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Story Notes:
Something completely different that popped into my head this weekend. Spent some time rereading really old fics for inspiration. This will be hugely cliché but I can sure use that reassurance right now. Let me know what you think!
The pounding was so loud Nick wasn’t sure if it was coming from the door or his head. He rolled over and let out a moan from the pain. Every part of his body hurt. Rolling was not the right thing to do. He took several deep breaths and laid his flushed cheek against the pillow, willing the pounding in his head to lessen. How much had he had to drink last night? He couldn’t even see the night clearly. It was too much energy to try to figure out anything at the moment and Nick didn’t have the resources necessary. He needed to take a piss but the mere thought of moving was so unappealing that he wondered how long he could hold it until his bladder would demand his movement. Several more deep breaths did nothing to alleviate the ache in his kidneys and groaning fiercely, he was able to push himself into a sitting position. As soon as he sat up, the pain in his lower body was almost enough to make him pass out. What the fuck had actually happened to him? He stood on shaky legs and swayed slightly before he was able to grab a hold of the nightstand to steady himself. Each step closer to the bathroom hurt more than the last.

He stumbled into the small room, barely able to flick on the light before the need to pee became overwhelming. Making it finally to the toilet he relieved himself and then shuffled in front of the skin to wash his hands. He gasped softly when he saw his reflection in the mirror. His hair was pushed and pulled into a million different directions. His eyes were red and bloodshot, dried tear tracks decorated his cheeks. He turned to get a washcloth from the side of the sink and caught sight of his back reflected in the mirror. Deep, red scratch marks ran up and down his back. Some looked like they had drawn blood. He turned too sharply, moaning in response to his movements. Seriously, what the fuck had happened. He gripped the sides of the sink as he tried desperately to get his mind to focus. So many images swirled in his mind, none making any sense. He could barely remember yesterday at all, let alone last night.

He wetted the washcloth with warm water and tried his best to wipe the blood from his back, tossing the washcloth on the sink counter when he was through. He filled the sink with cool water and washed his face and brushed his teeth. He knew he needed a real shower, but he also knew that the way he was feeling at that moment there was no way he would be able to stand upright long enough to take one. He opened the toiletry bag he’d unpacked yesterday and dug around until he found a small bottle of Tylenol. Shaking out two tablets, he downed them quickly hoping they would be enough to take the edge off the pain he felt all over. Taking another deep breath he tried to stretch out the kinks in his shoulders, this was a horrible idea. The pain radiating from his backside exploded and he swore he saw stars. Even his ass hurt. What the hell had he done? Had he had sex last night? Now he was even more confused than before

He flipped off the light in the tiny bathroom and stumbled haphazardly back into the bedroom part of the hotel suite. He glanced around the room, trying desperately to find any clue to his evening. He cautiously, to not hurt his ass any more than it already was, perched on the end of the bed. He dropped his head in his hands and began to massage his face, hoping to clear his mind.

What the fuck was that? Startled, he pulled his hands away from his face. There on his left hand was a plain silver band. That hadn’t been there yesterday. He felt his heart quicken as the fear began to spread. What the fuck had he done?

He jumped from the bed, panic settling in as he spun around the bedroom. The pain forgotten as he tore through the bedroom to the main part of the suite. His heart stopped as he entered the living room area. There was no way this could be happening. The minutes seemed to tick by as he stood in the doorway of the suite, staring at the naked form of the man who had tormented him mercilessly for the past fifteen years. The breath left Nick’s lungs as his eyes fell onto the plain silver band adorning the raven haired man’s left hand. It couldn’t be. Nick felt the panic begin to overwhelm him and his breath came and went in short shallow gasps. He quickly turned and fled to the bedroom, slamming the adjoining door behind him.


Kevin was having a fantastic dream. He was thoroughly fucking his new conquest, could feel how hot and tight it was to thrust into them unsuspectingly. Loved how it felt to be completely encased in the sweet white heat. He never wanted to open his eyes and come back to reality. He moaned as he shifted in his sleep, his dick hard and rubbing against the blanket, creating a delicious friction. Then a noise, a gasp sound and a slamming door brought him back down to earth. He opened his eyes slowly, blinking several times trying to figure out exactly where he was.

He used his arms to push himself into a sitting position and looked around the room. This wasn’t his room, but it was familiar enough that Kevin figured he was at least in the same hotel. Glancing down he realized he was indeed naked, and very hard. Where in the world was he and what had been that sound? He slammed his eyes closed and counted to ten. Praying he hadn’t slept with some kind of psychotic fan that had been overwhelmed to find the Kevin Richardson in her room in the morning.

He chuckled softly reliving the memory of the last time that had happened. As fun as that tryst had been, he did not want a repeat performance of that this morning. He quickly peered around the room, wondering where the hell his clothing had ended up. Spotting his jeans under the coffee table he stood and crossed the room to them. As he reached down to snatch them up his eyes focused in on a band around his ring finger. He straightened and held his hands out in front of him. Where had that come from? He felt the fear start in his toes and begin to creep up his body. What the fuck had he done?

He felt his heartbeat quicken as he turned to look at the bedroom door. There was no fucking way. This had to be some kind of crazy joke one of the guys thought would be funny to play on him. He nodded to himself, convinced now. It was nothing more than a joke. He just needed to get his clothes and get back to his room. He pulled on his jeans and found his socks easy enough. He spotted his sweater thrown on the kitchen table. He walked over and picked it up. He had just pulled it over his head when his gaze caught a piece of paper that had been lying underneath it. He picked it up and scanned the paper quickly. Kevin stopped cold, he felt the panic return as the bile rose in his throat. He was going to be sick. Spinning around to spot a bathroom off the side of the suite, he let the paper fall to the floor as he made a mad dash to the toilet, making it just in time to empty his stomach.


Nick paced his room. He’d run back to the room after finding a very naked bandmate in his room. He dressed quickly and tried to figure out what the fuck he was supposed to do now. Could he just take off and try to forget he’d even seen him? Kevin had to wake up sometime and would know immediately he wasn’t in his own room. How in the hell had they even ended up here? How in the hell had they even ended up in the same place together and where in the fuck had these rings come from? Obviously this was some kind of insane joke. Maybe they had been dared to wear them for some reason. That was plausible. He could totally see AJ daring them to wear matching rings. What he couldn’t see was Kevin going alone with it, especially if it meant he had to match with Nick. He closed his eyes tightly, trying desperately to remember.

He heard noise on the other side of the door and he knew the time was limited until the older man busted in the room and tried to beat his ass. How in the fuck had this happened? Nick tried hard to think about what had happened the night before but every time he had the pain and pounding in his head increased ten fold. And what the fuck had Kevin done to him last night? Had he tried to beat the shit out of him then too? Fuck the shit out of him was more like it.

The memory popped up out of nowhere. At least Nick thought it was a memory. He’d been pressed hard up against the wall as someone thrust into him from behind. Had that been Kevin? How much had they had to drink? His mind was spinning. The panic was threatening to overtake him. He sat gingerly on the floor and tried to pull his head in between his knees, taking several deep breaths to ease the vice grip around his chest. His ragged breathing was just starting to lessen when the door to the bedroom burst open and a very angry Kevin stood in the doorway throwing a piece of paper in his direction.

“What the FUCK is this?” he sneered.

Nick blinked but didn’t respond. He shifted forward on the floor to pick up the piece of paper that had fallen from Kevin’s outstretched hand. His eyes started swimming in front of him as he read the words on the page. The band around his chest was becoming tighter, his breathing couldn’t regulate. He heard a freight train whistle. The last thing he remembered was how green Kevin’s eyes were filled with anger as the world tilted and then went black.


Kevin stood dumbfounded as he watched the blonde fall over on the floor. At first he thought it was some kind of melodramatic fit the younger man was throwing. But after a couple of minutes of the blonde not moving, the panic returned. He knelt down and eased the younger man up into a sitting position, noticing for the first time how muscular he'd become. Pushing the thought out of his mind, he placed two fingers against Nick’s neck and sighed with relief when he felt the blonde’s steady pulse beneath his touch. He left the bedroom and entered the bathroom to get a washcloth and glass of water. His eyes landed on the bloody washcloth in the sink. What the fuck was that? Had Nick gotten hurt already this morning? He shook his head, it wasn’t like he fucking cared. He quickly grabbed a different washcloth and a small cup of water and reentered the bedroom. He knelt back down and brushed the washcloth gently across Nick’s head. He watched as the younger man’s eyes fluttered open.

Nick blinked several times before Kevin’s face came into focus. He jerked away from him quickly and shielded his face, knowing any moment the older man’s fists could start flying. “Please don’t hit me.” Nick said softly, pressing his heels into the carpet to propel himself backwards and away from Kevin.

Kevin gawked down at the other man. “I didn’t hit you the first time. You passed out or fainted or whatever melodramatic thing you want to call it. I didn’t fucking touch you.”

Nick stared at the floor, eyes fixed on the paper. “Do you remember anything from yesterday?” he asked softly.

Kevin laughed, a humorless angry laugh. “Well I sure as hell don’t remember marrying your fucking ass.”