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Dean came out of the building and walked towards Brian "Hey" he said softly.

“You know when Bradley was born…I was his age” Brian said sniffling.

“I didn’t know that” Dean said softly.

Brian nodded sadly “he was born the day after my 17th birthday” Brian said.

“Wow” Dean said.

“And the first time I held him…” Brian said tearfully “Every fear I had, every doubt I had of being a father disappeared” he said as tears trickled down his cheeks. "I promised him that I would protect him with everything I had...he was my boy" he whimpered.

"Hey, you know that as soon as Winchester wakes up we're going to do everything we can to get him to tell us where they are, we'll find Bradley J. okay? I promise" Dean said.

"Stone" an officer said approaching him "Cadaver dogs are here, we’re ready to start the search" the officer said.

"Do you mind?!" Dean said to the officer angrily.

Bradley opened his weary eyes, looking around the darkness that consumed him, he moved his arms to the side feeling constricted, hitting something solid.
He raised his hand hitting something solid above him. He slapped it a few times more, he tried to move his arms to the side once more and realized he was trapped.

“Sir, I know this is a tough time but…” the officer said.

“Callaghan, not now!” Dean said irritated.

"No, no it's okay" Brian said sniffling "Here" he said handing the shirt piece to the officer.

"Thank you sir" he said bending down and letting the dog sniff it.

The dog then pulled on the leash leading the officer to a vacant field, he and Dean followed it, they came upon four shallow graves hastily dug and covered over. The dog began to bark as he dug his paws into the dirt.

"Oh my god" Dean said “Over here! We got something!” Dean yelled.

“You hear that?” Callaghan asked as they became quiet, listening intently.

“What is it?” Brian asked looking down at the pile of dirt where they could hear the dull, muffled sound of a pounding.

“Get a crew down here now! I want everyone down here with shovels digging!” Dean yelled at Officer Callaghan.

Brian fell to his knees and using his hands to dig through the grave. Dirt flew into the air as he hastily threw it to the side with his hands.

“Right over here” Dean said as a few people brandishing shovels came to their side and began helping to dig.
“Here” he said handing one to Brian.

Brian shoved the spade into box, popping the lid off and seeing Bradley lying there "My god" he said "Bradley, Bradley, hey" he said trying to wake him up.

“How long until this bastard wakes up?” AJ asked an officer.

“I’m sorry sir I couldn’t tell you” he said.

“Well when he wakes up I want you guys to crack him until he tells you where my son is and what he did to him” AJ said angrily “And then I want him thrown into a cell with giant steroid crazed lunatics” he said.

“Hey Connors…Dean needs an excavation crew asap” another officer said to him “Seems Winchester buried these kids alive” the officer said, they all looked at each other.

“Wait what?” Howie asked.

“What do you mean buried alive?!” Nick asked.

“You need to stay back!” another officer said as they tried to approach Dean.

“Hey it’s alright, let them through” Dean said to the officer.

“Bradley?” Nick asked in disbelief.

"I got a pulse" Brian said "It's not much but it's there" he said "Hang on buddy okay? I'm going to get you out of here" he said.

“Don’t worry, the excavation crew is on their way, they’ll have them out in no time” Dean said to them.

“Forget it, he can do it so can we” AJ said throwing his jacket to the ground and grabbing the shovel and digging with their hands as well.

“Callaghan! ETA on the paramedics” Dean said.

“On their way” Callaghan responded.

“Tell them to hurry up” Dean said.

Brian picked Bradley out of the makeshift coffin and cradled him in his arms.

“Neilson!” Nick called, still throwing the dirt behind him as he dug up the grave “Neilson if you can hear me I’m coming to get you!” he said, digging frantically.

Sirens filled the air as the ambulance quickly approached the building, Dean waved his arms, flagging them down.

It came to a stop just near where Dean was standing “Hey right here!” Dean said as another ambulance approached the building.

“Stone” a man in a crime scene investigation unit uniform said with a few other men behind him said as he approached Dean, shovels in hand.

“Start digging, Winchester buried these kids alive, there are two more, go!” Dean said to them “Guys, I need you to stand back.”

“We got this!” AJ said to Dean as they kept digging.

“How is he?” Dean asked as they placed Bradley on a stretcher hooking him up to various equipment.

“His pulse is dropping and his breathing is weak we gotta get him to the hospital now” the paramedic said to him.

“I’m going with you I’m his father” Brian said.

“Come on” he said as he jumped into the back of the ambulance.

The doors shut, the sirens came on and the ambulance shuttled out of the lot.

Nick stuck the shovel spade into the top of the wooden box and popped it open, Neilson’s sleeping form lying inside. “My god” he said reaching into the box and pulling Neilson out.

“We got another one” Dean said to the paramedics.

“Adam, hey it’s me, I got you alright?” AJ said popping the lid off the makeshift coffin, he saw a very noticeable pin prick on his arm “Oh god” he groaned.

“What?” Dean asked.

“He shot up him” AJ said pulling Adam from the box.

“Got room for one more?” Dean asked the paramedics as they attended to Adam.

“Harry! Harry can you hear me?!” Howie yelled as he held Harry in his arms “He’s hardly breathing” he said.

“We got another bus on the way alright?” Dean said to him “Go!” he said shutting the ambulance doors, the sirens rang out as it drove out of sight.


"Kel?" she heard Kevin say, she turned around to see him walk in with Kyle in a wheelchair.

"Hey mom" he said to her.

Tears began to form in her eyes as she ran to him “Baby” she said engulfing him in a hug, she whimpered as she hugged him tightly. "Are you okay?" she asked "Are you sure? Oh god" she said hugging him once again, running her hands through his hair "I finally have you back" she said. "What's wrong with him? Kyle? Honey you're okay now, you're at the hospital you're going to be fine" Kellie said to him.

“Yeah” he said nodding tearfully “I’m going to be fine” he said.

“What happened?” she asked, tears formed in Kevin's eyes as well.

“The others weren’t as lucky” Kevin said in a hoarse whisper.

“No” Kellie said.

“Yeah” Kyle said as his voice squeaked “This is all my fault” Kyle said when they heard the ambulance sirens approaching the emergency entrance. A team of nurses rushed outside to help the paramedics, he ran aside the gurney as they wheeled Bradley inside. Kyle looked over confusedly “What’s going on?” he asked when they rushed another gurney with Neilson on it into the emergency room, Nick followed closely behind it.


Vicki paced her office, her phone pressed tightly to her ear “hey its me again, please please call me back I need to know if you found Bradley yet or not” she said hanging up.

“Doctor McAdams” a nurse said coming into her office.

“This is not a good time” she said to him.

“Your son’s been brought in” he said she ran from the room, past the nurse and down the hallway.

Brian stood back in the cubicle as nurses tended to Bradley “What’s going on? Is he going to be alright?” he asked moving closer.

“Mr. Littrell I’m sorry but I need you to step out” a nurse said to him.

“No I have to stay with him” Brian said.

“Trust me the only thing you can do to help your son right now is to give us room to work” the nurse said.

“Don’t worry we’re going to do everything we can for him” the said as he shuffled Brian outside the cubicle and drew the curtain closed.

The elevator dinged and Vicki dove off, Brian saw her coming towards him, engulfing her in his arms.

“Is he okay? What happened? Where is he?” she asked frantically.

“In there, the doctors are with him now” he said.

“What happened to you? You’re filthy.”

He sighed deeply “He buried him” he said.

“What? What do you mean he buried him?” she asked.

“I found him in a shallow grave, Winchester buried him alive” he said.

“He did what?!” Vicki asked.

“We’re moving your son to a room in the ICU” a nurse said to Vicki as she followed them out of the cubicle.

“Bradley, honey” she said going to his side “Oh baby are you okay?” she asked taking his hand “What are you doing for him?” she asked the nurses.

"We’re giving him oxygen, fluids, we think he was drugged prior, we’ll find out don’t worry” a nurse said to her.

“We’re coming with you” she said to them as they wheeled Bradley out.


“I just want to know what’s going on” Kyle said as he lied in a hospital bed.

“Kyle Michael Richardson, you are not leaving this bed, not after what you’ve been through" Kellie said to him.

“I’ll find out everything there is to know alright? You just stay put and rest” Kevin said leaving the room.


Natalie ran into the emergency room entrance “Excuse me” Natalie said “Can you tell me where I can find Neilson Carter?” she asked.

“Are you family?” the nurse asked.

“Uh yeah, I’m his sister” Natalie said lying.

“They just took him up to ICU, room 414” she said.

“Thank you” Natalie said to her.


Ceiling tiles flew by above Derek as they rushed him into the emergency entrance, two uniformed officers following close behind and standing guard outside.

"Wife...my wife...where's my wife?" he asked groggily.

"Oh you mean the one you whacked over the head and left for dead?" Dean asked "She's in recover" he said to him “When does he hit surgery?” Dean asked.

“Fifteen minutes” the nurse said.

“Stay with guy, don’t let him out of your site” Dean said to the uniformed officer.

“Yes sir” he said to Dean as he left the room.


Kyle reached out, turning the knobs of the shower on, the water flowing over him, he closed his eyes, pushing his hair back away from his face. He finally opened his eyes and crumbled into a ball, his body convulsing with hard sobs, he then screamed loudly.