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Author's Chapter Notes:
First short story is about Ellie Gilbert. Ellie's twin sister Kellie won ticket to concert and meeting the guys. She can choose other person to go with her so she choose her twins sister Ellie. When Ellie meet Nick, she was falling in love with him right away. Things goes crazy when they meet after 10 years.
I never thought true love existed.
That happened to me though.
It only lasted 2 days.

I live in small town in the Ohio.
I’m not going to be more specific which town.
That is not important right now.

I only want to tell you about my love.
About the man I fall in love with.
Where I met him?
Who is he?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
I haven’t told my name yet.
My name is Ellie Gilbert.

My twin sister Kellie is 3 minutes older than me.
When we were very young, like 10 year olds, people couldn’t say which one was which.
Kellie and I thought to put stop to it and decided change things.

I have this gorgeous dark brown hair that my mom is so jealous of.
Kellie has this very short dyed pink hair.
She’s huge fan of P!nk and all other pop music.

Kellie once won tickets to meet Backstreet Boys to their Into the Millennium Tour.
She’s HUGE fan of them.
She had fantasied to marry AJ.
She’s such a dreamer.

I really wasn’t into that kind of music, but I have to be honest.
It wasn’t so bad.
She asked me to join her to meet the boys, because she couldn’t just meet them alone.
She was nervous as hell.

We were waiting to go meet the boys at the back stage.
I was little nervous to meet them.
I never had met celebrities before in my life.

“This is nerve wrecking!” Kellie said nervously.
“Speak to yourself. I’m fine.” I said smiling.
“Wait when you see them and your heart starts beating.” Kellie said.
“It already is. I never had met celebrities before.” I said smiling.
“We got so many years to go meet so many.” Kellie said.
“True. We are only 19 years old.” I said and then boys walked towards us in their performance clothes.
“They look like they are off to space.” Kellie said smiling.

I had to admit that they did.
First one of them said hi to us was Kevin.
He was very tall and handsome.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ellie.” I said when shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you too. You two are twins.” Howie said next.
“We are. I’m the oldest. 3 minutes.” Kellie said smiling when looked at AJ next.
“But I’m smartest.” I said and looked to Kellie.
“I’m Brian. I’m Kevin’s cousin. You might’ve of know that.” Brian said when shook my hand.
“Oh we know. She’s fan. I’m only here for keep her in her pants.”
“Shut up, Ellie.” Kellie said and slapped me to my arm.
“It’s true. You have huge crush on AJ.” I said and eyed to AJ.

Everyone was looking at Kellie and she was blushing.
“Everyone have a favorite.” she said smiling.
“Do you have favorite, Ellie?” Brian asked.
“No. I’m just enjoying the music.” I said honesty.
“Has anyone seen Nick?” Kevin asked and looked around.
“He’s always late. I’ll go look for him.” Howie said and left.
“So who is the youngest in this group?” I asked.
“I’ve told you that many times, sis.” Kellie said.
“I’m not a fan and I forget things.” I admit.
“I found him. He had problem with the zippers and buttons.” Howie said.
“Nick. Meet Ellie and Kellie. They are twins.” AJ introduce us.
When I was face to face with him, I was getting butterflies in my stomach.
He’s most beautiful man I ever met.
His blue eyes were spot on and his golden yellow hair.
“Hey. Nice to meet you.” Nick said smiling and offered me his hand.
“Hey.” It was only thing I can say.

We took few photos together and they signed few things to Kellie.
Boys were about to heading to getting ready when Nick suddenly took my hand.
He walked us to aside from others and then turns to look at me.
“I want to invite you to after party.” he said smiling.
“Oh?” I only said in surprise.
“Yeah. You can take your sister too. I think AJ would like that.”
“Okay.” I only said and blushed little.
“You don’t talk much.” he said smiling.
“I’m sorry. I’m not usually this shy.” I said and sighed.
“It’s cute when girls are shy.” he said and touched my cheek.
“You think I’m cute?” I asked surprised.
“Yeah. Very cute.” He said smiling.
“Nick. Are you done with flirting now?” Brian asked.
“Yeah. Give me a minute.” Nick said.
“Now, Nick. Get on surf board now.” Kevin commanded.
“You should go.” I said smiling.
“Want to fly with me to stage?” He asked and I looked shocked.
“I don’t know… I don’t think they would allow me to do that.”
“Sure they will. Kellie could surf with AJ.”
I couldn’t say anything when he was already pulling me with him to guys.

“She’s going to fly with me.” Nick said and stand behind me.
“We don’t do that Nick.” Kevin said.
“Why not? Kellie could fly with AJ.” Nick said and looked at AJ.
“I don’t argue with that. Kellie?” AJ questioned and looked at her.
“Can I?” Kellie asked excited.
“We don’t do that.” Howie said and looked at Nick and AJ.
“Just once. They won to meet us. At least we could let them fly with us.” AJ said.

Boys were arguing for little longer about if we can fly with them to stage.
In the end we didn’t and I was fine with that.
I’m afraid of heights and Kellie loves flying.
We are two different persons.

When show was over, Kellie and I were invited to after party.
Nick and I get really close.
We talked most of the time about our lives.
I looked at the time on my watch and sighed.

“Need to be somewhere?” Nick asked.
“Kellie and I have curfew.” I said and looked at him.
“That’s too bad. I don’t have curfew.” he said.
“Of course you don’t.” I said chuckling.
“Can I ask you for the one dance before you go?” he asked when stand up.
“I don’t dance. That’s Kellie’s thing.” I said when shake my head.
“Oh come on. Just one.” He smiled.

I couldn’t say no to him when he smiled at me.
After one dance, we danced 2 more songs when he whispered to my ear.
“I have to admit. I’m going to miss you, Ellie.”
I didn’t say anything back because I knew I will miss him too.
“I can tell that you’ll miss me too. Your heart is bounding.”

I smiled when he said that.
I looked to around us when we danced to slow music.
I saw AJ and Kellie having making out session going on.
She must be so happy right now.
She was living her dream.
Song was still going when Nick looked to my eyes and smiled.
“I know this sounds cheesy, but want to get out of here?” he asked.
“To where?” I asked curious.
“Somewhere private where we can talk more.”
“You mean what Kellie and AJ are doing?” I asked and pointed my head to their direction.
“Well… How can I say no for that?” He asked and smirked.
“Well I need to go home. Maybe you can give me ride home.” I asked.
“Well we came here with limo so… We can take that.” he said.
“Sounds good. Maybe I should go tell Kellie that it’s time to go.”
“She’s having time of her life.” Nick said smiling.
“Aunt wouldn’t like the idea of her to staying up all night with a guy.”
“Aunt?” Nick questioned.
“Yeah… Dad left us when we weren’t born and mom… She died last year to cancer.”
“I’m so sorry. You must’ve had tough year.” he said and hugged me.
“We did, but aunt has been so good to us.”
“Then maybe she could understand that so you could stay out little bit longer.”
“You just don’t want me to go.” I said smiling.
“No. I don’t.” He said smiling.

Like he promised, he gave me ride to home.
Aunt’s car wasn’t on the parking spot.
I have no idea where she was.

“Nice house. I want to walk you to door.” he said and got out the limo.
I followed right behind him when he holds the limo door for me open.
“Thank you. I had so much fun tonight.” I said when we walked to porch.
“I’m glad to hear that. Kellie is still somewhere with AJ.”
“Well I’m nothing like her. She’s more of the party girl than me.” I said smiling.
“AJ is the same. They seem to have lot of fun.” He said smiling.

We were now just standing front of the door quietly just looking at each other.
I had some butterflies in my stomach when I was just looking to his blue eyes.
“Want to come inside for minute?” I suddenly asked and surprised myself.
“What about your aunt?” he asked.
“She’s not home. Her car is not here.” I said when started to look for keys.
“Well I might as well come for little bit.”

I opened the door and walked in so nervous.
Nick closed the door behind him when he walked after me.
“Want some drink?” I asked when turn to look at him
“I’m not thirsty. I’ve been thinking only one thing whole night.”
“And what is that?” I asked curious and lean my back to wall.
“I can let you guess three times.” He said and walked closer to me.
“Kissing me?” I questioned and smiled.
“Wow. You are good.” He said smiling.
“Did I get it right?” I asked smiling.
“Sure you did.” he said and leaned closer to me.

Our lips were so close to meet when suddenly front door opens.
We both looked direction of the door.
Kellie walked in smiling and being in her own thoughts.
She didn’t see us yet until she walked closer.

“Oh… Hi.” She said.
“Hi, Kellie. Had fun?” Nick asked.
“Yes. I had lot of fun.” Kellie said.
“Good. Where’s AJ?” I asked curious.
“He left to hotel. I came to home cause of the curfew.” Kellie said.
“Of course. I did too.” I said smiling.
“I’m going to my room so you two can continue whatever you two are doing.”

Kellie walked to upstairs smiling.
We heard door open and closing.
We looked at each other for moment in silence.
He once more leaned closer to me and finally our lips met.
First very soft and slow.
Then very passionately.
We were kissing for few minutes before we apart from the kiss.

“I should go. Can I see you tomorrow?” he asked.
“When do you need to go?” I asked.
“Not until later.” Nick said and touched my cheek.
“Then stay overnight.” I begged.
“Overnight? What if your aunt comes and sees me here?”
“She doesn’t need to know.” I said and lead him to upstairs to my room.
“Wait, wait…” Nick said and stopped us both at the stairs.
“What?” I asked in confused.
“It’s not really fair to Kellie.” He said.
“She could’ve gone to hotel with him, but she didn’t.”
“Ellie… We just met.” Nick said.
“I know, but just sleeping isn’t wrong.”

He was about to talk when we heard some giggle and laugh from Kellie’s room.
It sounded like there was man in her room.
I looked at Nick and he looked at me.

“She’s such a liar. I recognize that laugh miles away.” Nick said quiet voice.
“So are you going to stay now?” I asked whisper.
“If he’s going to stay then so am I.” he said smiling.

Nick stayed overnight and so did AJ.
Kellie and AJ didn’t know that we knew.
Aunt never came home that night.
She never found out that boys were at the house.

Next morning Kellie and I wanted to say proper goodbye to boys.
We went with them to their hotel and stayed as long as it took before they left.
I was standing with Nick front of his bus door.
We didn’t talk for moments, but he decided to speak.

“I’m going to miss you like crazy, Ellie.” Nick said.
“You said that yesterday. Try not to miss me too much.” I said smiling.
“I won’t promise anything. I have your email.” Nick said and showed piece of paper I gave him.
“I’m checking my email every day.”
“Good. I’ll promise to write, okay?” Nick said and pulled me to hug.

We were embracing for long moment until driver horned to let Nick know it’s time to go.
We back away from the hug and he leaned to give me long kiss for goodbye.
Before I know it, he moved away from me to bus door.
He turned to look at me smiling and waved and I waved him back.
He step inside to bus and then bus doors closed.
Kellie walked to me and we hugged each other.
She was crying and somehow I wasn’t crying.
We were standing and watching bus driving away as long as we could see the busses.

“We are going to see them again, right?” Kellie asked.
“I really don’t know. It’s up to them.” I said.
“You could just lie and say yes.” Kellie said and sighed.
“Yes. We are going to see them again.” I said.

10 Years Later

“Do you want me to organize the flowers at the back?” I asked from my co-worker Dana.
“Yeah. It’s very messy back there.” Dana said smiling.
“I’ll take care of customer first.” I said when walked to Mrs. Hudson.
“Hello Mrs. Hudson. How may I help you today?” I asked smiling.
“Hello Ellie. It’s our anniversary today. I want to take 10 roses to Erwin’s grave.” she said smiling.
“That’s so romantic. We have lot of different roses. Which color you want?”
“Oh basic red is fine.” she said.
“I’ll go get roses from the back. I’ll be right back.” I said and walked to Dana.
“What she wants today?” Dana asked.
“10 roses to Erwin’s grave. Their anniversary.” I said smiling.
“That’s romantic. I wish my future husband would do that to me when I die”
“I wouldn’t want mine to just do that every year.” I admit and walked to back room.
So it’s been 10 years since I saw Nick last time and I haven’t got any email from him.
He never wrote or visited.
My life has changed big time since.
Kellie moved to New York with her husband and 2 year old daughter.

I’m 29 year old working in the floristshop with Dana.
I’m married to George Burton.
I’m now Ellie Burton.
We’ve been married 3 years.

George has a son name Eric from his first marriage.
His wife died in the car accident.
Eric was only year old when she died.
Eric is now 6 years old.

I met George at the restaurant when I had dinner with my friends.
I manage to fall on him accidently when someone accidently pushed me.
After that day we started to go out and dating.
Year later he propose to me at the same restaurant.

6 months later we get married and lived happily in my home town here in Ohio.
Aunt gave me the house as a wedding gift.
House is perfect for us 3 to live in.
Aunt decided to go travel around the world with her Italian boyfriend Tony.

“Ellie? Could you take care of new costumer?” Dana asked.
“I’m still with roses to Mrs. Hudson.” I said and looked at Dana.
“Are roses done?” Dana asked and walked to me.
“Yeah. Just one more.” I said as I made small bouquet.
“I can take care of Mrs. Hudson. Just go to that guy.” Dana said and pointed guy who looked at bouquets at the window.

I looked at the guy and got shocked.
Is it really him?
I peeked through pearl curtains and saw his face.
Nick is here?

“Ellie? You okay?” Dana asked.
“Ye…Yeah. I don’t think I’m feeling okay.” I said and turned to look away.
“You looked like you have seen a ghost.” Dana said worried.
“Kind of.” I admit.

“Ellie? What’s wrong?” Dana asked worried.
“Guy in there. I know him.” I said and sighed.
“Really? He’s cute.” Dana said smiling.
“If you say so, but I really don’t want to see him.” I said.
“I’ll go find out what he wants.” Dana said and walked to shop with rose bouquet.
“Shit…” I said and sighed.
“I’ll be right with you, sir.” Dana said smiling to Nick and took care of Mrs. Hudson.

When she was finally done with Mrs. Hudson, she walked to Nick smiling.
“How can I help you?”
“Yes. I would like to have this bouquet.” I heard Nick say.

His voice was so much older and pure.
He was no more that young blonde guy I was madly in love with.
Why was he here?
I kept listening quietly.

“Are you here for business or pleasure?” Dana asked when walked to work bench.
“Both actually. Bouquet is to old friend of mine I haven’t seen long time.”
“She must be special. How long you know this girl?” Dana asked.
“10 years, but feels more than that.” Nick said.

I couldn’t believe he came here and never wrote to me.
I peeked little more to not make myself to be seen.
I have to admit that he looked so handsome and sexy.
Gosh I’m married and I’m thinking of these things.

“When did you saw her last time?” Dana asked and I could hear from her voice she tried to find answers.
“Honestly. 10 years ago.” He admit it right away.
“Wow. What’s her name if I may ask?” Dana asked.
“Ellie Gilbert. You know her?” He asked.
“I do know woman name by as Ellie, but her last name is Burton.” Dana said.
“Could it be possible that she get married?” he asked.
“Only way to find out is to go to her house.” Dana said and I knew that moment I had to go home.
“I guess it is if she still lives there.” he said.

I didn’t stay listen anymore.
I took my stuff from my locker and walked out the back door.
I rode my bike back home.
I didn’t have car to drive.

George is the driver in the family.
George is mechanic and had his own shop.
When I get home, he was still there.
I walked in and saw him sitting at the stool at the hallway.

“Babe… Why are you home so early? What happened?” he asked worried.
“I forget it’s my day off. Dana had to remind me.” I said and smiled weakly.
“Oh. I was just going for work.” George said.
“I’ll think I’ll just go upstairs and have nice relaxing bath.” I said smiling and gave him kiss before walked to upstairs.

I was at the bedroom door when doorbell rang.
It must’ve been Nick already.
I walked closer to stairs to listen two men talking.

“Yes? May I help you?” George asked.
“Hello. Does Ellie Gilbert live here?” Nick asked.
“Who is asking?” George asked.
“An old friend.” Nick said.

I had to stop the men talking before they are going to be in their throats.
I walked down the stairs pretending I wasn’t listening.
“George, honey? Who is it?” I asked and walked to stairs.
“Someone who says is old friend of yours.” George said.

I walked to them and looked at Nick who smiled.
“Nick?” I questioned and acted surprised.
“Hey, Ellie.” He said and I noticed he was holding bouquet.
“You know this guy?” George asked me.
“Yeah. I haven’t seen Nick long time. He’s an old friend.” I said smiling.
“Well I have to go work. You two can catch up.” George said.
“Okay, babe. Are you getting Eric end of the day?” I asked.
“Yes. We’ll be back at 6.” George said and gave me a kiss.
“I’ll make dinner. Have a good work day.” I said smiling.
“Thank you. Nick? It was nice to meet you.” George said and offered his hand.
“You two. Have a good day.” Nick said and shook his hand.

George left to work and I let Nick walk in.
“Well… Still living with Aunt?” He asked when I closed the door.
“Does it look like I’m living with aunt?” I asked.
“It’s the same house.” he said.
“What are you doing here Nick?” I asked.
“I came to see you. Here. I bought this for you.” Nick said and handed me the bouquet.
“That’s very nice of you. Thank you.” I said and took the bouquet.

I walked to kitchen and started to look for vase for the bouquet.
I heard Nick following behind and he sat down to chair.

“So where’s Kellie?” He asked curious.
“New York.” I said and filled the vase with water.
“AJ wanted me to ask about her.” He said.
“What happened, Nick?” I asked when put vase on the table with flowers.
“What you mean?” He asked.
“You never wrote to me.” I said pissed.
“I lost that piece of paper.” He said.
“Are you lying to me right now?” I asked.
“I’m honest. I lost it. I asked everyone if they had seen that piece of paper.” he said.
“Why not visit?” I asked.
“You know me. I’m busy guy and I’m terrible with the directions.” he said.

I sighed and sat another chair.
We were silent for moment and we didn’t look at each other.
When I was looking at him, he was looking away.
When he looked at me, I looked away.

“So is Eric your son?” Nick asked.
“Biologicly? No. He’s George’s.” I said and decided to stand up to make some coffee.
“George been married before you?” he asked and I nodded.
“Ellie, I’m sorry. When I was about to email you I didn’t find that piece of paper.”
“So why are you here now?” I asked.
“Boys and I are having a show here.”
“Kellie might’ve mentioned it, but I forgot.” I said and turn to look at him when I lead my lower back to counter.
“Want to come and see others?” He asked and I shook my head as no.
“I had to be at home tonight.” I said.
“Are you happy with him?” He asked and I looked at him shocked.
“You have no right to ask me that.”
“I don’t?” he questioned and stood up to face me.
“No you don’t. I’m so mad at you.”
“I said I’m sorry.”
“That’s not excuse. You could’ve just…” I said and tried to find right words.
“I was very young then and dumb. I’m sorry it took this long to come see you.”
“How old are you right now?” I asked and he chuckled.
“Is that what you’ve been thinking since I walked in?”
“I never asked your age back then.” I said.
“I’m 29. What about you?” He asked.
“You were 19 when we met?” I asked surprised.
“Yeah I was. I bet you were at least 17.”
“No. I was 19 also. I’m 29 next month.” I admit.
“Happy early birthday I guess.” He said smiling.
“You sounded like we are not seeing again.”
“It’s depends on you.” He said and stands next to me at the counter.
“You want some coffee?” I asked for changing the subject and turn to open cabinets to get cups.
“Sure. No milk or sugar. Just black.” He said smiling.
“Are you hungry?” I asked and walked to fridge.
“Coffee it’s just fine.” He said when I turned around with plate with sandwiches.
“Well I’m going to eat. I haven’t eaten yet my lunch.” I said and put plate on table.
“You made those?” He asked when looked at the sandwiches.
“Yeah. Gluten free.” I said and poured coffee to cups.
“Oh… I might eat one.” He said and sat to chair.
“Go ahead. I can make more later to Eric.” I said and put cup in front of him on the table.
“Thanks.” He said and smiled.

I sat to other side of table and started to eat and drink.
We looked at each other.
I was thinking what he was thinking.
He must’ve thinking too.

“What?” I asked finally to end the silence.
“I’m trying to control myself to not kiss you.”
“Nick, please stop.” I said and sighed.
“I’m serious. You look still the same. Beautiful.”
“Stop.” I begged.
“Gorgeous, Sexy…” Nick kept going.
“Nick, please just stop. I’m married.” I said and stood up.
“I don’t care. I missed you like crazy.” He said and stood up too.
“I think you should leave.” I said and pointed the front door.
“I’m here to proof how much I care.” He said and walked towards to me.
“You are 10 years late, Nick. I love George.” I said when looked at him.
“I believe you. I can see in your eyes that you still have feelings for me.”
“I’m not going to ruin my marriage. I’m happy with him.” I said and crossed my arms.
“Why haven’t you mentioned to him about me?” he asked and I looked at him shocked.
“Because there’s nothing to be mentioned about. You are just one stupid crush.” I said.
“Is that what I am? Stupid crush?” He asked offended.
“We were teens Nick. Teenagers have that kind of crush.” I said.
“Ellie… It wasn’t stupid crush to me. I looked for that piece of paper years.”
“It’s not changing things.”
“I’m going to give you a chance. I need to go, but here.” He said and pulled some kind of card from his wallet.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“It’s keycard to my hotel room. I’ll be staying here just tonight.”
“What should I do with it?” I asked.
“I’ll be waiting for you till to the 10am. That’s when we are heading off.” He said and put keycard on the table.
“Why should I come?” I asked and looked at Nick.
“If you really love George, then you won’t come, but if there’s even small possibility that you love me too then you come tonight.” He said and looked at me.
“I won’t.” I shook my head.
“Then I’ll know my answer tomorrow morning.” Nick said and walked towards the front door.
“You don’t need to wait!” I shouted after him.
“Then I guess this is goodbye.” He said and opened the front door.
“Don’t ever come back, okay?” I begged and watched him standing at the door in his sexy glory.
“If that’s what you want.” He said and looked at me.
“It is.” I said and sighed.
“Goodbye, Ellie.” He said and left.

I sighed for relieved when door closed behind him.
I turn to look at the keycard on the table.
I need to hide the key so George won’t see it.
I took the keys and put it to my wallet before I know what to do with it.

After dinner and Eric’s bath, it was time to bed.
George put Eric to bed sleeping and I decided to be at the living room to read a book.
I kept thinking about Nick whole day after he left.
He can totally screw up my head.

I looked at the time from the clock that was on the top of the fireplace.
It’s already 10:30pm.
Part of me wants so bad to go see him, but my wedding ring is the reason I shouldn’t.
I put book aside to not able to read.

I heard George walking towards to my way and sat next to me.
He pulled me close to him and braced me.
Sometimes we don’t need words to say how much we love each other.

“You okay?” He asked in whisper.
“Yes. I’m now. I missed you so much whole day.” I said and kissed his cheek.
“How was the reunion with Nick?” He asked.
“It was okay. He asked me to go see his show.” I said and cuddle to him more.
“Show? What is he doing for living?” He asked curious.
“He’s Backstreet Boy.” I said and he started to laugh.
“Seriously? Freaking Backstreet Boy?” He asked and I nodded.
“I never thought of that. How you know him?” He asked.
“What you think?” I asked.
“At the concert?” He questioned.
“Yeah. Kellie won ticket to meet them and I went with her.”
“And you started to be friends with him?” He asked.
“Something like that.” I said and stood up off the couch.
“I’m going for walk. It’s been crazy day. Don’t wait up.” I said and gave him kiss.
“It’s almost midnight. You sure you okay?” He asked worried.
“Yes. I’m okay.” I said and walked to hallway.
“Ellie… Did something happen while I was at work?” He asked.
“Like what?” I asked.
“Like something.”
“We had coffee, we talked and he left.” I explained.
“And he gave you flowers.” He added.
“Yes and even not my favorite flower.” I said smiling.
“Do you know when you’ll be seeing him next time?” He asked.
“No. He’s busy guy. We are emailing each other if we remember.” I said and put jacket on.
“Would you see him if I say to not to?” He asked.
“George… Are you jealous?” I asked smiling.
“Well… I have to admit that dude is very charming and handsome.”
“He is, but not as charming as you.” I said smiling and gave him long kiss.
“Hmmm… That’s what I thought. Don’t be gone long.” He said middle of kissing.
“I won’t.” I said and walked out the house.

I hate to lie to him.
I walked long way to hotel where Nick and boys were staying.
I really didn’t know what I was doing here.
I was standing outside the hotel just looking at the building.

I looked at my watch and it was almost 11:30pm
I got the feeling they weren’t back here yet.
I could just go in and surprise him when he comes.
Only problem is that what I’m going to say to him when he comes.

I walked inside to hotel and walked to reservation desk.
Young man was standing behind it and he was on the phone.
He smiled at me and showed with the finger to wait for minute.
I was really crazy to come here and meet him.

After all I told him to not ever come back again.
I looked around the lounge of the hotel.
I’ve never been in this hotel before.
I heard guy to end the phone and turn to look at him.

“Hello. What can I do for you?”
“I was just wondering if person in room number 6049 has arrived yet.”
“I’m sorry miss, but I’m not allowed to give you that kind of information.”
“Would it change things if I had a keycard to that room?”
“Well… It might if you do have it.” He said and smiled.

I started to search my purse to look for my wallet.
Guy looked at me weird.
I took wallet and get keycard out of it.
I hold it in my fingers and smiled.

“Is Mr. Carter here yet?” I asked.
“Is he expecting you?” He asked.
“I’m here to surprise him. I’m old friend.”
“How did you get the key if you want to surprise him?”
“You are tough guy. I can just go to elevators and use the key.”
“I’m only doing what I’ve been told. If you do have a key then go ahead.”
“Could it be possible to order some wine and chocolate dipped strawberries?”
“Of course. It’ll be delivered there soon.”
“Thank you.” I said and walked to elevators.

I walked to room door where Nick is sleeping tonight.
I should just knock to be sure if he is here or not.
I knocked twice and waited few moments and knocked again.
Finally I thought he’s not here and tried the keycard to unlock the door.
Door opened and I walked in the room what was so dark.
I looked for switch to put light on and light relieved big room.
I walked around the room and next looked at the bathroom.
It was bigger than my bedroom.

30 minutes later hotel service brought the wine and strawberries I ordered.
I gave the deliver guy tip before he left and I closed the door.
What was I doing here?
I’m married woman and I’m here to see other man.
This wasn’t good.
Maybe I should just leave and forget whole thing.
I was about to open the door until I heard his voice through the door.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow 10:15 at the lounge.” Nick said to someone.
“Get some good rest. We have long bus ride ahead of us.” That sounded like Howie.
“I know D. Goodnight.” Nick said.

I decided to turn lights off and sit to arm chair near the window.
I was getting so nervous.
Why was I getting nervous?
Keycard beeped and door open.
He walked inside, but didn’t put lights on.
I reach to floor lamp and put light on that.
Nick got jumped when lights went on.

“Fuck Jesus!” He swore.
“I rather not.” I answered nervous.
“Ellie?” Nick questioned surprised.
“Hi.” I only said smiling and still sitting.
“What… I thought…” He was speechless I was here.
“I thought to bring keycard back to you. Then I got hungry and order wine and strawberries.”
“Does George know you are here?” He sat down to edge of the bed and removes his shoes.
“No. I told him I went for walk.”
“Do you always lie to him where you go?”
“I don’t, but he’s jealous Nick. I couldn’t just tell him that I’ll come here and bring this.”

I stood up and took keycard from my wallet.
“You didn’t need to bring it. They are not working after I leave.”
“Oh… I didn’t know. I don’t use hotels much as you.” I said awkward.
“Anything else?” he asked and looked at me.
“No.” I said and put keycard to next to other keycard.
“No? Why order wine and chocolate dipped strawberries?”
“Do I really need a reason to order wine?” I asked and looked at him.
“Wine is kind of for romantic moments. Like strawberries.”

I couldn’t say anything back to him.
He stood up of the bed and walked towards me.
He lifted my chin up to look up to him.
His eyes looked so gorgeous.
Was I falling for him all over again?
He gently touched my hair aside off my face.
I was in the danger zone now.
I should not be here.
Just go while you still can.

“I… I should…” I tried to say, but he shushed me by putting finger on my lips.
“Just admit. You were thinking about me.” He said and looked to my eyes.
“What makes you think that?” I asked and gulped.
“If you only wanted to bring keycard back, you could’ve just left it to lounge.”

I was screwed now.
What am I going to do now?
Am I going to cheat my husband?
Truth is that I did want to come see him and tell him I do love him, but not much as George.

“Nick… I came here to talk.” I said and walked past him to sit on bed.
“Let’s talk then.” Nick said and sat next to me.
“I can’t sit next to you right now.” I said and stood up right away.
“Okay…” He said and looked at me.
“Nick… I do care about you. I do have feelings for you.” I said when I looked at him.

I was about to continue, but he stood up so fast and kissed me deeply when pushed me against the wall.
His kiss was much more passionate than I remembered.
Why am I letting him kissing me?
I need to stop this, but the same time I didn’t.
His kissed brought back memories the time when we were only teens.
He was now looking to my eyes to read me what I was thinking.
I never made love with Nick.
I’ve always dreamed about how sex with him is like.
Our lips finally aparted and we looked at each other.
I looked down to my shirt and started to unbutton it.
I’m surprised that Nick touches my hand to make me stop.

“Ellie… We don’t have to do this.” He said sweetly.
“But you want to.” I said and looked at him.
“Yes I do, but you are married.” He said.
“Just make love to me Nick. Just even once.” I begged and removed my shirt off.
“Ellie… I…” he was now speechless.

I kept looking at him when I started to touch his belt.
I needed to let him know that I do love him.
We made love long hours.
I never experience this kind of sex in my life.
With George it’s different.
With Nick it was lot of passion and lust.
It was 5am already when ended our 3 round.
It was still little dark outside, but sun was about to rise.
We were quiet for long time until I decided that I had to go.

“I need to go. George must be sick and worried.” I said and get off the bed to look for my clothes.
“I don’t want you to go just yet. I got 5 hours before I leave.”
“You better get some sleep. Howie said that you guys have long trip ahead.” I said smiling.
“You heard us?” He asked and stood up to sit position.
“Yeah. I was actually about to leave that time, but you were already here.”
“So you just thought to come and go to not see me?"
“I was thinking about it.” I said smiling and put my panties back on and after that my bra.
“Please just stay. You should sleep too.” Nick said smiling and surprised me pulling back to bed.
“Nick stop.” I giggled and fall down on the bed under him.
“I have a question.” He asked and looked down to my breasts that was covered with my bras.
“Okay. Why won’t you look into my eyes when you ask me?”
“Sorry. Your bras are just… Wow.” He said and started to kiss my breasts equally.
“Oh gosh. You are making this so hard.” I said and moaned.
“I’m so hard, baby.” He said in horny voice when kept kissing lower to my bellybutton.
“Nick… What is the questioned you wanted to ask?” I asked and giggled.
“Okay. Give me a minute to kiss you little more and remove those bras again.”
“Nick I’m serious.” I said and looked at down to see him licking my body.
“If I had emailed you 10 years ago, would’ve you been married to me?”
“That’s tough question because we will never know.” I said honestly.
“Would it be wrong now to ask you to marry me?” He asked and was now facing to me.
“Nick… This is getting out of hand.” I said and sighed.
“How is this getting out of the hand?”
“I love George and I love you, but I’ve known George much longer.”
“I’m fine with sharing. I just don’t want to lose you again.”
“You have to Nick. This night was so special to me.”
“But not enough to choose me?” he asked.
“I would choose you in the heartbeat if I wasn’t married and in love to George.”
“Shit…” He swore and moved off top of me.
“Please Nick. Try to understand.” I begged.
“Then you should go. Go back to your happy marriage.” Nick said and pointed at the door.
“You are kicking me out?” I asked.
“Just like you kicked me out.” He said.
“Nick.” I said and touched his hand, but he moved his hand away.
“Just go, Ellie. You got what you wanted.” Nick said and get off the bed to bathroom.

I just sat there looking at him walking to bathroom naked.
I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t just want to go and end our night being angry to each other.
I put clothes on and decided to wait him to come back from the bathroom.
I heard him to taking shower and just decided to drink some wine while I waited.
I was in my 2nd glass when he walked out the bathroom only towel around his waist.

“Still here?” he asked.
“I don’t want us to hate each other.” I said and looked at his wet chest.
“I don’t hate you, Ellie. I’m just mad at you.”
“Please don’t be mad at me. Can we just be friends?”
“Hah! Are you offering friends as benefits?” He asked.
“I don’t know. I’m married…”
“And you love George more than me. I get it.” He said and looked at me.

I put wine glass down and walked to him.
We looked at each other for long moments to our eyes.
I touched his cheek gently and smiled.

“I’m going to miss you like crazy, Nick.” I said and gave him soft kiss.
“Don’t miss me too much.” He said smiling and I had to laugh little.
“I won’t promise anything.” I said and took my purse from the arm chair.
“Can I have your number or email address?” He asked and smirked.
“Let’s keep this discreet, Nick. If we are meant to see again then we will.” I said and kissed him once again.

He kissed me back and pulled me to his brace while still only having towel around his waist.
I couldn’t just leave him like this so I removed his towel off of him.

“Ellie… What are you doing?” He asked curious.
“Just want to see sexiest God body ever before I leave.” I said and winked.
“I’m not God. Just man.” he said chuckling.
“Well… You are God to me.” I said and throw the towel to bed.
“I take that as compliment. Can this God have one more kiss?” He asked and smirked.
“Sure. Come here.” I said and leaned my back against the door.
“You are unbelievable Ellie Gilbert.” he said and kissed me passionately.
“Mmmm… Burton. Not Gilbert.” I remind him through kisses.
“You are Gilbert to me.” He said and kept kissing me and touching my body.

After long making out session, I manage to leave.
I checked my watch to see what time it is.
It was 6am already.
What am I going to say to George when I get home?
I could just be honest and tell him the truth, but I didn’t want them to have fist fight.
So I just lied about it and come up with something.

10 Years Later

Nick’s Point of View

Another 10 years and I haven’t heard of her.
I find her from Instagram and Twitter.
I followed her for this day.
Last post she had in Instagram was 2 years ago.
We did sometimes reply to each other to our posts.

I was now 39 years old and still single.
I still got the feeling that I might have a chance to melt Ellie’s heart.
She still was married to George.
At least I think she is.

I decided to go back to Ohio to surprise her cause it’s been 10 years.
This must be our thing to only see each other decade after decade.
This time I drove here myself.
I stopped the car front of Ellie’s house and looked at it for minute.
It still looked the same after 20 years.

There was car parked in the yard.
It meant that someone is home.
I got out the car and locked my car doors.
When I was walking to front door, my heart was bounding so fast.
I took deep breath and ring the doorbell.

Dogs were barking inside and man yelling to dogs to shut up.
Door opened and there was standing unfamiliar young man.
This felt like déjà vu all over again.

“Yes?” Young man asked and kept door closed to not let dogs out.
“Hey. Does Ellie Burton live here?” I asked.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Nick Carter. I’m friend of hers.” I said smiling.
“Oh… Just a minute.” he said and walked in and closed the door.

While I was waiting to door open again, I looked around.
There wasn’t any kids toys outside.
Only motorcycle and same car that I saw 10 years ago.

“Nick?” I heard familiar voice when door opened.
“Hello George.” I said and smiled.
“What are you doing here?” he asked curious.
“Is Ellie home?” I asked and I notice his face turn from confused to sad.
“Come in. We need to talk.” He said and opened the door to let me in.
“Thank you.” I said and walked in and 2 bulldogs came to greet me.
“Dani! Jon! Leave him alone!” young man shouted and dogs moved away.
“Nick. This is my son Eric.” George said.
“Eric… Wow… You must’ve been 6 when I saw Ellie last time.” I said smiling.
“We never met. I’ll take dogs for walk, dad.” Eric said.
“Thanks son.” George said and pointed me to living room.
“So… Where’s Ellie?” I asked and sat down to couch.
“You haven’t heard I guess.” He said and sighed when sat to arm chair.
“Heard what?” I asked.
“Ellie died last year.” George said and tear falls to his cheek.
“Wait what?” I asked surprised.
“Cancer. There wasn’t any way to stop it to spread.” He said and sighed.
“Oh God. I had no idea.” I said and my heart started to get broken.
“I’m sorry man. I asked her if she wanted me to tell you, but she said no.”
“Can I go to see her grave?” I asked.
“Of course you can. I can take you there.” George said and stood up.
“Thanks George.” I said in hoarse voice.

We drove to graveyard where Ellie is buried.
I couldn’t believe she’s gone.
I never had a chance now to have her.
She chose George and I respect that.

“Okay we are here. Go through those gates and 5th row on the left. You can’t miss it.” George said.
“You not coming?” I asked when I unbuckled the seatbelt.
“Nah. I think you want to be alone there.”
“Okay. I won’t be long.” I said and opened the car door.
“Take your time, man.” George said after me when I got out.

I walked past the gate and counted rows.
I past 3 rows and I can already see name Burton.
I walked closer, but then suddenly stopped.
I started to cry when I saw her name on the grave stone.
I walked closer to read to be sure it really was her.

Ellie Michelle Burton Gilbert.
Born: August 5th, 1980.
Died: March 3rd, 2018.

Loved wife, sister and mother.
You’ll be missed.

I fall to my knees and started to cry my eyes out.
“Ellie… Gosh I’m so sorry. If you could’ve let George to let me know, I would’ve…”
My voice cracked when I tried to talk.
“I really don’t know what to say. I came to see you and I end up here.”
“This is not fair Ellie. I wanted to be there for you.”
I looked at the grave stone and sighed.
“I’m going to miss you like crazy, Ellie.”

I could just hear her say back to me:
“Don’t miss me too much.”
“This time I’m going to miss you too much.”
I didn’t have no flower to put to her grave or anything so I thought first thing that came to my mind.

** It’s So Cold
In This Room
And I’m Trapped Inside Your Heart
All By Myself
All Alone
In Your Sea
And I’m Sinking Like A Ship
I’m Going Down
I Don’t Want To Live My Life Without You
The Hardest Thing I Ever Do
Is Try To Pick Myself Up Off The Ground

Trying to Outrun All The Memories
But I keep Falling Down
I Keep Falling Down
And It’s Like You Still Gold A Hold On Me
Cause I Keep Falling Down
I Keep Falling Down **

I finished singing the song I wrote for her.
I wrote that song after I saw her last time.
It was now perfect way to sing it to her.
Now I want to say is: “I’ll see you again, my love. Goodbye, Ellie.”

THE END **Nick Carter 'Falling Down'
Chapter End Notes:
Did you cry? ;)