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Brian was knocked out of his slumber by a loud pounding on the front door, he jumped up from the couch, hurrying to the door "Alright alright!" he said as the pounding became louder.

"Where is your son?!" Natalie asked him angrily as she pushed past him "Neilson! Bradley J.!" she yelled.

"Hello to you too Natalie" he said, still standing by the opened door.

"Sorry...hello Mr. Littrell how are you? Where the hell is your idiot son and his moron best friend?!" she asked.

"...Something wrong?" he asked.

"Yes! Neilson and Bradley J. were supposed to meet me at the movies hours ago, they never showed up" she said angrily.

"I see" he said to her "Well Nat... I hate to tell you this but...they're not here."

"What?" she asked.

"Yeah...they're not here" he said once more.

"Seriously?" she asked irritated.

"Yeah" he said nodding.

"Well then where are they?!" she asked.

"I could ask you the same question" he said.

"If I knew would I be standing here yelling at you?" she asked.

"Good point" he said to her "Nat come on just calm down okay? I'm sure there's a simple explanation."

"Fine, you're right, but I am not waiting around for them all night, when they get home, tell Neilson that if he still wants a girlfriend tomorrow he better call me" she said to him.

"Oh I will" he said to her.

"Thank you...oh yeah welcome home" she said happily as she left.

"I have new respect for Neilson" he said to himself.


“Sir, you have visitors” Reginald said to Derek.

“Send them in Reginald” he said walking around his office, a few tough looking men entered the room “Gentlemen, how did it go?”

“It’s all done boss, here's the key” one of the men said handing him a single key on a ring.

“Marvelous, let’s celebrate” Derek said taking a box from his desk and opening it to reveal rows of cigars “Reginald, some of our best brandy please.”

“Yes sir” Reginald said leaving his office.

"Did they give you any trouble" he asked.

"Some but don't worry we handled it just like you said" another man said to him.

“You know my son thinks that I don't love him, hopefully this will show him differently” he said before putting the cigar back into his mouth.


The night grew on, Brian was checking his watch every few minutes and looking up at the clock, seeing it's hands tick by slowly. He went to the front door, he opened it and looked around a few times before closing it.

He picked up the phone and dialed "Hey Jerry" he said "Brian Littrell...yeah I'm fine, listen can you keep an eye for the boys? they haven't made it home yet, yeah thanks, look if you see any of them trying to sneak in, mind giving me a heads up? thanks, yeah goodnight" he said hanging up the phone.

He looked at his watch once more before lying on the couch. The moon glowed over the city, stars twinkling above as well, the TV lit up the living room, he slept soundly on the couch.

The sun finally began its ascend into the sky, a pinkish orange glow coloring the once dark sky. He groaned, forcing his eyes open, he sat up and stretched his arms out in front of him. Checking his watch once more, he got up and looked outside once again, he shut the door and headed up the steps.

"Bradley?" he asked knocking on the door "Bradley J." he said opening it, expecting to find Bradley sound asleep in his bed, Bradley’s remained the same as it was when he had looked hours prior, empty.

He checked the other rooms to no avail, he came down the steps once more, grabbing his cellphone from the coffee table. "Yeah it's me...we got a problem" he said "The boys never came home last night, I have no idea where they are, you need to call me as soon as you can" he said.

Natalie slept soundly in her bed when her cellphone began to ring, she groaned, reaching over to her nightstand, haphazardly knocking things over trying to feel around for it. She finally grabbed ahold of her phone and answered "It is 7 am" she said annoyed.

"Nat, hey, I'm so sorry to call you so early, have you heard from Neilson or Bradley?" he asked.

"No... didn't they come home last night?" she asked yawning.

"No, none of the boys did" he said "I know it's really early but I need you to come over here as soon as possible" he said to her.

"Yeah, course I'll be right there" she said hanging up and throwing her covers off of her.


Vicki shuffled through her living room, her hair disheveled, she rubbed her eyes as she held them shut. She pulled the curtains above the kitchen window open and winced at the brightness, she filled the coffee pot and pushed a button to make it brew.

A loud knocking began on the front door "I'm coming I'm coming" she groaned in a groggy voice.

"Hey" Brian said coming in as she opened the door.

"Well good morning to you too" she said.

"Is Bradley here?" he asked looking around.

"Unless he snuck in last night while I was asleep I don't think so" she said shutting the door.

"Bradley!" he called out "Bradley J.!"

"Wait, what are you even doing here? I thought you were in Tampa?" she asked confused.

"Yeah I got back last night" he said looking around "Okay something is not right here" he said to her.

"What's going on? What happened to Bradley?" she asked.

"He never came home last night" he said.

"What?" she asked.

"When was the last time you saw him?" he asked.

"I've been at the hospital for forty-eight hours straight...I talked to him yesterday on the phone he was fine" she said to him "Did you ask Neilson?" she asked.

"Neilson never came home either...or Adam, or Kyle or Harry...the boys are gone" he said to her.

"What about Nat? Maybe she knows" she said to him.

"Already tried that, she hasn't seen them either, she said last night Bradley and Neilson were supposed to meet her at the movies, they never showed up."

"I don't like the sound of this" Vicki said to him.

"Me either, I got her looking for them around town" he said to her.

"This isn't right the boys would just not disappear like this" Vicki said to him.

"I know...where could they be?" he asked.

The boys all slept soundly, peaceful on slim flimsy mattresses atop old wiry bed frames. Their wrists were suspended and attached to the bed frame by shiny metal cuffs. They lied there unconscious under dripping pipes in rooms made of cinderblock and concrete with heavy steel doors guarding their freedom.


"Excuse me?" Natalie asked as she went into the town library.

"Yes?" the librarian asked her.

"I'm looking for someone, have you seen him at all?" Natalie asked holding her phone up showing the librarian a picture of Harry.

"Harry?" she asked.

"Yes, sorry I didn't know if you knew his name or not."

"He's in here every day" she said to her.

"Was he in here at all yesterday?" she asked.

"Mmm...no" she said checking a ledger.

"Okay, what about this morning?"

"No, I haven't seen him...that's odd" she said to her.

"Okay, thank you" Natalie said leaving"Hey, Harry hasn't been in the library I'm going over to the record store now, I'll call you back when I get there" she said on the phone and then hanging up.

"That was Nat, she said Harry hasn't been at the library yesterday or this morning" Brian said to her.

The front door opened and Sasha entered "Hey, what's going on?" she asked pulling her sunglasses off.

"The boys are gone" he said to her.

"What do you mean gone? gone where?" she asked.

"When was the last time you talked to Neilson?" Vicki asked her.

"Yesterday, I was going to bring dinner over for them and he told me that he and Bradley were meeting Natalie at the movies."

"Yeah they never showed up" Brian said to her "I got home last night and they were already gone, I got up this morning and they still weren't home".

Natalie ran down the street, she looked into the window of Mr. Mooney's record store, the cash register sat in darkness, she ran around to the alley, looking into the backdoor "Mr. Mooney?!" she yelled banging on the door "Mr. Mooney it's Natalie!" she yelled again, she finally gave up and left.

"I don't like the sound of that" Sasha said "Did you call the police?"

"Can't file a missing person’s report until the person's been missing for at least twenty-four hours" Vicki said to her.

"Well you said you got home and they were already gone, for all we know it has been 24 hours" Sasha said.

"You just said you talked to Neilson yesterday" Brian said.

"Yeah I did..." she said taking out her phone "I talked to him about two o'clock yesterday afternoon."

"Okay well it's only noon, so hopefully they show up within the next two hours".


Kyle's eyes adjusted to his surroundings as he came to and began to look around. He sat up quickly and looked around, he looked over to see his arm chained to a rusty bedframe. He yanked his arm a couple times making the cuffs clang against the bed. "hello?!" he called out, he yanked his wrist a few more times as he became increasingly nervous, fear creeping up into his veins, the metal banging together, echoing inside the room. "What's going on? where am I?!" he yelled "Hello?!" he yelled out again.

The doorknob began to turn, Kyle tried to scurry to the end of the bed only to be stopped by the cold metal digging into his skin.

The door opened, light spilling in from the outside “Hello Kyle” Derek said smiling at him and shutting the door behind him.

“Mr. Winchester?” Kyle asked.

"Nice to see you again" Derek said as Kyle looked at him confused.

“You brought me here?” he asked.

“Well I’ll admit I did have some help” Derek said to him.

“What is this place? Why am I here?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll all find out soon enough” Derek said.

“All? Who’s all?” Kyle asked.

Derek chuckled lightly and smiled at Kyle “Wouldn’t be a party without friends now would it?” he asked.

"Where are they?" Kyle asked “What did you do to them?” Kyle asked frantically.

"Wow, that big brother instinct really comes out in you" Derek said to him "Don't worry your little friends are just fine...for now that is."

"Why are you doing this? What do you want with us?" Kyle asked.

"Like I said…you’ll find out soon enough…don’t worry I have a feeling we’re all going to have so much fun together" he said before leaving.