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"Nick! Wake up! Yo Nick!"
That wasn't Carmen.
"Yo Frack!"
That was Brian.

I suddenly opened my eyes and saw that I was back in plane.
It must've been dream. Nightmare to my taste.
"Hey Sleeping Beauty." AJ said and chuckled.
"Gosh... Are we landed yet?" I asked.
"Yes we are landed. Milano, Italy."

I stretched on my seat and looked around until Howie says.
"Man... I think I forget my toothbrush to France."
"I think your wife is gonna let you borrow hers." AJ said chuckling.
"Vete a la mierda, AJ." Howie said.

All 3 of them was laughing, but I wasn't.
They said those words exactly in my dream.
I shake it off my head and stood up to get my carryon bag,
but then I notice woman past us in a hurry.

"She was in a hurry." Brian said and smirked to me.
I didn't replied to him when he looked at me.
I'm looking down, I see wallet on the ground.
I pick it up and quickly took my carryon before running after woman.

I heard AJ shouting after me, but I didn't give a shit.
I was hoping to be faster to reach to Carmen.
In the departure area I saw her hurrying through people and I try to keep up.

"Hey! Carmen!" I shouted.
I sounded like some kind of freak running after a woman.
She must hasn't hear me shouting after her.
She was fast with her feet.

I excuse the young couple when I past them and looked front of me to look for her,
but I didn't see her.

I walked out the airport giving shit if I didn't have my luggage.
When I walked outside, I started to look around to see if I can see her.
I then see her getting inside the car where is standing Riccardo.

I stopped on my tracks and looked when they are just driving away.
I'm planning to follow them.
At least I know the address...
Somehow I had good memory.

I was about to walk to taxi post until I felt hand on my arm.
"Whatta fuck is your problem running like that?!" Mike shouted at me.
"Mike... I have to go. Please let go of my arm." I begged and looked at Mike.

I saw other guys walk outside to me and AJ looks at me confused.
"Where's the fire, Carter?"
I looked at all of them and try to figure out quickly what to say.
"I... I thought I could catch up with woman who dropped this."
I show them wallet and AJ takes it to look at it.

"Pretty. How about just try to call for number." AJ said.
I snap the wallet back from AJ.
"I know that. I just happen to get the address where she lives."
"Why not just leave it to cops?" AJ asked.

I was starting to feel like Deja Vu by hearing him saying same words in my dream.
"We got time till soundcheck, right?" I asked and all of them nods.
"I'll just take it to her. I know the address." I said and walked to taxi.
"Frack wait..." Brian said when walked after me.
"Frick no. I'm not letting you go with me." I said and he looked at me surprised.
"How did you know I was gonna say that?" Brian asked.
"Because I know you that well. Just call the cops if I don't get back to hotel in 3 hours tops."
"Won't get back? Dude... You are taking Q or Mike with you." Brian said.
"No... I need to do this by myself." I said and opened the backseat door to taxi.
"At least tell me where are you going." Brian begged.

I asked same driver that I had in my dream if he got any paper.
He gave me paper and pen and I write down to it address and gave it to Brian.
He looks at the paper and then me.
"3 hours, Brian. That's all I'm asking." I begged and got inside the taxi.

It took 20 minutes this time to get there than 15 minutes.
Driver pulled up to near the house that looked exactly the same as in my dream.
Now I just need to think what am I going to say.

"House creeps me out." driver said.
"Tell me about it." I said and sighed when remember how he said those exact words in my dream.
I looked at the house few more seconds and then looked at driver.
"You'll get 1000 euros to wait near the light post next to mailbox." I said and decided to change the tree for light post instead.
"Yes. I'll wait there." he said.
I got out the taxi and looked driver drove next to light post that looked like it was close to tree also.
Fuck he stopped to same spot like in my dream.

I turned to look at house and this time decided to just open fence gate.
I heard shouting and crying.
Exact same words like in my dream.
I walked to porch and listen.

"Puttana del cazzo!"
"Mi dispiace tanto, Riccardo."
"Sei una puttana, Carmen!"

Great... Those are the same words.
I took deep breathe and knock the door.
Shouting stopped and loud foot steps reach to door.
Door opened and Riccardo was standing there.

"Cosa vuoi, teppista?"
I have no idea what the man just said.
"Sorry. I'm American." I shuttered.
"Oh yeah? What you want motherfucker?"
"Is Carmen Gomez home?" I asked.

I shouldn't ever ask that, I got same answer than in my dream.
"Here no live any that person." He said and slammed the door shut.
Great... What now? I know she's in there.
I walked off the porch and past fence gate when I heard door open behind me.
I turn around and see Carmen walking out the house at me.

"Oh my god! You are Nick Carter!" she gasped.
"Yeah... You are Carmen Gomez?" I asked even I knew who she is.
"That's me. I'm sorry about Riccardo. He's not use to visitors." Carmen said.
"That's ok. I'm here for this." I said and show her the wallet.
"Oh My Gosh... Thank you. I looked for it everywhere." she takes the wallet and smiles.
"You are welcome." I said and looked bit scared that Riccardo would be coming out with the gun.

"How did you know where I live?" she finally asked.
"I have my ways. You know... I'm celebrity." I said smiling.
"Thank you so much bringing this for me." she said and suddenly she hugs me.
"No problem, Carmen." I hugged her back.

We moved away from hug to look at each others eyes and then we heard door open.
We turned to look direction of the house.
Not my surprised, Riccardo walked to us angry.

For my lucky reflex I manage to move both us behind the tree to hide from shot.
"BITCH! Do not hide!" He shouted and then he pulled the trigger.
I heard Carmen scream loud when bullet hit the tree.

"Oh My God! He's going to kill us!" Carmen shouted and cried.
"He won't." I said and started to think.
"Carmen! Puttana traditrice!" Riccardo shouted and pulled the trigger again.
This time it scratch to my shoulder.
"Son of bitch!" I yelled and hold my arm.
"Riccardo! Stop!" Carmen yelled and walked from behind the tree.
"Carmen... Don't..." I said worried and fall to ground leaning against the tree while bleeding.
"You cheating! With him! I saw how you hugged him!" Riccardo shouted and then there was loud bang.

I closed my eyes and waited to feel another shot at me, but I didn't feel anything.
Carmen was standing still in shocked where she was standing front of Riccardo.
I quickly tried to get on my feet to see that she's ok.
Then I saw Riccardo on his knees holding his hand to his chest.

"You... Bitch..." he said and fall down on the ground.
"Riccardo? Oh No... RICCARDO!" Carmen yelled and ran to him.
She pulled him to face to her and looked at lifeless body in her arm.
"Carmen... He's... Dead." I said and fall to ground to sit against the fence.
"I didn't shot him!" she shouted at me.

I looked around to see if I see anyone and then I saw taxi driver standing 10 feet away from us, gun in his hand.
"You?" I questioned and looked at driver.
"All is okay now." driver said.
"Wow... Wait... Wait..." I said and stand up weakly to my feet to look at driver.
"I'm police officer in the cover. We've been looking for this asshole years." taxi driver said.
"You didn't need to shot him!" Carmen shouted angrily.
"He shot Mr. Carter here." Driver said and pointed at me.
"Self-defense?" I questioned and he nodded.

It took an hour when police and ambulance arrived to Carmen's house.
I was sitting in the ambulance while paramedic took care of my arm.
Black SUV car stopped next to taxi and 3 guys got out of it.
AJ, Brian and Howie with our bodyguards.

They were walking toward to ambulance but police men stopped them to not get any closer.
"It's okay, Marz. Let them through." I shouted and groaned.
"Dude. What happened?" AJ asked when walked to me with guys.
"I got shot to shoulder." I said.
"Why?" Howie asked.

I didn't answer and looked to direction of Carmen.
She was talking with some cops on her porch.
Guys looked the direction of where I was looking.
"You got shot by her?" Brian asked.
"What? No... He shot me..." I said and nodded my head to direction of the other ambulance.
"Why did you get shot?" Howie asked for finding answers.
"You wouldn't believe me." I said and chuckled.
"You think it's funny to get shot?" Brian asked.
"I brought her wallet and guy got mad." Nick said.

I heard Carmen's voice near us.
"Why won't you just say that you got shot cause of jealousy?"
"Hey Carmen. You okay?" I asked and smiled.
"I should be asking that." she said and smiled.
"So he got shot because of guy being jealous?" AJ asked and looked at Carmen.
"Yeah. I'm Carmen Gomez. Nice to meet you guys." Carmen said and shook their hands.

We talked few more minutes and said goodbye to Carmen before we moved off the area.
Boys and I sat in the car in silence until AJ said.
"So Nick..."
I lift my head to look at him.
"Got her number?" He asked and smirked.
"Vete a la mierda, AJ." I said laughing.