lights in the darkroom as he looked over his pictures as chaos erupted around him.

Glass flew into the air, Damien pointing the gun at a small window that looked into Kyle and Adam's classroom, everyone inside screamed in fear, huddling to the floor and crouching into corners. He reached his arm in, pulling the door handle and opening the door, he kicked it open and stepped in, seeing everyone standing in the back huddled in fear. Damien rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt anyone" he said to them "I just came for one thing" he said looking down at the floor, spying Kyle's back to him. "Kyle...come out come out wherever you are" Damien said in a taunting voice.

His blood ran cold, he closed his eyes and reluctantly peered at Damien over the desk.