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Chapter 1

Cara Millie Richardson. That’s my full name. I was born April 6th 1986.
My father, Jerard Wayne Jr. Richardson, died February 1st 2000 in the hospital after car accident January 28th. I’ve survived it but I cost price of it. My sight. My eyes.
In age of 13 for losing my sight was terrible. My mom mourned whole 2 years.
She thought I didn’t know, but I learned to hear people clearly after being 6 months blind.
I knew when she was sad and I think she didn’t know that I knew. Complicated right?

It’s now year 2008 and July’s 4th. My uncle Kevin invited me to his house celebrate it. Other guys from the band with their families came too and I haven’t talked to them since dad’s funeral. Reason to not talking to them was that Kevin leaved the band 2006 after their last album they did together, Never Gone. I really love the album. After that album I didn’t listened the next one because my uncle Kevin wasn’t singing in it.

I have learned a lot past 8 years being blind. I’ve become better pianist than I can imagine. I learned playing piano when I was only 6 years old. I only learned to play it with my eyes, but this time I had to learned all over again with my hearing and finger touch on the piano. Kevin gave me good feedback about how good I’ve become as pianist. It really isn’t the career, but since I was little girl, I always wanted to be talented pianist.

But anyway I’m sitting in the plane heading to my uncle’s house all alone. Kevin promised to come get me from the airport. When plane landed, security guard helped me to get all the way until Kevin notice me. He walked closer to me and took my hand.

“Hey Cara. How are you?”
“Hey Uncle. I’m doing great.”

I smiled to him and kept my hand around his arm.

“Are you excited to meet other guys?”
“I’m bit nervous. I talked to them last time long time ago.”
“You’ll be fine. Let’s go.”

45 minutes sitting and talking with Kevin, we arrived to his house and I started to hear dog barking. I got out the car and started to smell fresh air and it was nice to be back in the Kentucky. I’m living with my mom in New York these days. Mom thought that I could find job better way to just move to New York so we did. I’m not working though.

Kevin walked to my side and we started to walk until I heard familiar voice.

“Cara! Cara!”
“Hey Baylee. You must’ve gone big. Let me touch you.”

Baylee walked closer to me and then I felt long curly hair and giggled.

“Well hello princess. Since when did you get your hair that long?”
“I’m not princess. You are.”

Baylee hugged me and tear fall to my cheek for such happiness. I love my family bottom of my heart and I’m happy to have Baylee part of it. Few second later I heard baby crying. It must be Kevin’s 1 year old Mason.

“That’s your cousin Mason.”
“Is he okay?”
“Yeah he’s fine. He cries a lot.”
“Who else is here?”

I was very curious to know and make sure I was correct that all guys were here with their girlfriend and wives.

“Come inside with me and find out.”
“That’s cruel Uncle. Cruel I say.”
“Oh come on. You know who is here.”

He helped me walk inside and I heard lot of human voices. I don’t remember them being this loud, but I think they had been all their life.

“Everyone, Cara is here.”

I heard another familiar voice saying my name in the distance.

“Who was that?”
“That’s AJ.”
“I know. Just making sure.”

I hear footsteps getting closer to me and felt someone touching my hand.

“You might not recognize me, but I’m AJ.”
“I do recognize your voice. I can’t see though.”

There was small silence and heard Kevin sigh.
“Alex… Stop it.”
“What? I’m just making sure.”

I was confused and thought what was going on.

“What did you do, AJ?”
“He waved his hand front of your face.”
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”
“That’s okay. If Kevin wouldn’t say anything, I wouldn’t know.”
“Alex, please don’t bully, Cara.”

And there was his voice. Voice that I loved to hear since Never Gone came out.

“I’m not bullying her, Nicky. Making sure that she’s still…”
“Blind? Is that what you are going to say?”

AJ and Nick were arguing that and I hate it when people are arguing. Kevin whispers to my ear.

“Let’s leave them alone and head to meet others.”
“Nick sounds so much older. How old is he now?”
“He’s 28. Why you ask?”
“Last time when I saw him it was in his birthday, but didn’t know how old he is.”
“Did you just realize that you said you SAW him?”
“Yeah. So?”
“You made blind joke.”

I chuckled and walked near him to meet others.

- - - - - - - - - -

It was getting already 8pm and we were eating dinner outside at the backyard. I was listening people chit chatting each other. I was very quiet and heard people talk.

“Maybe you can come to studio for see what we had done.” “Brian said to Kevin-
“Mommy… Do I need to eat this?” “Baylee said to Leighanne-
“Mason is so adorable, Kristen.” “Leigh said to Kristen-
“I’m going for smoke.” “AJ said to someone-

I heard chair move. I guess AJ left to smoke. Even we are outside, he still needs to go somewhere else to smoke cause of children.

“Cara? You ok?”

I heard Leighanne asking and everyone was quiet to wait me answer.

“Yes. I’m just getting tired. Whole traveling is making me exhausted.”
“It’s 8:15. You can go sleep if you feel like it.”
“I don’t want to miss the fireworks.”
“You are not able to see the wireworks.”

That was Baylee and I only smiled.

“You are right. I can’t, but I can imagine it in my mind. I still remember how does colors looks like.”
“Cool. What’s your favorite color?”
“I always liked colors like blue, purple or greenish blue like ocean.”
“Do you like ocean?”

I heard Nick asking and I heard curiosity in his voice.

“Yeah I do actually.”
“That’s cool.”
“And do you?”
“Yeah. I have my own boat.”
“If you weren’t here, would you been in your boat?”
“Probably, but I wanted to see you. It’s been a while.”
“I wouldn’t say that I’m enjoying to seeing you. I can’t see anything.”
“Yeah… I’m sorry about that.”
“Don’t be. It’s not your fault I’m blind.”
“I know, but I would never want anyone to get blind.”
“Accidents happens. I lost my dad so I should be thankful to be alive.”

Nick didn’t respond few minutes until he asks quietly to my direction.

“Want to go for walk on the beach?”

I think for few seconds and then nod. I get up from my seat and Nick takes my hand. We were about to walk when Kevin called us our names.

“Cara? Nick? Where are you two going?”
“Just going for walk on the beach, Uncle Kevin.”
“Be careful. Take good care of her, Nick.”
“I will, bro.”

My hand was locked around his arm when we walked on the beach. It was nice to hear waves hitting the shore. I don’t remember when I was on the beach last time.

“It’s really nice evening.”
“It’s hard to me to say, Nick.”
“Have you ever seen sunset with purple, yellowish and blue colors?”
“Yes. Does it look like that?”
“Yes. Want to sit down?
“Sit on what?”
“On sand… What else?”

He chuckled and holds my hand on his.

“I don’t want to sit on sand. Please tell me you have something under our butts.”
“No. I’m sorry. You can sit on my lap.”
“You are not serious.”
“I’m serious. Come on.”

I didn’t know what he was up to, but I heard him going down, sitting on sand. He takes my hand and leads me down carefully to sit down on his lap. I felt little awkward first, but when he put his hands around my waist to hold me, I started to feel so much better. I might’ve smile little because I do have little crush on this one. I didn’t know how did he look like these days, but I love his singing voice. I always loved his singing voice. I started to shiver bit. Nick must’ve noticed because he moved his arms around my body.

“Are you cold?”
“Just a little.”
“I’ll give you my hoodie.”
“Then you get cold.”
“I’ll manage.”

He moved a lot right behind me and then helped me to put his hoodie on me.

“Yes. Thank you.”

I really hoped that he will be okay now. It really was bit of chilly outside. He rubbed gently my arms to keep me warm. I really enjoyed his hand on my arms. I was enjoying be in his arms and I got little jumpy when there was loud whistle. It was time for some fireworks.
Others joined us to watch and whole time when one firework “exploded” in the sky, Nick described every color. It’s blue now or if it’s two colored red and green.
I only giggled his stupid humor and asked him to stop, but he kept going. I was sure to fall asleep happy tonight. His laughing was so funny. I felt his breath near my neck. I wonder how it would feel to kiss him. He would think me as an idiot. He wouldn’t ever get interested of blind girl. And most importantly, I’m Kevin’s niece. He would definitely not like the idea of us dating. I just keep it myself that I really like Nick. Little crush doesn’t kill me.

I started to feel so tired right about 10pm. My yawning make Nick chuckle little and asked if I was getting tired already. I nodded and I just wanted to fall asleep to his arms. We were still sitting on the beach after fireworks were over. I could still hear some far distant. Kevin once came to forward us middle of fireworks and asking if I was okay. I smiled and nodded. He needed explanation about me sitting on Nick’s lap. Nick explained everything to Kevin and I started to laugh little. He commanded Nick to behave and make sure I get to my room where I’ll be sleeping next 2 nights. He nodded and made a military comment like “Sir, Yes Sir.”

I told Nick that it was time for me to go bed. He agreed that it was getting late. He got up first and helped me up after. We walked back to inside and it was so quiet. We walked through living room and I heard Brian and Leighanne chatting.

“Hi Brian and Leighanne. Drinking wine and sitting alone.”
“Wanna join us? There’s plenty of wine.”
“No I don’t drink. Thank you anyway.”
“Are you sure, Cara?”
“Yes. I’m very tired. Maybe tomorrow.”
“Okay. Good night.”
“Good night.”

Nick and I started to walk to my room that is downstairs next to fireplace room. He opened the door for me.

“Are you going to be fine?”
“Yeah. I had done changing clothes many times.”
“I’m sleeping right next to you.”
“What you mean next to me?”
“All guest rooms are taken so I’m sleeping on the couch in the fireplace room.”
“Well now I feel bad.”
“Don’t. I’m single one and they all have families or girlfriends.”
“I thought you are seeing someone.”
“Where did you hear that?”
“Kevin might’ve said something.”
“Well Kevin is wrong. I’m not dating anyone.”
“Maybe you are interested of someone.”
“I might. She’s beautiful.”
“I bet she is.”
“Well I should let get you some sleep. Good night, beautiful.”

After he said that, he gave me kiss to cheek. I was bit confused. I closed the door after I get inside my room. He said he might be interested of someone and that she is beautiful. He said that I’m beautiful. Did he meant by me? Is he interested of me? No. He can’t be. Maybe he was just teasing. I just met him after 8 years. I really have to talk to him about this, but should I? So many questions.