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He made his way over to our table and then it was his to turn to look like he’d seen a ghost. It took him a minute to speak. I don’t know if he was trying to remember my name or if he was just shocked to see me.

“Katrina?” He asked.

“Hi…” I said shyly

“It’s good to see you again. How are you?”

“I can’t complain, how are you?”

“I’m good…” He trailed off sitting down next me.

“Can we go somewhere more private and talk. We have something we need to discuss.”

“I have sound check in a half an hour but we could talk in my dressing room.” He suggested

“Okay…is it okay if Jen comes with?” I asked nodding in her direction.

“Sure.” He said and got out of his chair. Jen got up and sort of distracted him as I stood up. I put my bag over my shoulder and held in front of me. We followed Nick backstage and into a small room. Jen and I sat on a couch and he sat in a chair across from us.

“Can I ask you a question?” He spoke first. I nodded and he continued. “Did I do or say something that made you think that I didn’t want you there when I woke up?”

“Not at all! It was an amazing night! I just didn’t want the memory of that night tainted by a walk of shame.”

“You must think really highly of me?” He said kind of snarky

“It wasn’t that I thought you’d be mean or hurtful in anyway but I was afraid of what the soberness of daylight would do to the night we shared. That being said I shouldn’t have just left without leaving a note or something. I’m sorry I was such an asshole.”

“I thought that we had a great night...Did I do something to piss you off?”

“Quite the opposite…I had such an amazing time I wanted to keep it that way. Listen I have to tell you something and you are probably not going to be happy about it.” I said shifting my bag slightly.

“Okay…” He said probably trying to figure what STD I had.

“I’m pregnant…” The words hung in the air for a long time before I finally broke the silence. “Listen I don’t want anything from you that’s not what this is about. I just wanted you to know about him so you could make your own decision on how much you want to be involved.” I said trying to gauge his reaction.

“How far along are you?” He asked

“5 months…”

“Are you sure it’s mine?”

“I guess it’s my fault that you would need to ask that question because I must be a slut to have a one night stand and leave before morning!” I said standing up. As he got the full view of the baby bump he sighed. I nodded at Jen and we headed towards the door. I turned to him and spoke again. “Thank you for being exactly who I thought you were. Don’t worry about your son. I’ll make sure he’s loved enough for the both of us.” I said and walked out the door shutting it behind us. I started to let the tears fall as soon as we got into the hall. Jen helped me get to the bathroom.

“I knew he wasn’t going to take it well but I didn’t think it would hurt me as much as it does.” I said drying the tears on my face.

“It’s hurts because you love your son and you know as he grows he’s going to feel the same way you did growing up. That something must have been wrong with you if your own Father didn’t love you enough to be in your life. I’m so sorry Kat…You know I’m here to help you in any way that I can.” She said and I nodded. There was a knock at the door. Jen and I both looked at each other confused.

“Katrina?” We heard from the other side. Jen opened the door slightly to talk to him.

“Is she in here?” I heard him ask.

“She is but I think it’s probably best if you just leave her be. I’ll take care of them.” She said shutting the door again.

“Can we get out of here? I’m not really in the mood to watch him perform.”

“Of course!” She said helping me up. I cleaned up my face and left the bathroom. To my surprise he was sitting on the floor just outside the door waiting for us. He looked at me and began to say something

“Nick just don’t! I can’t do this right now. I can’t be sorry to have met you or regret what we did because then that would mean I regret my son and I could never regret him. I hope that someday you won’t regret him either.” I said and walked past him. He grabbed my hand and pulled himself to his feet. His eyes had softened and he didn’t seem so upset.

“If you say that he’s my son than I believe you. I didn’t mean to insinuate that you were a slut or anything like that.”

“It’s fine, here’s my card if you’re interested in being involved with the rest of the pregnancy or his birth this has my cell number and email on it.” I said handing him my card. Once the card left my fingertips I walked away. We left the venue and Jen drove me home. I hope that I never hear from him again. My son will be perfect and happy with or without a father. About a week later I got a call at work about some blood work that the doctor had wanted me to get done. I needed to head to the lab to have it drawn. After work I drove to the OBGYN’s office where the lab was and made my way upstairs. I had been avoiding elevators as much as possible lately. I let them know that I am there and I sat in the waiting area. This very tall and very handsome man walks out and calls my name. I stand up and walk over to follow him in to the room.

“Katrina?” I nodded. “Very good…please have a seat. I’m Zach and I’ll be drawing some blood today.”

“Hi.” I said trying not to stare at him. His eyes were the most amazing shade of green and almost crystal clear.

“So today all we need is just the two tubes and then we can get you out of here.” He smiled then turned to me. We made eye contact and I think I blushed slightly. Zach is beyond gorgeous and I have amped up hormones. I can’t help it! He had me sit in the chair with my arm out. He came in really close almost touching me and he smelled so good. I learned that your senses tend to be heighten during pregnancy, definitely the case here…I heard every slow breath he took, felt a tingle with every touch and could smell his cologne like he had just put it on. Good God this child is going to get me in trouble. When he was done drawing blood, he leaned over my arm to grab the gauze and a band aid. It made the hairs on my arm stand on end. I could feel my heart beat quicken. I must have looked pale or something because when he finished with the bandage he looked at me with concern filling those gorgeous green eyes.

“Are you okay? You look pale...let me get you some OJ.” He said helping to the bed to lie back. Once he knew I was steady he went and got me some OJ.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened.”

“It’s perfectly okay. It happens sometimes when you get blood drawn, especially when your heart rate is elevated.”

“Needles make me nervous...” I said sipping my OJ and hoping he believed that bullshit.

“Yeah, needles make me nervous too.” He laughed. What? Is he calling me on my bullshit?

“I don’t think needles should make you nervous. I mean it could be problem with your line of work” I smiled and he checked my pulse which had calm down some but as soon as he touched me is started race again.

“I am sure that this is totally against the rules but would you want to go out to dinner with me?” He asked with smile that could make your knees weak.