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“By this time tomorrow, they'll be gone for good" Derek said taking a sip of his drink.

Daphne stood there in shocked silence, she closed her eyes placing her hand over her mouth, her heavy breathing filling the room’s silence. “Well…you’ve certainly put a lot of thought and effort into all this huh?” she asked.

"Don't you remember the day Damien was carted off to jail? I saw those boys outside the courthouse, they were practically celebrating! They had just sent our son to prison and they were acting like it was some big victory! I did it for Damien” he said.

“For Damien?” she asked shocked “My god Derek!” she said “Damien is absolutely horrified by what you’ve done!” she said.

"I wanted to prove you wrong, that I do love my son, more than anything in the world, I decided to give him the one thing he wanted...revenge...justice...he deserved it after what he had been through".

Dean and Sam sat listening intently to Derek confess his whole plan.

"We got him" Dean said.


Dmitri opened the door to Harry's room and found him lying back on the cot "What does crazy papa Winchester want now?" he asked bitterly.

"Get him up and hold him still" Dmitri instructed.

"What?" Harry asked as they picked him up from his sitting position and held on to his arms.

"Sleeves" Dmitri said as they forced his sleeves up.

"What are you doing?!" Harry asked, Dmitri tapped on the syringe, Harry looked at it nervously "No... no..." he said trying to escape their clutches "Get away from me!" he said struggling, He yanked on Harry's exposed arm, plunging the needle into him and let him fall back to the cot. Harry screamed in pain "What was that? What did you give me?!" he asked as they left the room.


“Are they still there?” Daphne asked.

“What?” Derek asked.

“Those boys, are they still in that building?!” she asked once more.

“For now…” Derek said taking a drink “Does it matter? Daphne…you’re missing the point here…I’m going to get our son out” he said. “I have inside information about the judge who put Damien in jail and unless he wants it leaked to the press he’s going to let our son go and overturn the sentence” Derek said “And then, we’ll move out of state, start a whole new life.”

"You're a monster" Daphne said to him.

“I promise…everything will work out” he said wrapping his arm around her, he felt the wire wrapping around her back "What...what's this" he said opening her blouse and seeing the microphone taped to her body. He stared at her in fury, he could see the flashing of police lights approaching the house, their sirens in the far distance becoming louder as they got closer "You were the one who said I didn't give Damien enough love or attention, you're the one who said I was too hard on him" he said moving towards her, she backed away "You're the one who said I bullied him" he yelled at her.

She tried to get away from him when he grabbed her by the arms and began to shake her violently, he then picked up a candlestick and struck her with it.

The uniformed officers kicked open the door to the Winchester's house as Sam led them in, his gun drawn in front of him "Daphne Winchester" he called out "Check all the rooms upstairs."

"Yes sir" he said as an officer ran upstairs, he went into the family room and found Daphne on the floor, blood gushing from her head.

"Yeah I need an ambulance at 600 Winchester Drive, I got an adult female unconscious and non-responsive, bleeding profusely from the head" Sam said over his radio.

"All clear!" someone yelled from upstairs.

"Dean, Winchester's gone" Sam said on his phone.

“Damn it!” Dean growled “We got to move, get the rescue crew down to the industrial park, alright men let's suit up" Dean said to his crew.

"We're going with you" Kevin said.

"Absolutely not" Dean said "This is a very dangerous mission, the department can't risk your safety and I won't allow it."

"Look, we don't care what you're going to tell us right now, we are going to be there, whether you like it or not". "So you can throw us all in jail now or let us bring our boys home" Brian said to him.


Sirens blared, the lights flashing, the cars speeding
downtown at top speed.

“Where’s Richardson?” Derek asked hurriedly as he came into the building.

“In his cell” Dmitri said following behind him.

“You get rid of the others?” Derek asked.

“All taken care of boss” Dmitri said to him.

“Good, you’d better get out of here while you can” Derek said.

“What’s going on?”

“Cops are onto us, get the others and get as far away as you can.”

“What about you?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll manage, go! Now!” Derek said.

They broke through the gates of the old industrial building following the path up a steep hill where it sat.

Kyle heard the sirens and sat up on his cot looking around "Oh my god" he said to himself.

The door opened, Derek stood there looking menacing "Hello Kyle" he said shutting the door.

Dmitri, Paulie and Vinnie fled the building they were immediately taken down by Dean's team, the officers tackling them to the ground, pulling their arms around their backs and putting cuffs on their wrists, the metal tightening around their skin. They shoved Paulie and Vinnie into a squad car, they shut the door and forced Dmitri up against the car.

Dean approached him calmly, he then punched him in the face "Where is he?"

"You want to be more specific?" Dmitri asked.

"Winchester...where is he?" Dean asked holding him by the collar.

"Never heard of him" Dean then hit his head hard against the car.

"Where is he?!" Dean raged.

"Go to hell!" he yelled, Dean wrapped his hand tightly around his neck, squeezing it, he coughed and sputtered.

"Stone...Stone!" someone said pulling him off Dmitri.

"Where is Winchester?!" he fell to the ground in a fit of coughs "Where is he?!" Dean yelled.

"In the building" he said during his coughing.

"And then there were two" Derek said playing with the bullets he held in his hand.

"You're not going to get away with this, don't you hear the sirens? you're done!" Kyle said to him.

"That's what you think, there's a car waiting for me on the other side of the building all I need is one good shot and I'm out of here."

“Fine…you want to kill me, go ahead…just let my friends go first” Kyle said.

"Oh don’t worry, your friends have been dealt with."

"What does that mean?" Kyle asked.

Derek reached into his coat and pulled out an empty vial "What is that?" Kyle asked.

"Something called sodium thiopental" he said "Not sure what exactly it is but I do know it was at one time, one of the main drugs used in lethal injection."

Kyle looked at him in horror “What’d you do to them? Where are they?!” Kyle yelled at him.

“Oh Kyle, I wouldn’t worry about them anymore…can’t help them now" he said loading the bullets into the gun.
"I'll tell you something, I'm going to enjoy this" he said as Kyle looked at him in fear "Any last words?" he asked pointing the gun at him.

"What's going on, where are they?" he asked.

"Winchester's got them inside" Dean said to him.

"What are you going to do?" Kevin asked.

"I'm not going to do anything, WE are going to go in there and get your son, let's go" he said cocking his gun. "Remember what we talked about, you all stay behind me and do what I say, got it?" Dean asked.

“Yeah” Kevin said.

“We got it” AJ replied.

The door flew open as Dean kicked it in, he came in, his gun drawn out in front of him as the guys stood behind him, looking around anxiously. "You guys go, check the rooms, I'll cover you" he said as they split up.

“Bradley J?!” Brian called out flinging a door open to an empty room.

“Neilson!” NIck called out checking out another room.

“Harry?!” Howie yelled ducking in and out of other rooms.

“Adam!” AJ called out, they all ducked in and out of empty rooms but to no avail.

"They're not here" Brian said to Dean.

"He probably moved them when he knew we were closing in" Dean said going into a room. He pulled the dingy sheet back to reveal the remains of a blood tattered piece of clothing.

Brian looked at it sadly, Dean picked it up and looked at it, sighing in distress, he then looked over to Brian to see a stray tear fall down his face.

"I'm sorry" Dean said handing it to him when they heard a gunshot "Stay back" Dean said following the sound. Dean stood back, charging at the door and with a swift motion kicked it open. he found Kyle standing over Derek with the gun in his hand. "Kyle" he said to him, he stared down at Mr. Winchester who lied on the floor in shock watching the blood flow from him.

"I can't believe I did that" Kyle said.

"Kyle, it's okay son, he can't hurt you anymore" Dean said moving towards him slowly "Just hand me the gun" Dean said to him as Kyle moved away slowly and stood there in a daze. "It's okay" Dean said as Kyle handed him the gun.

"Hey dad" Kyle said to Kevin.

"Kyle" he said grabbing him into a tight hug.

"You okay? Did he hurt you?" Kevin asked as Kyle remained shocked.

“We meet again” Dean said kneeling next to Derek, Derek stared up at him with wide eyes. “I’m giving you one chance here Winchester where are the others?" Dean asked "We know you stashed them somewhere, where are they?" he asked as Derek lost consciousness.

"Kyle" Dean said standing up "Did he tell you anything about where they others might be?" Kyle looked at him on the verge of tears, turning around to face them all, hopeful looks on their faces. “Kyle if you know something you have to tell me alright? We don’t have a lot of time” Dean said to him.

“I’m so sorry” he said sobbing “I’m so sorry…there’s nothing I could do” he said hysterically.

“No…no! they’re not…” AJ said.

“Kyle, calm down alright? Just tell us what happened” Kevin said holding Kyle’s head, trying to soothe him.

“I’m so sorry” he cried “They’re gone” he said tearfully burying his face into Kevin's shoulder, his body convulsing with sobs.

“…It’s okay…it’s alright” Kevin said trying to soothe Kyle while trying to come over the shock, he turned back to look at them.

They stood there each looking around in a daze, the reality sinking in and numbness taking over their bodies.

Brian absent-mindedly walked back outside, the piece of Bradley's shirt still clutched tightly in his hand, he stood against the police car and looked around flabbergasted. He looked at the bloody fabric as he began to weep.