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Dark red droplets of blood trickled down Bradley's forearm Derek's face was a haze as he stared down at him.

"There we are" he said to him, Bradley touched his arm, seeing the blood smeared all over his fingers.

"What did you do to me?" he asked nervously.


"Okay so walk me through this again" Kevin said sitting with Kellie at the kitchen counter.

"Look I don't know for sure what really happened I only got the condensed version” she said.

"Just one more time" he said to her.

"Fine, the guys went to Tampa to finish recording, Bri came home the other night while the other guys stayed behind to finish up” she said “Okay, when he got here the house was empty, the TV was still on, one of the pictures from the mantle was broken on the floor, there was a bottle of water spilt on the counter and a pizza box on the table” she said. “He took the trash out and saw Bradley’s car sitting the garage” she said "Nat came over later that night to chew out Neilson for not meeting her at the movies, apparently he and Bradley never showed up, the next morning they still weren't home" she said to him." "they're not picking up their cellphones, something is wrong" she said.

"Okay, okay, calm down" he said to her "How about I make you breakfast?" he asked.

"No, I can't eat at a time like this" she said to him.

"Morning, oh hey" AJ said coming down the kitchen steps.

"Hey" Kevin said as they hugged, slapping each other's backs.

"When'd you get in?" AJ asked.

"Just a couple minutes ago, I rushed right here from the airport, have the police found anything?" Kevin asked

"Nothing yet, we just need to stay calm and wait".

"Yeah sure that'll be no problem" AJ said.

"It's all we can do" Kevin said "I was actually hoping to meet the detectives that are in charge of the case" he said "You think they'll do a good job?" he asked.

"Don't worry they're two of the bests" Kellie said to him.

"How can you be so sure?" AJ asked.

"...I used to date one of them" she said reluctantly.


"Wow" Brian said coming to Bradley's room to find it spotless "There is carpet in here I knew there was" he said looking at the floor.

"I hope this is okay, I was going crazy just sitting around waiting for news” Vicki said.

“I can't remember the last time this place looked so clean" he said "It's kind of scary to tell you the truth" he said, she laughed. "Has this always been here?" he asked noticing a large black trunk sitting at the foot of the bed.

"Uh I guess? You mean you’ve never noticed it before?" she asked.

“I’ve never actually seen it here before now” he said "Wonder what's in it."

"Don't even think about it" she said to him.

"Why not?" he asked.

"If he ever finds out you were in there he's going to like you even less than he already does" Vicki said to him.

He reached down and pulled the latch, pulling it open "Oh look at that it's open" he said, she shook her head at him.

"Well as long as you already have it open…" she said, they knelt down in front of it.

"Well no drugs or weapons, that's a good sign" he said as they rummaged through it.

Vicki picked up a stack of pictures and looked through them.

"I don't believe it" he said.

"What?" Vicki asked as he he pulled out a giant stack of CD cases that had been hidden at the bottom. "They're all here" he said filing through the stack noticing the discs were in pristine condition "He told me he burnt all this stuff" he said in awe "He still has them."

“I can’t believe he has all these pictures” she said. "What's this?" she asked taking out a large envelope, she pulled out a packet of papers “Oh my god” she said.

“What?” he asked.

“It’s college applications” she said “To USC and UCLA”

"Well...he will be a senior" he said.

"You know this just proves that we don’t really know Bradley as well as we thought we did” she said.

“Yeah, he may put out this rock and roll, rebel without a cause persona but there’s so much more underneath that neither one of us knows about” he said “Besides, there’s only one other person on the planet who knows Bradley better than he knows himself” he said.

“Neilson” they both replied.

The doorbell rang "I'll get it" he said getting up and leaving the room, he went downstairs and opened the front door "Can I help you?" he asked, no one was there, he looked around and found something lying by the front door. A bulky envelope lied there on the ground, he looked at it confusedly and picked it up, looking around before shutting the door.

"Okay I don't think Bradley will be able to tell anyone was in that trunk" Vicki said coming down the steps "What's that?" she asked.

"I don't know someone left it at the door he tore it open and looked inside.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I don't..." he said pulling out a familiar blue pattern. He felt a wetness in his hand, he dropped it and looked at his palm to see blood, Vicki squealed and covered her mouth. "Oh god" he said, he picked it up and looked at it closely, unfolding it to reveal the remains of a light blue plaid shirt "oh my god" he said recognizing it.

"Go call the detective now" he said to her, she froze in place, looking at the bloodied shirt in horror "Vicki, go call the detectives and don't touch that thing alright, hurry up" he said as she ran into the kitchen.


Neilson sat on his own makeshift cot looking in awe around the room when the door opened.

"Well hello again Mr. Carter" Derek said to him, Neilson looked at him confused. “Oh that’s right, we haven’t officially met, Derek Winchester, Damien’s father” Derek said to him.

“Damien’s father?” Neilson asked.

“That’s right” Derek said smiling at him.

“Damien’s father is a human?” Neilson asked.

Derek glared at him and then smiled “Good one” he said.

“Well what do you want with me?” Neilson asked him.

“You got that dumb blonde act down pretty well don’t you?” Derek asked him “You see, you and goofy little friends sent my son to prison".

Neilson looked at him in disbelief “Damien’s in prison because he brought a gun to school and tried to kill us! In fact if it weren't for Bradley pushing me out of the way I would've been shot instead of him.”

“Oh would you wake up already, the only person that kid looks out for is himself, you're just his useless sidekick" Derek said to him.

"What is that some kind of mind game?" Neilson asked.
"Is that the point of this whole thing? turn us all against the each other for your own personal amusement?"

"No game, it's the truth" Derek said to him "You know I'm right, all that best friends forever stuff? It's garbage, oh speaking of which” Derek said kneeling down to Neilson's level. “Here you go” he said reaching into his pocket and pulling a piece of fabric out.

"What the hell is this?" Neilson asked.

"Look closely, you'll figure it out" Derek said standing up and leaving.


The doorbell rang, Kellie answered it "Dean, hi, Detective Manning" she said to them.

“Miss Mitchell” Sam said to her.

“Hey Kel” Dean said.

“Is there news?” she asked.

“Actually we got a call, someone here requested our assistance?” Sam asked.

“Oh I don’t…”

“I called him” Vicki said appearing in the kitchen doorway.

"Vicki, what happened?" Kellie asked concerned.

“I think there’s something you need to see” she said sadly leading them into the kitchen.

"Mr. Littrell...everything okay?" Dean asked as they entered the kitchen.

"Someone left this on the porch" Brian said sadly.

Sam put on a pair of rubber gloves and picked it up, carefully pulling it out of it's heap. "Oh god" he said noticing the large blood stains. Kellie gasped in horror, pulling Vicki close to her.

"Blood's still fresh" Dean said.

"Who's shirt is this?" Sam asked.

"It's Bradley's" Brian said trying to fight back tears.

"You sure?" Dean asked.

"Positive, it’s his favorite he wears it all the time” he said sadly.

“You say someone left this on your front porch?” Sam asked.

“The doorbell rang, when I went to answer it, it was just sitting there…I opened it and…” Brian said.

"You still have the envelop it came in?" Dean asked, he handed it to him, Dean handling it carefully with a rubber glove. Sam opened a plastic evidence bag and shoved it inside. Dean, still carefully handling Bradley’s bloodied shirt dropped it into another evidence bag. “Look for all we know this could be a cruel prank trying to make you guys think your son is dead, now is there anything of Bradley's that I would be able to get DNA from? to compare the blood on the shirt to?"

"Uh...I don't know his toothbrush; will that work?" Brian asked.

"Absolutely" Dean said to him as he went up the stairs.

"What's going on?" Kevin asked coming down the stairs “Oh, hi” he said to the detectives.

"Oh right, this is Detective Dean Stone and Detective Manning, detectives, Kevin Richardson" Kellie said introducing him.

"Nice to meet you guys" he said shaking their hands.

"Mr. Richardson, nice to meet you" Sam said.

“Did something happen, is there news?” Kevin asked.

“Not yet I’m afraid, just collecting evidence” Sam said to him.

“Evidence…oh god…what is that?” Kevin asked looking at the evidence bag “Is that blood?!” he asked.

“While we’re here I want to let you guys know that we've been working on a theory on what exactly happened to your boys..." Dean said.

"What is it?" Kellie asked.

"Last night Mr. Littrell told us that when he came home the night before there was a box of pizza sitting on the table...now I'm not sure but I think it may be detrimental to the case" Dean said to them.

"Here" Brian said handing him a toothbrush, he handled it carefully as he put it into a plastic bag.

"Thanks, I'm going to need one more thing from you" Dean said to him.

“That pizza you told us about, you still have it right?" Sam asked.

They looked at him "What?" Brian asked.

"Trust me, in its own weird way we think it can help with the case" Dean said to him.

"Uh yeah...it's here in the fridge" Brian said.

“Ladies as a precautionary measure I want you all to stay here until your boys are found, we don't know what's going to happen next and we don't want anyone else going missing” Dean said to them. “Obviously they had access to your front door so I’m upping the security at the gate house, I’ll also be assigning a security detail to Neilson's girlfriend as well" he said.

“You really think Nat’s in danger?” Kellie asked.

“We can’t be too careful, I haven't seen anything like this before".

"Take your pick" Brian said setting the pizza box on the counter, Dean snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and shoved a slice into an evidence bag.

"We'll try to rush this; we'll get an answer to you as soon as possible" he said to them.

"Thank you detective" Vicki said to him.

"No problem, let’s go Manning" Dean said leaving the house.

“I think I’m going to be sick” Vicki said as she hurried upstairs.

“I got her” Kellie said to him as she went after Vicki.

“You alright?” Kevin asked.

“Until now I had the hope that at least wherever Bradley was, he was okay but now…I’m not so sure anymore” Brian said sadly.