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"Kate. Wake up." Cameron said.
"I don't need to wake up." Kate said.
"I think Claire would like to know where you spent the night." Cameron said.
"I don't have cellphone. I lost it on the day..." Kate stops her sentence.
"Call her. Use my line phone." Cameron said.
"Do you have her number?" Kate asked.
"It's the same number like before. I have to go. I got meetings." Cameron said and left.

Kate got up from the couch she was sleeping on.

"I feel like hangover without drinking. I need shower." Kate talked to herself.

She took long shower, ate some breakfast, watch some TV and getting her lunch ready.
She stared the Cameron's line phone and thought should she call or not.

"Face to face is better."

1 Hour Later

Claire is sitting on her house porch and sees Kate walking to her house.

"Hey sis." Kate said.
"Where the hell were you?" Claire asked.
"Seems like I still have friends." Kate said and sat to porch steps.
"Okay. Who did you met?" Claire asked and sits next to her.
"Cameron." Kate said.
"Your ex-boyfriend Cameron?" Claire asked.
"Yeah... Nothing happened. I slept on the couch. Gosh I felt like hangover without drinking this morning." Kate said.
"I have something to show you." Claire said.

Kate looks at Claire when she took something out of her bag.

"What?" Kate asked.
"This. We find this from footage." Claire said.

Kate looks at the picture of butterfly tattoo.

"What footage?" Kate asked.
"The day of Lauren's death." Claire said.
"Wait what?" Kate asked and looked at Claire shocked.
"Person who killed Lauren got tattoo on the wrist." Kate said.

1 Hour Later

Nick walks to police station.
He walks to first officer to talk to.

"Excuse me. I was asked to come here." Nick said.
"Got a name you need to meet?" Officer asked.
"Claire Watson." Nick said.
"She talked to Officer Bryant. I'll get him for you. Have a sit." Officer said.

Nick waited for awhile when sees Claire walk into the station with Kate.
Claire noticed Nick and walks to him, Kate slowly behind her.

"You came. Met Bryant yet?" Claire asked.

Nick only shakes his head for no.
He stares Kate who looks afraid.

"You two aren't gonna fight or something?" Claire asked.
"I'm going to outside. I'm not welcome here." Kate said and walked out the station.
"If look could kill, she could be dead by now." Claire said staring at Nick.
"She deserves it." Nick said and sits down.
"You are such a jerk."


Lindsay was in the hospital to remove her tattoo from her wrist.
She hopes to get through to not be involve with the murder she did.

"So Mrs. Carter. Reason to remove the tattoo?" Nurse asked.
"I have 2 kids and I want to be good mom for not having any ink on me." Lindsay said nervously.
"For being example parent. That's nice. You ready?" Nurse asked and Lindsay nodded.
"Okay. How old are your kids?" Nurse asked.
"7 and 5. Jacob and Maggie." Lindsay said.
"I have 3 kids. All boys." Nurse said.
"That's handful work." Lindsay said.
"It was." Nurse said.
"I'm really afraid to lose them. I did something horrible and it's unforgivable." Lindsay said.
"I think you are going to be fine. Marriage are complicated." Nurse said.
"Not with what I did." Lindsay said.
"What did you do?" Nurse asked.
"Cheated." Lindsay lied.

Police Station

Claire sits with Nick still waiting Officer Bryant.

"Are you never going to talk to Kate?" Claire asked.
"Why should I? She's murderer." Nick said.
"Is she?" Claire questioned.
"Yes. What's going on? Why I'm here?" Nick asked.

Claire takes some papers from her bag.

"I'm not going to show you yet, but it's about what's in these papers." Claire said.
"You are so annoying. Just tell me." Nick said.
"Okay. I already asked this from Lindsay today." Claire said.
"She told me. Whatever she said is true. She's my wife. I'm actually late from meeting with Cameron." Nick said.
"Cameron, huh? Kate spent time with him last night." Claire said.
"I don't care who she sleeps with." Nick said.
"She slept on the couch. What do I tell James?" Claire asked.
"Who?" Nick asked.
"Officer Bryant." Claire said.
"Tell him that what Lindsay said." Nick said and walked out the station.

Kate sat at the bench near the parking lot.
She was thinking lot of things.
How is Claire going to prove to Nick that Kate is innocent?
Someone sits next to her and looks at the person.
It's Nick.
She's about to get up, but he push her back down.

"Sit and listen to me." Nick said in angry tone.
"I've had listen to you enough. Get off of me." Kate said.
"I'm happy now. I have kids. Please don't ruin my happiness with your fucking scam." Nick said.
"Scam? What scam?" Kate asked.
"Don't act stupid. You planned to make me believe someone else killed Lauren. It was you. Admit it." Nick said.
"Sure. If you believe it so fucking much." Kate said.
"Stay away from my family." Nick said and stood up.
"You stay away from mine." Kate said.
"Tell that to Claire. She's the one walking to mine." Nick said and walked away.
"You are an asshole, Nick!" Kate shouted after him and Nick only showed his middle finger at her before getting inside to his car.