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May 2019

Claire drives to front yard of Nick’s house and shuts off the engine.

“I’ll be right back.” Claire said to Kate who just stared the house.

Claire gets out the car and walks to front door that opens.

“Claire… Good to see you.” Nick said when stands at the porch with her.
“You too. Here’s the papers you wanted.” Claire said and offered the papers.

Nick takes papers and sees human figure in the Claire’s car.

“Who’s in the car?” Nick asked curious.
“Friend of mine.” Claire said.
“Really? Why your friend is not here with us? Shy?” Nick asked.
“Yeah… Something like that.” Claire said and couldn’t stop him yelling to person in the car.
“Hey! It’s okay! Come out!” Nick shouted.

Kate didn’t move when Nick asked her to come out the car.

“Come back, Claire.” Kate said quietly.

She noticed Claire showing to come out.

“Is she crazy?” Kate thought out loud.
“Come out or I’ll come get you out.” Nick shouted when smirked.
“As you wish.” Kate said quietly and took deep breath before coming out the car.

May 2009

Kate couldn't sleep and waited to Nick call her back to tell her what is going on.
There's knock on the door and Kate's mom Sonya wakes up to it.

"This is police! Open up!" Officer shouted.

Kate walks to the door and opens it.

"Yes?" Kate questioned.
"Kathrine Watson?" Officer questioned and she nodded.
"You are arrested of murder of Lauren Kitt. You can remain silence..." Officer said and turned Kate against the wall to put handcuffs on her.
"What? NO!" Kate yelled in horror.

May 2019

Nick regret to ask person to come out the car when sees Kate.

“What is she doing here?!” Nick shouted.

Kate stayed still and only stared Claire and Nick.

“She’s my sister. We are going, okay?” Claire said.

Nick walks to Kate angrily.

“You got nerve to come here! After everything you done! Stay away!” Nick shouted and sees Kate starting to cry.
“You don’t have rights to cry! You killed her! Get off my property!” Nick yelled.

Kate walks backward looking at Nick and then turns around to run away.

“Kate!” Claire shouted after her.
“Don’t ever bring her here again!” Nick shouted at Claire.
“Why can’t you believe her? She’s your friend, Nick.” Claire said.
“Ex-friend! Now go!” Nick shouted and walked back inside to house.

May 2009

Kate is sitting in the interrogation room crying and thinking why they thought she killed Lauren
She couldn’t believe what was happening.
How they could accuse her for murdering Lauren?
She’s good friends with her.
Someone was definitely framing her.
Door to interrogation room opens and Nick walks in.
She doesn’t know what to say.
Nick closes door behind him.

“Nick…” Kate tried to start talking but Nick pushed her against the wall.
“Aaaargh!” Kate groaned loud when her back hit the wall.
“How could you!? You fucking killed Lauren! For what?!” Nick shouted.
“I didn’t kill her, Nick.” Kate said and starts to cry.
“Bullshit! There’s footage of you walking into my house! Don’t deny it!” Nick shouted.
“What? No…” Kate said in disbelieve.
“Shut up, Kate! Just shut up!” Nick shouted and hit his hand on the table.
“No! I won’t shut up! I wouldn’t ever do that to you!” Kate yelled at him and tried to push him away.
“I won’t listen! You are no longer my friend! Goodbye, Kathrine!” Nick yelled and walked out the room.

Next day

Guard Thorne takes Kate to her cell where she meets her cellmate Angie.

“Now you two play nice.” Thorne said.
“Yes ma’am.” Angie said on the top bunk.

Kate cries when cell door gets locked behind her.

“Great. I got baby as cellmate.” Angie said.

Kate ignores Angie and sits to bottom bunk.

“What’s your name, cry baby?” Angie asked.
“Kate. You?” Kate asked.
“Angela, but you can call me as Angie.” Angie said.
“OK. I’m sorry I’m crying. I just lost everything.” Kate said.
“Yeah? What did you do?” Angie asked.
“Murder apparently.” Kate said and sniffed.
“Wow. You must be crazy.” Angie said.
“Why you say that?” Kate asked.
“You murdered someone and can’t remember it.” Angie said.
“Someone framed me. I’m not that kind of person.” Kate said.
“I believe you, Cry Baby.” Angie said.

May 2019

Nick walks in the house angrily after Kate and Claire left.

“Babe… Something wrong?” Lindsay asked.
“Fucking Bitch… Got nerve to come here.” Nick said.
“Who?” Lindsay asked.
“Kate. She got out of jail today.” Nick said and sat to couch.

Lindsay froze still when she heard Kate’s name.

“She…” Lindsay gulps.
“Yeah. Fuck…” Nick cursed.
“Don’t curse, Nick.” Lindsay begged.
“I don’t fucking care! They let her out! She’s murdered!” Nick shouted.

Lindsay sits next to him and calms him down to hug him.

“Sssh… Calm down. We figure out something to keep her away from us. I promise, babe.” Lindsay said and kissed him.
“Oh Linds. I love you. I don’t know what I could do without you.” Nick said.