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The time read eleven thirty pm, the room was dark and Kevin was sleeping soundly. He rolled over when he heard his phone ringing loudly “Hello?” he asked groggily.

"Hey Kev, it's me" AJ said to him.

"Well it's about time, I've been trying to reach you guys for days now" he said to him "I appreciate you calling back but you couldn't have waited until morning?" he asked.

"Look I'm calling because something's happened and we need you to get back here as soon as possible" AJ said to him.

"What happened?"

"It's the boys, they uh...they're gone" AJ said.

"What do you mean gone? Gone where?" Kevin asked frantically.

"We don't know, no one's seen them, no one knows where they are, the police are searching all over the place, they're nowhere to be found" AJ said.

"What, are you serious?" Kevin asked.

"Does this sound like something I would make up?" AJ asked irritated.

“I'll be home as soon as I can” Kevin said before abruptly hanging up and getting out of bed.


The clock ticked by slowly as they all sat around waiting for some sort of good news. The door to Bradley's room opened, Brian stepped in and took a seat at the edge of his bed. He looked around the room sadly before pulling out his cellphone, scrolling through his contacts and pressing on the phone's screen.

"Hey its Bradley, leave a message" Bradley's voice said on the outgoing message, he then pressed the screen again and ended the call.

He then thought back to the last conversation he had with Bradley just before leaving town.

Bradley opened the refrigerator door and began to search through it.

“Hey, you think I can talk to you about something?” Brian asked.

“Dad we’ve had the sex talk like 10 times, unless something’s changed I think I got it” Bradley said grabbing a soda can from the shelf and shutting the door.

“No, not that” Brian said.

“Oh, what’s up?” Bradley asked.

“It’s about me and your mom.”

“Oh god you’re going to talk about you and mom having sex?!” Bradley asked mortified.

“No!” Brian said irritated “…Well…” he said.

“Well what?!” Bradley asked in fright.

“No, come on this is serious” Brian said “The night after you were shot, your mom and I fell asleep together while we were sitting by your bedside” he said.

“Yeah I know I saw you, but I was on so many drugs I couldn’t tell if it was real or not” Bradley said.

“It was real” Brian said “Ever since then…I’ve been having feelings for your mom again…I’m falling back in love with her and I’m thinking of starting things back up with her” he said.

“Wow” Bradley said “You and mom” he said “So…what exactly are your intentions with my mother?” Bradley asked crossing his arms against his chest.

“What are you interrogating me?” Brian asked scoffing.

“Um yeah…” Bradley said.

“You do know I’m your father.”

“Yeah…and what are your intentions with my mother?!” Bradley asked “When do you plan on telling her all this?” Bradley asked.

“After I get back, I don’t want to spill my heart out to her and then just up and leave, it wouldn’t seem right” Brian said.

“Dad dude you can’t wait with this stuff I mean what if while you’re gone, Dr. McDreamy comes to town and sweeps mom off her feet?” Bradley asked.

“I don’t think that will happen Bradley” Brian said.

“It could” Bradley said.

“No because Dr. McDreamy is a character from a TV show” Brian said.

“You know what I mean” Bradley said to him.

“Bradley I’ll only be gone a few days, it’ll be fine” Brian said.

“Dad? In all seriousness without thinking, do you love mom?” Bradley asked.

“Yeah, I do and I can’t live without her…not anymore” Brian said.

"Hey, you okay?" Vicki asked coming into the room.

"Hey, I thought you took Natalie home" he said to her.

"I did, she's safe and sound" Vicki said.

"Good" he said "I was just hoping maybe this time he'd answer" he said as she sat next to him on the bed.

"What are you doing in here?" she asked.

"I don't know...I thought maybe if I came in here...I'd feel closer to him somehow" he said to her.

"It feels like the day of the shooting all over again doesn't it?" she asked.

He nodded "Yeah, it does...it's the worst feeling in the world" he said to her "This feels different though...I know, Bradley is fearless and adventurous, but my mind keeps going to worst case scenario what if he can't get out of this one?" he asked, he reached over and held her hand tightly.

She looked at her watch "I should probably get home too, can you please call me if you hear anything, doesn't matter what time it is" she said to him.

“Actually the guys and I were talking and we think it’d be best if you all stayed here tonight, just so nothing happens to anyone else” he said to her.

“Oh uh, okay sure…how many guest rooms do you guys have again?” she asked.

“Well you know you don’t have to stay in a guest room, you can stay with me if you want” he said.

"With you?" she asked "You sure about that?" she asked.

"Yeah, I don't mind" he said shrugging.

"Okay, sure" she said to him.


Police detail and search crews were knee deep in the wilderness as a helicopter flew overhead, lighting the way in the dark. Dogs barked as the helicopter sputtered, the dogs lead them through the woods on a trail.

"I just got a text from Kev, said he was able to get a flight out of Boston, it's leaving now" Kellie said sitting at the kitchen counter where Melissa stood.

"Want some tea?" Melissa asked.

"No, thanks" Kellie said.

"So, what was up with you and that detective guy?" Melissa asked her.

"His name is Dean...he was the lead detective on a case I was working on" she said to her “There was never officially an 'us', we just went out a couple times" Kellie said to her.

"He's cute" Melissa said to her.

“Dean's a nice guy but...there was nothing there” Kellie said to her.

“Well I’m going to get to bed, the guys decided they want us all to spend the night here incase anything should happen” Melissa said “You can bunk in the one guest room with me if you want” she said to Kellie.

“Thanks but I’m going to crash on the couch, wait for Kev to get in” Kellie said.

“You sure?” Melissa asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine” Kellie said to her.

"They're coming home" Melissa said to her.

"I hope you're right" Kellie said as they hugged.

“I’ll see you in the morning” Melissa said going upstairs.

“Night!” Kellie called out after her.

Vicki slept peacefully in Brian's bed, Brian came out of the bathroom and found her sleeping, he smiled and climbed in bed next to her. He lied down, she snuggled up close to him, lying her head on his chest and throwing her arm around him. He reached over to his nightstand and turned the small light off, wrapping his arm around her and holding her tightly.


"Morning boss" one of Derek's goons said as he entered the building.

"Good morning Paulie, how did our little inmates get on last night?" he asked.

"We had a few problems but nothing we couldn't handle" he said "Ronnie and Vinnie are taking care of Richardson right now" Kyle landed on a dingy mattress as a door slammed shut, blood ran down from his nose and his lip. His eye was now a dark shade of purple, he groaned in agony as he tried to roll over.

"Morning sunshine" Derek said to Bradley.

"The nightmare continues" Bradley said to himself rolling his eyes.

"Get him up" he said to Dmitri and Paulie.

They unhooked Bradley from the cuffs and pulled him up "What the hell is this?" Bradley asked.

"Calm down Bradley, this won't hurt a bit" Derek said looking at him sinisterly.

"What are you doing? Let go of me" Bradley said.

"Boys?" Derek asked as they hit Bradley hard on the back of the head, rendering him unconscious.


Dean rubbed his eyes, the boys stared back at him as their pictures lye discarded around his desk.

"Morning" Sam said, a donut clenched between his teeth, a cup holder balanced in one hand and a paper bag in the other. "Coffee, black extra sugar" Sam said handing him a tall cup.

"Thanks" Dean said "Any word from the canine unit?" Dean asked.

"Not yet, we still got choppers in the air but so far nothing matching the boys' description...you need to get some sleep there Stone."

"Not until these kids are home" he said leaning back in this chair "I just can't believe it, I talked to this kid only a few months ago and now he's gone" he said holding up Kyle's picture.Y

"you sure knew his mother pretty well...what was that about?" Sam asked.

"Kellie and I went out a couple times but that was about it, I met her when she was defending a case I worked on" he groaned and stood up from his chair.

"Kellie, Kyle...what's Kyle's dad's name?" Sam asked.

"Kevin" Dean said to him.

"Kevin, Kellie and Kyle..." Sam said "These people really went all out with the matching names, AJ, Adam, Brian, Bradley J." Sam said to him.

"Makes it easy to remember I'll give them that" Sam said noticing Dean standing in front of his board of evidence "Stone?" Sam asked.

"How do five teenage boys go missing without anyone noticing?" he asked.

"Maybe they didn't go willingly" Sam said to him.

"You think this was a kidnapping job?" Dean asked.

"This is LA; their parents are celebrities" Sam said to him.

"You thinking ransom?" Dean asked.

"Or someone with an axe to grind?" Sam asked.

"Vengeance is a stretch...who else but a disgruntled groupie would resort to kidnapping?" Dean asked "Also...how would the kidnappers get the boys out of the house unless they dragged them kicking and screaming".

"They could've been taken at gunpoint or they were subdued beforehand" Sam said.

"These guys live in a high security neighborhood; how would they get past the gatehouse?" Dean asked.

"Never know they could've disguised themselves as service worker or delivery guy..." Sam said.

"What'd you just say?" Dean asked.

"Delivery guy?" Sam asked, Dean quickly flipped through his notes.

"Brian Littrell said there was a pizza box sitting on the kitchen table when he got home, there were a few slices leftover" Dean said.

"Okay..." Sam asked in confusion.

"The pizza" Dean said.

"Okay even if your mystic pizza theory is correct...how would they know about the boys ordering a pizza in the first place? you think someone was watching them?" Sam asked.


The doorbell at the Winchester's house rang.

"Yes?" Daphne asked answering the door.

"Delivery for Daphne Winchester?" a man holding a long box asked.

"Oh that's me" she said to him as he handed the box over.

She opened the box and found a bouquet of deep red roses "You're the beat of my heart, Derek" she read on the card.


Kellie slept peacefully on the couch, she stirred, opening her eyes and sat up. She looked at her watch and quickly grabbed her phone. The door knob jingled as she raced to the front door "Kyle?" she asked hopefully as she opened the door.

"Hey" Kevin said to her.

“Oh my god” she said wrapping her arms around Kevin he hugged her tightly "I'm so glad you're here" she said as they hugged.

"Any news?" he asked dragging his bags into the house.

"Nothing yet, the police have been searching all night" Kellie said to him.

"Don't worry we're going to find him” he said reassuringly.

“What if we can't?” she asked.

“We will” he said before hugging her again.