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Brian: *Wakes up first 8am and start to wake up guys one by one.*
Nick: *Still sleeps peacefully when hears Brian.*
Brian: Good morning Nick!
Nick: Not so loud... *Pulls covers over his head.*
Brian: Get up lazy butt. It's new day. New day to get ready for big date tonight.
Nick: What time is it?
Brian: 8am.
Nick: Fuck... *Pushes covers off him*
AJ: He's awake! Morning princess! *Laughs*
Howie: *Smiles wide and stares at Nick*
Nick: What? *Ask sleepy*
AJ: Nice hair do, dude. Look for yourself. *Holds mirror up*
Nick: Put that mirror away and let me sleep. Is day off. *Groans against the pillow*
Howie: Let's our little princess sleep. We are going to eat breakfast with Kelly and Laura.
AJ: Hmm... Pancakes, bacons...
Nick: WAIT FOR ME! *Gets off the bed, but falls on the floor*
Boys: *Laughs*
Nick: Not funny. Help me up.
AJ: You can get up yourself.
Nick: I can't. I hurt my leg.
Brian: Are you serious?
Nick: Yeah. Can one of you help me?
Howie: I'll help you.
Nick: *Holds pillow on his hands tight behind him and plans to hit Howie with it*
Howie: Are you fine? *Offers his hand to Nick.*
Nick: I'm now! *Hits Howie with the pillow*
Howie: You just didn't! *Looks shocked*
Nick: Yes I did.
Howie: You are trouble now. I revenge that!
Nick: Come on D! Revenge! *Laughs*
Howie: *Takes pillow and hits Nick with it *
AJ: That looks fun. I'm in! *Jumps on guys with pillow*
Brian: Jesus Christ... I'm not going to join in. I guess I'll go breakfast by myself. *Leaves out the penthouse*
Kelly: *Walks with Laura to Penthouse door* Is it me or do I hear laughing?
Laura: I hear that too. Do you think they forget about us?
Kelly: Only way to find out is to knock the door. *Knocks the door*
Laura: Thanks to let Lauren join us to spent the day. *Looks to Kelly smiling*
Kelly: No problem. She's our both friend. Now she's sleeping her hangover away.
Nick: *Opens the door only wearing boxers and pillow in his hand* Kelly? Laura?

Kelly: Morning. Did we wake you? *smiles and keeps her eyes at Nick's face*
Laura: *Stares Nick eyes wide open blushing*
Nick: No... We are pillow war. Want to join us? *Smiles to both and then heards groaning behind him*
AJ: Oh! That's it! I'm out! My nuts! *Walks to his room while groaning*
Kelly: We'll pass... We got invite from Brian. Is he here?
Nick: *Turns to look in their penthouse and suddenly gets hit by pillow* Howie! Stop!
Laura: *Chuckles little, but stops when Kelly looks to her.* What?
Kelly: Nothing. You are not consering to join them?
Laura: That was funny. *Smiled and turns to look Nick who is now turning to look at them*
Nick: Brian must've gone to breakfast. *Looks at Kelly and then to Laura*
Laura: Without you and us? *Smiles*
Nick: Right... Howie mentioned you both joining us. Come in and let us get dressed. * Opens the door more wide open*
Laura: *Takes step to room, but feels Kelly stopping her*
Kelly: We wait at here. *Smiles*
Nick: I need to talk Laura before we go. *Looks at Laura*
Laura: Sure. I'll be fine, Kelly. *Walks in the room.*
Nick: You sure hallway is better than in here? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: I actually forget my phone to our room. I'll be there. *Looks at Nick and then Laura*
Laura: Okay. *Nods to Kelly.*
Nick: *Close the door and looks at Laura smiling* You remember Howie. *Points to Howie that is sitting in the living room area*
Howie: Hey. Laura, right? *Smiles*
Laura: Yes. It's nice to see you again. *smiles to Howie*
Howie: You too.
Nick: Come on. Here's my room. *Leads Laura to his room when walks behind her*
Howie: Yo Nick. *Whispers after him.*
Nick: *Turns to look at Howie and whispers* What?
Howie: *Lips syncs to Nick* Remember condom.
Nick: Whatta fuck, Howie? *Looks at shocked*
Laura: *Sits on the edge of messy bed and looks at Nick* Everything okay?
Nick: *Close the door after him and smiles to Laura* Yeah... Howie just thinks that we are going to have sex.
Laura: *Smiles shy and looks to her hands* Why would he think that?
Nick: *Opens his luggage bag and start to look for some clothes.* Maybe cause I'm on my boxers and door is closed.
Laura: So... What did you want to talk about? *Looks at Nick and can't help but look his chest*
Nick: About our date tonight. * Looks at Laura and caught her staring at his chest*
Laura: Oh... What about it? *Still stares and doesn't notice Nick caught her staring *
Nick: *Smiles and takes shirt out of his luggage bag.* Laura? *Tries to get her look at his face*
Laura: Hmmm? What? *Keeps still staring*
Nick: My face is up here. *Waves his hands front of her face.* Not there.
Laura: *Looks up to Nick and notice that he caught her staring at him.* Oh my God... I'm sorry. I feel so embarrassing. *Hides her face to her hands*
Nick: *Chuckles and puts shirt on.* It's fine, Laura. Girls likes my body and I'm fine with it.
Laura: It's not fine. *Sighs and stands up * Not to me.
Nick: Laura? What's going on? *Turns her to look at him* Tell me.
Laura: It's so embarrassing to tell you. It's been happening everytime. *Looks at Nick and sighs*
Nick: I think I can handle it. Come on. What is it? *Smiles*
Laura: *It's about to say, but there's knock at Nick's door*
Howie: Nick? You both done there?
Nick: We are right out there. Give us a minute. *looks at Laura smiling*
Howie: Horny dog! *laughs*
Laura: *Start to get more embarrassing and walks to window to not look at Nick*
Nick: Hey... *Walks next to her and touches her back.* You okay?
Laura: Not really. It's even now harder to tell you. *Looks at outside*
Nick: Is it about Howie joking about sex?
Laura: *Nods*
Nick: *Sits on small edge of window to face Laura* I know you are fan. I'm not going to have sex with you if you are embarrassing about that we are.
Laura: I know you are not. It's just... *Sighs* Kelly doesn't even know what I'm trying to say.
Nick: Okay. Want to talk about it with her first? *looks at Laura smiling and touches her hair.*
Laura: She would think I'm crazy. Cause I think I am. *Sits next to him*
Nick: How would you be crazy? You've been so nice.
Laura: You'll think I'm crazy what I'm about to say. *Looks at Nick and then stares to his lips*
Nick: You are... Staring again... *Gulps and whispers softly*
Laura: I know. I can't help it. *Looks up at Nick and sighs* You know everyone have their secret quilty pleasures. Right?
Nick: *Nods and looks around the room* Right. My quilty pleasure is pizza. Yours?
Laura: *Moves close to his ear and whispers* You. You are my quilty pleasure. *Gives a kiss to his cheek and moves away.*
Nick: *Looks at Laura surprised, but smiles* That's not bad. Many girls says that I'm their quilty pleasure.
Laura: Yeah, but they don't have chance to be in the same room with you alone.
Nick: *Looks at Laura and try to read her face* Wait... Did you really think we are about to have sex?
Laura: *Doesn't say anything and only stares at him*
Nick: You are crazy. *Start to put jeans on him quick and put shoes on.*
Laura: I told you. I can't help it that you are my weakness. Everytime when I see pic of you shirtless I froze and start to stare cause I imagine how would you look naked. Gosh... Please shut me up or I regret saying something else. *looks at Nick.
Nick: *Sits edge of the bed and sighs* You should go. Date is off.
Laura: I'm sorry. *Says quietly and walks out the room*
Nicķ: *Falls on his back to bed and sighs deep* Shit...
Howie: *Walks to Nick's room* Nicky... What happened? Laura just left crying.
Nick: I'm her quilty pleasure. *Stares at the ceiling*
Howie: Really? That's not bad. You are quilty pleasure to lot of girls. *Sits on the edge of bed.*
Nick: This is worse than that. *Runs his hands throught his hair and sighs deep*
Howie: How is it worse?
Nick: She really thought we are going to have sex. *Moves up to sit position next to Howie.*
Howie: Wow... I was only joking about the condom thing and horny dog.
Nick: I know Howie. She's crazy just like other girls.
Howie: What now? You have date with her tonight.
Nick: I told her that date is off. Then she left.
Howie: Did she try to seduce you?
Nick: No. She did kiss my cheek, but that's about it.
Howie: Did she kiss you before or after when she told you that she thought having sex with you?
Nick: *Looks at Howie shocked.* What? Why you ask that?
Howie: You could be on bed under her right now if she was going to seduce you. And of course bodyguards would've take her out, but she didn't try to use you.
Nick: *Thinks for moment about Howie's words*
Howie: So I ask again. Did she kiss your cheek before or after?
Nick: *Looks at the window spot where she kissed his cheek* Before. Next to window.
Howie: She's not crazy, Nick. *Whispers and taps his shoulder brotherly*
Nick: But she admited that she is crazy.
Howie: Aren't we all little crazy?
Nick: What are you saying?
Howie: Take her out. Show her your other side than Backstreet Boy side.
Nick: Then I need to take Mike with us. *Sighs*
Howie: You better go after her. *Points door direction.*
Nick: She might want to be alone. Let's go to breakfast. *Gets up off the bed*
Howie: Talk to her after breakfast.
Nick: *Nods and walks out the penthouse*


Laura: *Walks inside the room crying* Kelly?
Lauren: *Walks out the bathroom.* She's not he... *Sees Laura crying * What happened?
Laura: He said date is off and that I'm crazy. *Sobs and falls on the bed to cry*
Lauren: Who? *Looks at Laura confused.*
Laura: Nick Fucking Carter.
Lauren: *Gets shocked when Laura said Nick's name* Nick Carter? That Nick from the Nsync?
Laura: *Looks at Lauren oddly* It's not Nsync. The Backstreet Boys.
Lauren: Nsync, Backstreet Boys, 1D... All are the same to me.
Laura: You are not helping? Where's Kelly? *Sniffs*
Lauren: Left to breakfast. Said to meet you there. So what happened with this Nick guy?
Laura: I made him hate me. We were suppose to go date tonight.
Lauren: How did you made him hate you?
Laura: Telling him he's my quilty pleasure . *Blushes*
Lauren: Laura... *Chuckles* You naughty.
Laura: You don't understand. When we were in his room alone, I thought we were going to have sex and oh gosh I wish we did.
Lauren: Let me guess... He didn't plan on doing it. *Looks at Laura*
Laura: You should've see him. Only on his boxers... I couldn't help but stare. He's so gorgeous and hot...
Lauren: You didn't mention him being only wearing boxers. *Looks at Laura eyes wide open and smiles*
Laura: Oh gosh Lauren... I was eating him with my eyes.
Lauren: *It's about to say something, but there's knock at door* Could be Kelly. Must've forgot the key.
Laura: She never forgets her keys.
Lauren: Hmmm... *Walks to door and looks through peephole to hallway.* Shit... *Says quietly.*
Laura: Who is it? *Whispers*
Nick: *Keeps knocking* Laura?
Laura: *Runs to bathroom to hide*
Lauren: Great... *Opens the door and looks at Nick*
Nick: Oh hey... I've must have wrong door. *Looks at Lauren*
Lauren: Nick... What are you doing here?
Nick: *Looks at her confused and thinks hard*
Lauren: Have you been keeping your life healthy? *Smiles*
Nick: Lauren? Fuck... What are you doing here?
Lauren: Vacation. Came to see old friend of mine. What are you doing here knocking my door? *Smiles*
Nick: I was looking for someone, but I'm sure I'm on the right floor. This is 5th floor right?
Lauren: *Nods and gives Nick deadly stare* It is.
Nick: *Looks at the look on Lauren's face like she's going to murder her* Shit... Don't tell me Laura Hart is your friend...
Lauren: She is and she's very sad at herself for make you hate her. *Sighs*
Nick: She told you what happened?
Lauren: All about it. *Smiles*
Nick: Is there anyway I could talk to her?
Lauren: Why?
Nick: Apologize.
Lauren: Let me go check her and ask her. * Keeps door open when walks to bathroom door* Laura? You okay there?
Laura: What he wants?
Lauren: *Looks at to Nick's direction.* Apologize to you and talk to you.
Laura: Talk about what?
Lauren: He won't tell me. Come out and talk to him.
Laura: In a minute.
Lauren: *Walks to Nick and points her hand inside.* Come in. She's coming in a minute.
Nick: *Walks inside to room and looks around.*
Lauren: *Puts her leather jacket on her and takes her hand bag and keys.* I'm going out so you two can talk. *Looks at Nick*
Nick: Thanks. Was great to see you again. *Smiles to Lauren*
Lauren: You too. I trust you to not make her cry or worse cause you know I can punch you.
Nick: I promise. *Lifts his hands innocent*
Lauren: Good. Bye Nick. * Walks out the room.*
Nick: *Looked at Lauren to walk out and checked her ass.* Shit...
Laura: *Looked herself from the mirror and takes deep breath.* Stay calm. You can do this...
Nick: *Stands near at the window to look at the view while waiting Laura.*
Laura: *Finally walks out the bathroom and notice Nick looking out the window.* Hey.
Nick: *Turns to look at Laura when heard her* Hey. Are you okay?
Laura: *Nods, but then shakes her head.* No. I feel terrible to say those things to you. I should've keep my mouth shut.
Nick: You are not crazy, Laura. I overreacted. You could've act much more worse.
Laura: *Takes deep breath and closes her eyes to make her calm herself* I know... That kiss to your cheek... It was too much.
Nick: *Doesn't say anything and only stares at her*
Laura: *Doesn't hear him say anything and opens her eyes to see him stare at her. * What?
Nick: I'm staring at you. *Smiles*
Laura: There's really nothing to stare at on me. *Looks at Nick.*
Nick:Yes there is. *Steps closer to her and touches her cheek.*
Laura: Nick... What you wanted to talk about? *Looks up to his eyes*
Nick: *Smiles and puts his both hands to her cheeks* Still wanna go on that date?
Laura: *Her mouth opens wide on shocked when he asked* But I'm crazy... *Says quietly*
Nick: I'm crazy too. *Push her hair aside from her face and looks to her eyes*
Laura: About? *Asked curious*
Nick: You have to find out on our date. *Whispers to her ear and gives a kiss to her cheek.* I'll pick you up 8.
Laura: *Closes her eyes when felt his lips on her cheek and nods.*
Nick: See you later. *Smiles and walks out the room*
Laura: *Opens her eyes when heard door closing.* Oh... My... God. *Falls on her back on to bed smiling.