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May 2009

Lindsay drove to Kate’s house.
She was repairing the best idea she ever had.
She wanted revenge to Kate.
She has to pretend to be amazing friend to Kate past 3 years after Kate slept with her ex-boyfriend Cameron Davidson.
Lindsay and Cameron started dating 2003 after Nick released his first solo album.
Lindsay had a huge crush on Nick since Cameron helped Nick with his album.
2006 she saw Cameron kissing Kate in the studio one day.
She wanted to surprise Cameron that day, but she was surprised about seeing her dear friend Kate and loving boyfriend Cameron making out.

January 2010

Lindsay was cleaning Nick’s kitchen from the last night when Nick had his 30th birthday party.
She really didn’t mind cleaning his house.
She wanted to be near him.
She didn’t hear Nick walking to kitchen until he clears his throat.

“Linds? What are you doing here?” Nick asked.
“I’m helping. Is it okay?” Lindsay asked smiling.
“You had help me enough already.” Nick said.
“I know. I like to help you. I know what you are going through.” Lindsay said.
“Yeah? Like what?” Nick asked.
“Lost someone I loved.” Lindsay said and sighed.
“Who did you lose?” Nick asked.
“Before Cameron, there was this boy that loved me truly.” Lindsay said.
“What was his name?” Nick asked.
“Quentin. He got shot at the store when he only went there to buy groceries.” Lindsay said and started to cry.

October 2010

Lindsay finds Nick sitting on the beach alone looking at the ocean.

“I can hear you, Linds.” Nick said.
“I wasn’t planning to scare you.” Lindsay said.
“What then?” Nick asked.

Lindsay sits next to him and sighs.

“I thought that you want some company. No one needs to be alone.” Lindsay said smiling.
“I don’t mind. I’m glad you are here.” Nick said.
“I have to admit something.” Lindsay said and blushed little.
“What? Do you have a crush on me?” Nick asked jokingly and Lindsay stayed quiet.
“Oh my God. You do.” Nick said.
“Yeah I do. Long time now. I just didn’t say anything to ruin our friendship.” Lindsay said.
“I understand. Did you know I didn’t like you before?” Nick asked and she nodded.
“I do like you now.” Nick said and leaned to kiss Lindsay very first time.

May 2009

Lindsay took Kate’s spare house key under flowerpot in the backyard porch.
She walked inside and started to think of the plan.
She walks to upstairs to Kate’s bedroom to get clothes that will be definitely recognized.
She looked for any kind of fingerprints of Kate.
Maybe hair from hairbrush for DNA sample.
She was ready to go but Kate’s mom Sonya came that moment.
After putting Sonya to couch sleeping, she went to look for Kate from café where she was with Nick.
Kate and Nick always came there.
After Nick left to meeting, she stayed to talk to Kate little bit until Kate needed to go too.
Lindsay left to grocery store to buy some dye to change her hair color just as Kate’s.
She then need to cut her hair too, but wig is way better.

7 hours later

Lindsay was ready to put her plan to go.
She was wearing Kate’s clothes that she stole from Kate’s house, wore wig that looked exact as Kate’s hair and also she’s same height as Kate. Plan is perfect.
She was in her car looking at Nick’s house and notice that Nick is not home.

“No one takes him from me. No one.” Lindsay said.

She saw Lauren Locking doors.
She waited little longer until walked to house.
She manage to pass guards when took spare key from hidden place that only Kate knows.
Well Lindsay did too.
Secretly of course.
She opens the door quietly.
She knows Nick have cameras in his house except bathroom.
She walks to bathroom and start to choke and drown Lauren to the bathtub.

“Burn in the hell, Bitch. Die. Die. Nick is mine. Let’s send Kate to jail.”

May 2019

Nick couldn’t sleep at all that night after surprise visit from Kate.
He was scared. His kids are in danger.
Kate needs to send back to jail so there’s peace again in this house.
He looks at his wife, Lindsay, sleeping peacefully.
He was really wrong about her.
She’s very beautiful and caring.
She’s an amazing mother to his children.
Lindsay has told him 9 years ago that he have crush on him.
He smiled to that memory.
He thought Lindsay was so cute when she blushed when she told him.
He notice small tattoo on her wrist.
How he didn’t see it before?
It’s so small to be noticed.
It’s small butterfly.
She told him that she likes butterflies so no wonder she got butterfly tattoo.
He talks to her about it in the morning.