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May 2019

Kate didn't know where to go after running away from Nick's house.
She didn't have place to go or didn't have any friends.
Claire was the only friend she got and she left her behind.
She sat down to bus stop bench and wondered what she should do now.
She spent 10 years in the jail.
How is she going to prove that she's innocent?
She needs the plan.
First she needs evidence that she can use, but how is she going to do that?

"Kathrine Watson?" She heard someone call her by her name.

Kate looks at the direction where voice came.

"It is you. Did you get out?"

Kate sighed.

"Cameron? What brings you to dark street?" Kate asked.
"Just going home." Cameron said.
"Long hours at the studio?" Kate asked.
"Yes. Making new music with Bruno Mars." Cameron said.


Claire was looking for Kate long time.
She started to get worried.
She goes to their mom's house and hoped that Kate is there.

"Mom? You still up?" Claire called for her mother Sonya.
"Yes I'm up." Sonya said from kitchen.

Claire walks to kitchen and sees Sonya drinking coffee.

"Hey. I guess you haven't seen Kate." Claire said.
"Nope and won't." Sonya said.
"She's your daughter. How can you believe she would do such thing?" Claire asked.
"Because she did. There's footage and everything." Sonya said.
"You know she couldn't do such thing. She's nice girl. She was in jail for someone else. She was framed." Claire said.
"How someone could be that stupid?" Sonya asked.
"Don't ask that from me mom." Claire said.
"We saw what was in those tapes." Sonya said.
"I'm not letting this go. Kate couldn't kill Lauren." Claire said.
"Oh Claire..."

Next Day

Claire left to policestation next morning.
There wasn't sight of Kate whole night.
Claire wanted to do something.
Only way was to look footage and evidence.
Claire walks to deck in the station and smiles to officer.

"May I talk to Officer Bryant?" Claire asked.
"What for?" Officer asked and Claire smiled.
"Just asking for favor." Claire said.
"Sit down to wait." Officer said and Claire nods.

5 minutes later of waiting, she sees Bryant walking to her.

"Claire? What's going on?"
"Good to see you too, James. I need a favor." Claire said.
"What kind of favor?" James asked.
"Can I see footage of the day Lauren died?" Claire asked.
"What? That's closed case. I know Kate is your sister, but she killed Lauren." James said.
"I know, but I have this feeling..." Claire said.

James agreed to finally show the footage to Claire.

"Same hair, her clothes, same height..." James said.
"Oh shit... How could Kate could do such thing? She's not jealousy type. She was Lauren's friend. Something is off with this." Claire said.
"I can look at this case few days, but there can't be anything." James said.
"Thanks, James." Claire said and looked at the footage where Kate opens Nick's house front door until she saw something...
"Wait..." Claire said to James.
"Rewind to where she opens the door." Claire said and James did.
"Zoom to her wrist." Claire said.
"Wrist?" James asked.
"Yeah. Look. What's that?" Claire pointed to something small and black.
"Tattoo? How did we miss that? Kate doesn't have tattoo, right?" James asked.
"No she doesn't. Find out more of that and let me know." Claire said and left.

1 Hour Later

Claire was happy that she found something for help Kate.
It's too late, but someone framed her and person who did it will pay.
She drove to Nick's house and rang the door bell.
Lindsay opens the door.

"Claire? What you want?" Lindsay asked.
"Nick home?" Claire questioned.
"Yeah in the basement in his studio. Why are you looking for my husband?" Lindsay asked.
"Business talk." Claire said and walked right to basement to Nick's studio.
"Nick? Can we talk?" Claire asked at the door.
"About?" Nick asked.
"Something personal." Claire said when closed the door.
"If this is about Kate then forget it." Nick said.
"Just listen. James and I looked at the footage. We found something." Claire said.
"Can't you just let it go?" Nick asked.
"No I can't. I do believe she's innocent." Claire said.
"It's been 10 years. Kate is guilty." Nick said.

Lindsay was curious what business talk Claire meant.
She walked to basement door and tried to listen.

"Can you just please come to look at the footage?" Claire asked.
"Why?" Nick asked.
"Do it for Lauren." Claire said.
"No. I won't. There's nothing to see. It was Kate. Now stop this nonsense." Nick begged.
"I won't. She's my sister. She's your friend. She was Lauren's friend. Do you really think that Kate could..." Claire didn't get a change to finish her sentence.
"Yes! She was jealous of me being happy! She pretend to like her!" Nick shouted.
"Did she told you that?" Claire asked.
"No. Someone else did." Nick said.
"Who?" Claire asked.
"I'm not going to tell you." Nick said.
"Goddamn it Nick! Tell me!" Claire yelled.