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"Claire? Where's Nick?" James asked.
"Left. Have to go to meeting." Claire said.
"Did you show him the tattoo?" James asked.
"No, but he told me that whatever Lindsay told me this morning is true. I believe it." Claire said.
"You sure about it?" James asked.
"Yes. Why you ask?" Claire asked.
"Where's Kate?" James asked.
"Outside. Want me to go get her back inside?" Claire asked.
"Better not." James said.
"Why? Is it bad?" Claire asked.
"Follow me." James said and walked to his office.
"You are scaring me, James." Claire said when followed James.
"Close the door." James said when sits to his office chair.

Claire did as he asked and sat on chair opposite of his.

"What's going on, James?" Claire asked worried.
"This." James said and put piece of paper on the table.

45 minutes later

Kate was still sitting on the bench when Claire sits next to her shocked.

"You okay?" Kate asked.
"Unbelievable." Claire said in pissed mode.
"I'm sorry what?" Kate asked confused.
"Sorry. It's not I'm mad at. It's Nick." Claire said.
"Yeah. He's a dick. Asked me to be away from his dear family." Kate said.
"Just few more days, Kate." Claire said.
"What are his kids names?" Kate asked.
"Jacob and Maggie." Claire said.
"I wished he got married to Lauren, but someone took her away from him. Everyone thinks it was me." Kate said.
"That's about to change. James found something." Claire said.
"What? I deserve to know." Kate said.
"I know, but just let me handle this first. Need to make sure. Okay?" Claire begged.
"Okay. I want to talk to Linds. Ask her opinion about this. Can you take me to her?" Kate asked.
"You sure?" Claire asked and Kate nodded.

1 Hour Later

"I'm coming! Hold your horses!" Lindsay yelled when heard door bell.

She opens the door and Kate is standing there.

"Kate. You got nerve to come here." Lindsay said.
"I know. Last time... Well yesterday... Nick made clear that I'm not welcome here, but I heard you have kids." Kate said.
"We do. Jacob and Maggie. Anything else?" Lindsay asked.
"I just want to talk. Can we?" Kate asked.
"It's not good idea. Maybe you are here to kill me." Lindsay said and scratched her head to think.

Kate noticed bandage on Lindsay's wrist.

"We both know that I'm not able to do that." Kate said.
"Really? You killed Lauren." Lindsay said.
"What happened to your wrist?" Kate asked to changing the subject.
"Had lab appointment this morning. Got blood sample. Haven't felt good few days." Lindsay lied.
"Sorry if I asked. I won't bother you again." Kate said.
"You better not. Leave us alone." Lindsay said and closed the door to Kate's face.


"Mom? I need to talk to you." Claire said when walked to her mom's house.
"I'm in the kitchen." Sonya said.

Claire walks in hurry to kitchen.

"Mom. Kate is innocent. I have prove right here." Claire said and shows the picture of tattoo.
"Tattoo? How this proves Katie is innocent?" Sonya asked.
"Mom. Kate doesn't have any tattoos. Look at the other picture." Claire said.

Sonya looked at the all pictures Claire brought.

"Oh my sweet Katie. Does she know?" Sonya asked.
"I told her I need to be sure about the person who did this." Claire said.
"You can't keep this from her." Sonya asked worried.
"Mom. She needs us now. Let her come here to be with you." Claire said.
"Of course she can." Sonya said smiling and started to cry joy tears.
"Oh mom." Claire said and hugged Sonya tight.

At The Studio

Nick meets Cameron at the studio 5 minutes late.

"Why late, Carter?" Cameron asked.
"Sorry. Blame the bitch that was over night at your place." Nick said.
"Who told you Kate was at my place last night?" Cameron asked.
"Claire. Did you slept with her?" Nick asked.

Cameron looks at Nick shocked.

"Dude. I have fiance. She slept on the couch." Cameron said.
"That haven't stopped you before." Nick said.
"Oh shut up. That's past. I love Carmen." Cameron said.
"Sorry. I'm just mad that she's out and back to ruin my life." Nick said.
"What if she didn't do it?" Cameron asked.
"Are you on her side?" Nick asked.
"Just asking." Cameron said.
"If she didn't do it then she must have some kind of evil twin or something." Nick said and both chuckled.

8 Hours Later

"Lindsay! I'm home!" Nick shouted happily.
"Daddy!" Jacob shouted happily to running towards Nick.
"Hey, buddy. How are you?" Nick asked.
"I'm good. Maggie and I are helping mom with the dinner." Jacob said.
"Let's go check them." Nick said when walked to kitchen where Lindsay and Maggie were doing dinner.
"Hey. There's the man I missed whole day." Lindsay said smiling.

Nick walked to her and noticed bandage on her wrist.

"What happened?" Nick asked.
"Nothing. It's nothing awful. I removed the tattoo." Lindsay said.
"Why?" Nick asked.
"It's just a tattoo." Lindsay said.
"Yeah, but..." Nick moved behind her and whispered to her ear.
"It was so sexy."

Lindsay started to giggle and smacked him playfully.

"Behave, mister. You can be dirty later." Lindsay whispered.
"God... You are so sexy." Nick whispered and kissed her.