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Nick stormed out the studio, Claire right in his tail.

“Don’t walk away from me.” Claire said.
“Please just go, Claire.” Nick said.

Lindsay was sitting innocently on the stairs listening.

“No! We are talking about this.” Claire said.
“There’s nothing you can do to change my mind.” Nick said.
“Fine… I’m telling you anyway. Person who was at your house got tattoo. Kate doesn’t have any tattoos.” Claire said.
“You are lying.” Nick said.
“Come to station and see it yourself.” Claire said.

Lindsay started to panic.
She needs to get rid of her tattoo and fast.

“Can’t you just go, please?” Nick begged and Claire nodded before left.

Nick walks to direction of stairs and sees Lindsay sitting there.

“Babe… You okay? You look spooked.” Nick said.
“She’s very loud. Reminds me of Kate.” Lindsay said.
“Hey… It’s okay. No one won’t touch you. I won’t let that happen.” Nick said.
“So do you believe her?” Lindsay asked.
“Were you listening?” Nick asked.
“Hard to not to.” Lindsay said.
“I don’t know what to believe anymore. She’s the smart one from the family.” Nick said.
"Why people can't just let other people to be happy?" Lindsay asked worried.
"Because of jealousy." Nick said.
"That's so true." Lindsay said.
"I have curious question for you, babe." Nick said smiling.
"Really? What?" Lindsay asked.
"Why you never told me you got tattoo on your wrist?" Nick asked.
"Oh no. He saw it. Shit." Lindsay thought in her mind.


Claire drove back to police station.
James was greeting her at the lobby.

"What Nick said? Is he coming?" James asked.
"He's not in good mood. We should let him be alone for a while." Claire said.
"I got better look for the tattoo. Check it out." James said and showed picture of tattoo of small butterfly.
"This should be easy to find." Claire said smiling.
"Do you know anyone who might have tattoo like that?" James asked.
"I don't. Do you think I can have this and ask around?" Claire asked.
"Sure. Go ahead." James said.
"Someone should know about this." Claire said.
"Of course. Maybe you should ask from Kate." James said.
"Yeah. I don't know where she is. She don't even have a phone." Claire said.
"Chief asked me to find her and talk about this whole tattoo thing." James said and walked back to work.

Claire calls to Nick and Lindsay is answering his cellphone.

"Hi Linds. Where's Nick?" Claire asked.
"In the shower. May I help you?" Lindsay asked.
"No. Ask him to just call me." Claire said.
"May I ask what is it about that you want to talk to him about?" Lindsay asked curious.
"Well... You know anyone that have butterfly tattoo on the wrist?" Claire asked?
"No and I don't think Nick knows either. Why?" Lindsay asked even she knew why.
"Just asking. Officer Bryant found more clues about Lauren's death." Claire said.
"I though that case is closed." Lindsay said.
"It was. It's kind of bothering me that someone could frame Kate. You wouldn't think she could do such thing, do you?" Claire asked.
"People change, Claire. I've changed. Nick changed. Everyone had changed. Even you, Claire." Lindsay said.
"Just ask Nick to call me." Claire said and hung up.
"I will not." Lindsay said after Claire hung up.

15 minutes later

Nick gets out the shower and sees Lindsay standing naked at the door.

"Wow. How do I own this kind of pleasure?" Nick asked smiling.
"Just needing attention from my loving, sexy husband." Lindsay said.
"Really? What you have in mind?" Nick asked.
"Everything you want with me and my naked body." Lindsay said.
"You are bad girl." Nick said.
"You have no idea how bad I can be." Lindsay said.
"Let's find out." Nick said and lifts her to his arms.
"Niick..." Lindsay giggles when Nick carries her to their bed.

August 2011

Nick and Lindsay are in their honeymoon.
Their are lying down on the hotel room bed.

"Oh gosh. I can't believe I'm married." Lindsay said happily.
"I'm glad to see you happy." Nick said smiling.
"I love you, Nicholas Gene Carter." Lindsay said.
"I love you, Lindsay Sophia Kennedy Carter." Nick said smiling.
"Lindsay Carter. I like that." Lindsay said.

May 2019

"Nick? Do you remember our honeymoon?" Lindsay asked when they were lying on the bed after their love making.
"How can I forget? It's the best day of my life." Nick said.
"Really? I thought Jacob's birth was the best day." Lindsay sad.
"No. The day I married you is and still is my best day. Don't you forget that." Nick said.
"My best day is when you kissed me first time." Lindsay said.
"That was beautiful day. You looked beautiful." Nick sad smiling and started to get off the bed.
"Where are you going?" Lindsay asked.
"Police station." Nick said and put some clothes on.
"Why?" Lindsay asked.
"Claire said they find some clues about Lauren's murder." Nick said and sighed.
"Babe... Don't you think we should just not get involve." Lindsay said.
"I'm just curious what she and bitch Kate did know." Nick said.
"I already talked to Claire." Lindsay said.
" When?" Nick asked surprised.
"About over an hour ago when you were in the shower." Lindsay said.
"Linds... Did you answer my cellphone again?" Nick asked.
"Well I'm your wife. You sometimes answer mine." Lindsay said and gets off the bed.
"Yeah... What Claire said?" Nick asked and stared her naked body.
"Nothing you should be worried about. I took care of it. Come back to bed." Lindsay said smiling and pulled him against her.
"Babe... I have meetings to go to anyway." Nick said and gives a kiss.
"We were just having so much fun." Lindsay said and smiled.
"I promise we can continue with this later. I love you." Nick said and left to heading to police station.