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"Daphne!" Derek called out as he returned home "Daphne dear!" he called once again.

"Welcome home sir" Reginald said coming into the foyer with a drink.

"Thank you Reginald...where's Mrs. Winchester?" he asked.

"I'm afraid she was called down to the police station" he said.

Derek looked at him fearfully "What?" he asked.

"She was asked to come down by a Detective Stone" he said.

"Not this again, thank you Reginald" he said putting his glass back on the silver tray in Reginald's hand before leaving the house. "Dmitri, we have a problem, we're going to have to finish the job tonight, you know what to do and hey you know the rule, you leave Richardson to me" Derek said on the phone as he drove downtown.

The door to Bradley's room opened Dmitri, Paulie and Vinnie came in.

“What now?" he asked irritated.

"Get him up" Dmitri said to them as he plunged the syringe into a vial.

"What is that?" Bradley asked.

"Just something to help you relax" Dmitri said to him.

Bradley looked at the needle in fear "No, stay away from me..." he said struggling against them.

"Hold him still" Dmitri said.

"Get away from me, no!" Bradley yelled as he struggled against them.

The plunger of the needle went down as the liquid inside disappeared.

"See? That wasn't so bad was it?" Dmitri asked, they dropped Bradley back down to his bed.

"What was in that needle? What did you give me?" Bradley asked.

"Lay down and take a nap kid, you're going to be out for a while”. “Now we're off to pay your little boyfriend a visit...come on guys, Carter's next."

"No" Bradley said, they opened the door "No!" Bradley yelled as it slammed shut.

Derek then blew into the station "Excuse me" he said to the officer at the front desk.

"Can I help your sir?"

"You have no right to talk to my wife without our lawyer present" he said.

"I'm sorry sir, who are you?"

"Derek Winchester, your detectives dragged my wife here, now, where is she?" he asked.

"Mr. Winchester" Dean said standing outside the conference room.

"You, where's my wife?" he asked angrily.

"Derek" Daphne said coming out of the conference room.

"What are you doing here? Why didn't you call me?" he asked "I'm taking my wife home."


"Alright blondie, it's nap time" Dmitri said as Vinnie and Paulie yanked Neilson up to his feet, once again Dmitri filled a syringe.

"What is that stuff?" Neilson asked.

"Hold him" Dmitri said.

"No, you are not sticking me with any needles...no get away from me...no!" Neilson yelled, the stabbed the needle into his arm, draining all the liquid into his.

"All done, see, that wasn't so bad was it?" he asked.

"What was that? What did you inject me with?"

"Night Night" Dmitri said shutting the door behind him.

"Two down three to go" they said leaving the room.


“Fine…Mrs. Winchester I’m sorry to drag you down here but I appreciate your time” Dean said to her.

“Come on dear” Derek said extending his hand to Daphne.

“So Mr. Winchester I hear you paid your son a visit a few days ago” Dean said “What’d you talk about?” he asked.

“What business is that of yours?” he asked.

“Derek” Daphne said meekly "Damien told me everything...please tell me you didn't do it" Daphne said "Please tell me you don't know where those boys are" she said tearfully.

"Daphne sweetheart, Damien is sick, he's confused, you know I’d never do anything like that" he said to her.

“Just be aware Winchester…all conversations inside prison walls are recorded and right now my team is getting the security footage from the day you visited Damien” Dean said "I'm giving you a chance here, tell us where those boys are" Dean said.

"You son of a bitch" Kevin said charging towards Derek, he threw him against the wall and held him there.

"Kev...come on...let him go" AJ said to him.

“Not until he tells me what he did with my son!” Kevin yelled in fury “You have my son! You have our boys! where are they?!" he continued to rage at Derek, Derek choked for a breath as he held him tightly by the throat.

A few officers pulled him off and Derek fell to his feet
"He comes anywhere near me I want him charged assault" Derek said to Dean.

"Don't push your luck" Dean said to him.

"Detective if I am not under arrest, I am taking my wife and going home, come on Daphne" she looked at them frightened before following him.

"Stop him!" Kevin yelled.

"Do it and my lawyer will have your badge and this entire department shut down" Derek said as he and Daphne left.

"He's going to start scrambling trying to cover his tracks we need to get him before anything else happens" Dean said to them.

“How do you plan on doing that?” he asked.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get him” Dean said.


Daphne sat paralyzed with fear as Derek helped himself to a drink “Drink?” he asked holding up a glass, she looked at him horrified “Take that as a no.”

“Derek…what have you done?” she asked trembling.

“Daphne please this has been a very upsetting evening…” he sighed.

“It’s true isn’t it? Damien was right, you did something to those boys” she said in horror.

“Oh you can’t actually believe what Damien said…Daphne…our son is sick he needs help!”

“Damien tried to kill those boys Derek! And now you’re finishing the job for him aren’t you?!” she asked in horror. “Just tell me what happened!” she said “please” she said in a whisper.

"Fine...remember when I started scouting locations for the new WinCo building?" he asked.

"Yes..." Daphne said.

"Well I found one that was perfect..."

The door opened letting the sunlight fill in "Here we are" a man said letting Derek and two other men into the building.

"You sure you want this place?" a man asked.

"Course, plenty of room, nice view of the city" Derek said looking around.

"What was this place? Originally?" his assistant asked.

"Well that last time it was occupied it was used as a warehouse for the power plant, originally it was used as a mental ward."

"A nuthouse? Boss come on."

"Gregory if I want your opinion I'll ask for it" Derek said irritated "This would be a fine place for a WinCo terrace" he said looking around. "So let's talk numbers, how much would you be willing to sell it for?"

"Well it's hard to say...it's not exactly in great shape..."

"Obviously" Gregory said as Derek turned to glare at him.

"Well we were planning to tear the building down and build on top...how much for the property?".

"Well I don't really know, it belongs to the city, you'd have to take it up with them, but if it's all the same to you, I'd really love to see someone bring down this old eyesore" the man said looking around "It's served its purpose"

"As have you" Derek muttered to himself "Well thank you, sir."

"Thank you, good luck with your project" the man said leaving.

"Well gentlemen looks like we need to take a trip to city hall, I want a construction team together as soon as possible" Derek said.

"You really think this place could be the new WinCo"

"Oh I have no doubt...just what I've been looking for" he said smiling to himself.

Daphne scoffed to herself in disbelief “Is there even going to be a new building? Are you even building a new WinCo? or has it all been a lie?” she asked.

“Daphne…” he said.

“No, please, continue…and those men that I saw that day when I visited…are they really maintenance workers?” she asked.

“Daphne when this all started I knew I was going to need help” he said. “While we were looking for a construction crew to start work on the new building…which by the way, yes is infact, real” he said “I made some calls and it turns out that a few of the men on the construction team were on parole, wanting to get back up on their feet, so I helped" Derek said.

"Gentlemen, thank you for coming on such short notice" Derek said as they all sat in his office “I was rather impressed with your applications” he said sitting on the edge of the desk. “And just so you know I am very aware of your situations, I’ve spoken with your respective parole officers and I am very happy to help…and I’m hoping you can return the favor, I need your assistance on a special...separate project I'm working on and I'm willing to reimburse you for your trouble" Derek said taking a wad of cash from his pocket "What do you say?" Derek asked as they all looked at each other.


"You...get up" Dmitri barked at Adam.

"Well since you asked so nicely..." Adam said to him as he stood up, his arm still attached to the bedframe by the handcuffs, he pulled his arm from behind his back
"What the hell" Adam said seeing the large needle.

"Hold still kid this is going to hurt" he said.

"Get the hell away from me with that thing!" Adam said "You're not shooting me up!" he said trying to get away.

"Just hold still!" Dmitri said plunging it into his arm.

"What was that stuff anyways?" Adam asked.

"Something that'll help you sleep...for good" Dmitri said leaving the room.


The doorbell rang, Bradley opened the door "Hey" he said to Dmitri who was disguised as a pizza delivery guy "How much?" he asked.

"Fifteen" Dmitri said.

"Keep the change" Bradley said handing him a twenty-dollar bill.

"Thanks a lot kid" he said handing Bradley the pizza box, he then shut the door behind him.

"Yo! Pizza's here!" Bradley yelled.

"Shouldn't be long now" Dmitri said getting back into the disguised delivery car and hiding themselves in the brush.

Harry felt heaviness in his head as he struggled to keep his eyes open as he did his homework. His head slumped forward he kept jolting himself awake, opening his eyes wide and trying to write once more when the drowsiness overcame him. He laid his head on the desk; his pencil falling from his hand to the floor.

Adam lied on the couch, he felt a wave of nausea wash over him, he could feel the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He sat up from the couch, the room beginning to spin around him, he tried to stand up but fell to the floor on his knees. He crawled towards the kitchen, the tile floor cooling his burning skin. His breath became heavier and quicker, finally shutting his eyes and surrendering to darkness.

Neilson lied lifeless on his bedroom floor, his phone laying next to him "Meet you guys in ten minutes" the message on the screen from Natalie read.

Bradley leaned up against the refrigerator door, He pulled out a bottle of water and took a large gulp, he shook his head and blinked a few times, pinching the bridge of his nose. He set the bottle on the countertop, his hands shaking, he fell to the floor, knocking the bottle of water over, letting it spill out on the floor.

Kyle staggered through the hallway, seemingly getting longer as he tried to get to the stairs, he held onto the stair railing tightly, stumbling down the stairs struggling to stay on his feet. "Phone, got to get to the phone” he mumbled to himself, he reached the bottom step. His dazed state gave in and he fell to the floor, he slid himself over to the end table and reached up, fumbling around for the phone. It finally fell over, he quickly grabbed it, the number panel began to multiply in front of him as he tried to dial. He turned over on his back, looking up at the ceiling when a blurry face manifested over him before finally closing his eyes.