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Author's Chapter Notes:
It's a lengthy one
I woke up around 8:30 and sat out on the balcony with a nice warm cup of coffee. I listened to the birds sing and the cars passing by. There is something so peaceful about it. I powered up my phone and checked my email. Then the notifications started popping up. Mostly from Jen asking about lab boy! A couple texts from Nick came through as well.

N: you have every right to be mad
N: I was a Dick and I’m sorry

N: I emailed the medical history
N: call me tomorrow when you get these

I went in and dropped my phone on the counter and headed for the bathroom I threw on some workout clothes put my headphones in and went for a walk. I called Nick as I walked out the door. The phone rang quite a few times before a very groggy sounding Nick answered.


“Yeah, it’s me…sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s all good, I’m just glad you called.”

“Look, I’m sorry about my last couple of text. That’s not who I am. I am not that big of a bitch. I should have handled a lot of things between us differently.”

“Don’t apologize…I am sorry for the way I acted when you told me. I was still angry about you leaving. At some point I’d like to know why you left.”

“I was terrified by the feelings I felt for you. I was terrified that you didn’t or wouldn’t feel the same way in the morning. I thought it was better not to know and just go on believing you felt the same way.” I sighed I didn’t really want him to know all that.

“We can’t change the past but we can make the best of our future. I want to be in his life. I want to be his Dad. I will pay child support and help you in any way that I can. Maybe we can work on getting his parents together.”

“I just want our son to have a father who loves him and not one like mine who walks away. I don’t need anything else from you. Whatever you do please be one hundred percent sure. As for the last part…I want to build a friendship with you and be co-parents together but I think it’s best if it stays that way.”

“I respect that and as far as he’s concerned he’s already loved. I was very happy to see the ultrasound picture of him in the email you sent. How’s he doing?”

“He is healthy and growing…he likes using me as his own punching bag!”

“I’m glad he’s healthy and active. I want to try to make your appointment on Monday, can you send me details so I can make arrangements.”

“You don’t have to come for the appointment on Monday. It’s just a checkup….the ultra sound is the fun appointment.”

“Well just send me details for both and I’ll let you know.”

“I will, talk to you later.” I said

“Later!” He said and I disconnected the call. Then I called Jen.

“Hey what happened to you?”

“Sorry Nick texted me, I got mad and shut my phone off. Before you go nuts everything is fine. I just got off the phone with him.”

“What did he have to say?”

“He apologized for reacting the way he did and that he wanted to be a part of the little guy’s life. He may have also said that he wanted to see if we could end up together. It ended on a good note.”

“Wait he said WHAT? How did you respond to that? I would have fucking died!”

“It would have been a dream come true had he said that when I told him about the baby but he didn’t…so it wasn’t. I told him I thought it would be best if we could just be friends and co-parents. He seemed ok with that.”

“I guess that’s good. Think you can keep that mind set when he’s around.”

“I do, I think things with Zach will help!”

“Oooohhhh…tell me more about lab boy.”

“He’s picking me up at 6:30 for Dinner at Cho’s!”

“Wow. He called you already.”

“Actually he called yesterday. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be some kind of weirdo.” I sighed. Jen and I talked for a while about my conversation with Zach. She gave me a pep talk and then wished me luck. I got back to my apartment and did the dishes. I emailed Nick all the doctor appointment information. I looked through a baby name book for a while and then I started browsing baby stores online to get an idea of how much the necessities would run me. I work for an insurance company as an adjuster but most of my time is spent talking to clients over the phone. I make pretty good money but without any help it’ll be tight. My Dad left my mom and me when I was 6. My mom passed away 2 years ago from brain cancer. I miss her a lot all of the time but being pregnant I miss her more. All I have is Jen and a few distant relatives. I was brought out of my thoughts when my text alert rang out.

N: Thank you for emailing me that information.

K: you’re welcome.

N: I’m flying in Sunday night…would it be all right if I
N: Picked you up to take you to the appointment?

K: sure

N: ok good text me your address.

K: 17823 N. Hunter rd. apt 5A

N: okay thanks! I’ll see you Monday!

K: bye

It reminded me that I needed to text Zach my address. I quickly texted Zach and I got in the shower to get ready for my date! I had trouble picking something out to wear and of course he was right on time. I grabbed my options and headed for the bathroom.

“It’s open…” I yelled and he came in.

“Give me one minute and I’ll be ready.” I shut the bathroom door picked an outfit using eenie meenie minie moe and got dressed. I walked out and there he was looking even more handsome out of the scrubs.

“Hi!” I said smiling

“Wow! You look amazing!” He said

“Thank you! You clean up well too!” I blushed

“It’s nice to get out of my scrubs! Are you ready to go?”

“I am...” I said slipping on my flats. He opened the door and let me go first. After locking my door we walked to the elevator.

“So you know where I work, tell me where you get your paycheck from?”

“I’m in the exciting world or insurance. I’m a claims adjuster.”

“That does sound exciting!” He said making a sick face.

“It’s not my passion but it pays the bills…at least most of them.” We both laughed

“So what is your passion?”

"Animals! I would love to have my own rescue. Is your job your passion?” I asked as the elevator doors opened. We walked in laughing and I pressed the button

“I’m actually going to school to be a veterinarian. I just poke people with needles for the time being.” He said

“Wow a Vet! That’s really awesome!”

“I only have two more classes and then I’ll have to take the big test to get my license!”

“I have to ask, are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?” I said pointing at myself. He burst into laughter as the doors opened.

“You shouldn’t call yourself an elephant it’s not nice!”

“Well I call it like I see it.” I said as he placed a hand on the small of my back and guided me to his car.

“You can tell me however much you want to tell me whenever you’re ready to.” He said opening the car door for me and helping me in. He closed the door and came around his side and got in.

“I’m curious about something.” I blurted out

“Oh yeah what’s that?”

“What are you looking for out of this?”

“Getting to the deep stuff already? “

“I mean I’m about to become a single mom and I can’t figure out why you’d want to go out with me?”

“I like strong, independent, beautiful women. I think that describes you well. I’m also looking to make a connection with someone I could settle down with.”

“Good God how are you still single?” I laughed

“That smile and that laugh are so beautiful I can’t believe your baby daddy let you go.”

“He didn’t have me to let go of. I’m not proud of how this happened. I’m not this kind of girl but I ended up sleeping with someone I was infatuated with when I was a teenager. We only spent one night together which in the end was my fault.”

“Does he know about the baby?”

“He does but it’s an ongoing battle to find peace with each other. He’s angry because I bailed on him before he woke up and I didn’t even leave a note.”

“I’d be angry too.”

“I know, it was a shitty thing to do. I feared that morning would bring heartbreak so I bailed. Not my finest moment.”

“I just mean if I woke up after a night with you and you weren’t there I’d be heartbroken too. I'm pretty sure that is where his anger is coming from.”

“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel that way about me.”

“Should I be worried?”

“No. I already told him that we could be co-parents and friends but it would be best to not try to make anything more out it.”

“Just to be clear, I’m not looking for a hook up or a fling here. If we do this I’m in it for the end game.” He sighed and I shivered at the meaning of his statement

“Okay…end game it is.” I smiled and he grabbed my hand. Holy shit he just set my body on fire.

“So what’s his name?”

“Nick…Carter”. I said and he laughed.

“My sister was infatuated with guy by that name back in the 90’s”

“Yeah…So was I!”

“Wait are you saying you got knocked up by a Backstreet Boy?”

“Yep that’s me…30 something year old woman sleeps with the one man she fantasized about sleeping with but never thought she would. Who then left him to wake up on his own and got knocked up in the process. I’m a real winner Zach”

“Shit happens Katrina! I’m just glad he didn’t get to snatch you up!”

“After all that you still want to go out with me?

“Why wouldn’t I? You’re funny, smart, independent and so very beautiful!” He said putting the car in park.

“I’m also 6 months pregnant and his Dad will be around probably creating drama. I guess I’m just curious if you really want to deal with it all and what happens after the baby is born?”

“We will have to figure that out but right now let’s just see where the night takes us. I can tell you that I’m already thinking about the next time that I'll get to see you.”

“I’m sorry…I’ve given you the third degree and we haven’t even eaten dinner yet.”

“I get it though. There will be major changes in your life as well trying to do what's best for the baby. Are you ready to head in?”

“Fair warning…I’m eating for two and I’m starving!” I said getting out of the car and we walked up to the restaurant and he held the door for me. We were seated and the conversation continued. We talked about so many things while we ate. He’s divorced and has a daughter of his own that is five. That’s why he’s just now going to Vet school. His daughter lives in Missouri with her mother. He’s originally from there but moved here to Tennessee for school. He says he tries to see her every other weekend. I told him about my mom and that I had no idea where my dad was. Told him that all I had in this world was my best friend, my apartment and now my son. We had this ease with each other. I was so relaxed around him as long as he didn’t touch me. My senses would be set on fire every time he came close to me. After dinner we walked around town for a while listening to the bands playing in the bars then we headed back to my place. Once he put the car in park I turned to him.

“Thank you for a lovely evening!”

"Thank you for going to dinner with me. I had a great time.”

“Do you want come up for a bit?”

“I don't know if I want to.”