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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm almost finish with this fiction! Planing to write few more chapters after this one.
Kate walks to her mom's house and sees Sonya sitting on the porch reading newspaper.

"Hey mom." Kate said when stands at steps.

Sonya looks up from newspaper at to Kate and starts crying.

"Oh my baby girl." Sonya said and walked to hug Kate.

Kate hugs Sonya back happily and both cries.

"Oh I missed you, Katie. I'm so sorry." Sonya said.
"It's okay, mom." Kate said.
"No it's not okay. You were in prison and I didn't do anything to helping you." Sonya said.
"It's not your fault mom. I was framed." Kate said.
"Do you know who did it?" Sonya asked.
"Claire won't tell me. She knows." Kate said.
"I know she knows. She didn't tell me either." Sonya said.
"I'm hungry. Got some food?" Kate asked.
"Of course I do. Your favorite." Sonya said.
"Great. Let's go inside." Kate said.

They walked inside and talked while eating.


Nick drive with James to his house and thought how to do this.

"May I have some time alone with her?" Nick asked.
"You need to wear mic." James said.
"Dude... I know you are officer, but it's about my wife. I can fucking handle her." Nick said.
"What about your kids? Are they inside?" James asked.
"Jacob is sick and Maggie is in the day care." Nick said.
"Someone should come take Jacob out there before you and Lindsay gone all crazy." James said.
"Call Claire and ask her to come here. I'll just pretend to be loving husband to staling her." Nick said and got out the car.

James dialed Claire's number, but it went to voicemail.

"Shit. Who should I call now?" James thought out loud.

Inside Nick's House

Lindsay was arguing with Claire in the living-room.

"How dare you to blame me for that?!" Lindsay asked yelling.
"Well you had tattoo, you are close friends with Nick and..." Claire couldn't finish her sentence when they heard front door open.

Both waited to see who it is.
Nick walks to living-room.
His look was terrified, but still very mad.

"Babe... Why are you at home?" Lindsay asked and starts to walk closer to him, but Nick just ignored her.
"Claire?" Nick looked at Claire.
"What?" Claire asked confused.
"Could you take Jacob with you to your house?" Nick asked.
"No. No. She's not going to touch him." Lindsay said.
"Claire... Go get him." Nick begged.
"Okay..." Claire said and walked to upstairs.
"Why is she..." Lindsay asked, but Nick pointed his finger at her to stay silence.
"You sit down and shut your mouth." Nick said in angry mode.

Lindsay sat down afraid and didn't move.
Claire comes down with Jacob.

"Daddy? What is going on?" Jacob asked in hoarse voice.
"Mommy needs to have some time out with daddy. Just go with Claire." Nick said and tried to smile to him.
"Okay." Jacob said.
"Thank you, Claire. Can you get Maggie from the day care?" Nick asked.
"NO! Not her too, Nick... What is going on?" Lindsay asked confused.
"Linds! Sit down and shut up!" Nick shouted and looked at her mad.

Everyone was silence for minute until Nick says.

"Claire. Go and get Maggie too." Nick said and looked at Claire begging look on his face.

When Claire walked out the door with Jacob, Nick closed the front door.
He walks to living-room and was thinking what to say.
He was so mad at Lindsay.
He looked at her and saw her being afraid.
Should be after what she did.
He couldn't believe that he's married to murderer.

"Nick? What was that? Why are you so mad? Why did she take our kids?" Lindsay asked.
"Why? You do know why." Nick said.
"No I don't." Lindsay said.
"DO NOT LIE TO ME!" Nick yelled in furious mode.
"Please stop yelling." Lindsay begged and cried.
"YOU ARE FULL OF LIES! YOU PRETEND TO LOVE ME!" Nick kept yelling at her.
"I do love you." Lindsay said.
"Oh... So that's what it is these days. YOU KILLED LAUREN CAUSE YOU LOVE ME?!" Nick asked yelling and throw vase to wall.
"What? Why you think I killed her?" Lindsay asked when was afraid of him.
"Because you did it! I have FUCKING proofs!" Nick yelled and this time kicked the table.
"What proofs? Just stupid tattoo?" Lindsay asked.
"So you know about tattoo?!" Nick asked.
"YES! Claire told me! This is stupid!" Lindsay yelled and tried to get out of this situation.
"You removed your tattoo so you wouldn't get caught, but unfortunately you did. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" Nick asked when raised his voice from normal to loud.
"Please, Nick! You have to believe me! I wouldn't EVER kill Lauren." Lindsay said as calm as she could.

Nick walks to get a file he left to hallway and walked back to living-room.
He opens the file and takes pictures out of it.

"What are those?" Lindsay asked.

Nick only stays quiet and throws picture on the coffee table.

"Going to deny it now?" Nick asked.

Lindsay stays quiet and stares at pictures that are still on table.

"You had exact same tattoo yesterday before you removed it. It's on the same spot and it was butterfly." Nick said looking at Lindsay to make her to say anything, but stays still quiet.
"Not going to say anything? Like isn’t your tattoo.

Lindsay got tears falling down to her cheek.
She couldn't look at him.

"That's what I thought. Come on." Nick said and begged to get up, but Lindsay didn't.
"Lindsay... Get up." Nick said and pulled her up from the seat.
"No..." She said and tried to run to direction of stairs.
"No! Don't go up there. Do not argue with me. Come on!" Nick said mad mode when took tight grip on her arm to pull her out the house.

James waited outside when sees Nick carrying Lindsay on his shoulder out the house.

"NICK! PUT ME DOWN! I didn't do anything!" Lindsay yelled and cried.
"SHUT UP! I'm going to divorce you first thing in the morning! James! Help me!" Nick yelled.
"No please Nick! I'll do anything! You know I love you and you love me!" Lindsay shouted and kept crying.
"I do not love you! You killed Lauren just to be with me!" Nick yelled and puts Lindsay on the ground.

James runs to Nick and holds Lindsay on the ground.

"Mrs. Carter. Do not resist me. Stay still so you won't get hurt." James said.
"No! Nick! Don't let him take me! PLEASE!" Lindsay cried and begged.

Nick walked back inside and closed the door behind him.
He started to cry.
He falls down on the floor sitting against the door.
What is he going to do with kids?
What he should tell them?
He could still hear Lindsay screaming.