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“I can’t believe we have our own private plane.” Nick said excitedly as he looked up at the jet sitting on the runway for them to take their 100 hour tour. They were about to make history as the first band to travel to 8 countries in 100 hours and set a Guinness World record. Everybody was very excited for this trip and promo for the Black and Blue album. 

“Well, it’s not technically ours, we are just renting it...but it’s pretty dang cool.” Kevin agreed. When everyone got in the plane they explored it and found out that the beds were kind of small, but there was a huge bed in the back of the plane. 

“I get dibs on the bed!!” AJ yelled excitedly when he saw it. He went to jump in the bed but Kevin put a hand in front of him to block him. 

“I don’t think so. Why don’t we take turns, or we could share.” Kevin said, and AJ’s smile slid right off of his face. Everyone sighed because they knew what was going to happen. 

“Are you crazy? I’m not sharing a bed with Nick. He farts under the covers and then puts the blanket over my head.” Howie complained as Nick laughed and high fived Brian. Howie rolled his eyes because nine times out of ten he was the victim of Nick’s pranks. 

“Let’s play Mario Kart for the bed.” Nick said, pulling out the Nintendo 64 from his duffel bag. A collection of groans from the other guys meant that nobody was interested in the competition. 

“That’s not a fair fight, Nick. We all know you will win that one.” AJ scoffed as Nick   pouted. 

“Hey, that’s not true. Last time we played I totally kicked his ass.” Brian pointed out. 

“Did not.” Nick protested, sticking his tongue out and punching Brian playfully in the arm. Brian hit him back. 

“Did too.” Brian said, sticking out his own tongue back at Nick in retaliation. He shoved Nick and the two of them started wrestling. Kevin sighed.

“Okay, if we are done being children...I have a better way to decide. I’m the oldest and I get dibs.” Kevin said, and everyone disapproved immediately. As the first couple countries came and went, the boys grew more and more tired. They would catch quick naps on the sofa or in chairs. Nick was starting to get restless, rolling on the floor up and down the aisles of the airplane and playing songs on the stereo. AJ was watching him and cracking up, Howie was looking at him and secretly hoping he didn’t get bored. When Nick got bored he usually resorted to picking on him. Kevin on the other hand was not too pleased. He wanted to sleep and didn’t feel like getting up so he tried to sleep in the chair, but nothing seemed to work. His head hurt and his eyes were tired. Everyone was being so loud. 

“Will you sit down? What happened to you and Brian playing video games? I’m trying to take a nap.” Kevin called to him irritably. He didn’t want to admit that sometimes he found Nick quite amusing but today was not one of those times. 

“Sorry, Kev. I’m just so bored. I think Brian’s sleeping anyway.” Nick complained. 

“Go be bored somewhere else, then.” Kevin said, briefly wondering if Brian had snuck to the back and claimed the bed to himself since nobody was paying attention. 

Nick shrugged and got up off the floor, heading off to find Brian. It was quiet once again and Kevin smiled, relishing in his success. He finally fell asleep for a little bit but his headache woke him back up. Kevin was surprised at how quiet it was, and he didn’t see any of the guys around. Where could they have gone? It wasn’t like they could leave the plane, so Kevin got up and looked for them. There were some radio DJs traveling with them but they were doing their own thing in the conference room, talking amongst themselves and planning out interviews. Kevin walked further back into the plane, passing by more couches. 

“Where is everybody at?” he wondered. 

He suddenly realized he already knew. He knew exactly where they’d gone. 

Kevin grabbed his camera that he had been using along the trip to take photos and brought it with him to the back of the plane where he found the other four Backstreet Boys in the king sized bed, all asleep. He smiled at them and took a few pictures, and decided not to wake anyone up. 

"Kevin?" Nick asked sleepily, with one eye open. Kevin laughed because he forgot to turn the flash off on his camera. It must have woken Nick up, who was usually a very heavy sleeper. 

“I just wondered where you all went. I didn’t mean to bother anybody.” Kevin whispered. 

“What are you doing here? I wanted the marshmallows all to myself. You can’t have it, because I found this one and it’s mine.” Nick told him, clutching a pillow in his hand. Kevin realized that Nick was dreaming and had no idea he was even in the room. 

“Sorry, I know how much you wanted it. You can have it.” Kevin said, going along with it and trying not to laugh. 

“Thanks Kevin. You’re the best.” Nick mumbled drowsily, both eyes closed as he buried his face back into the other pillow, which was actually the same one Brian was using. Brian stirred next to him, completely oblivious to the conversation as he snored lightly. He didn’t care that Nick had stolen half of his pillow. Kevin took a couple more pictures and let everyone sleep. 

Later that day when they returned to the plane after another long few hours in another country, Kevin sat down next to Nick as they were taking off. He was smiling. 

“Hey.” Kevin waved, because Nick had headphones on, listening to his CD player on the couch. The faint sound of some kind of rap music blared from them when he took them off. 

“What’s up?” Nick asked. Kevin handed him a bag of large marshmallows. Nick looked at it in confusion. 

“I had someone get these for you earlier today.” Kevin explained even though he didn’t ask why or how. Nick laughed and opened the bag. 

“How did you know I had a craving for these like, all day? I don’t know why, but I just really wanted marshmallows for some reason.” Nick replied with a grin on his face, popping one in his mouth and chewing. He offered the bag to Kevin, who took one. 

“Just a feeling, I guess.” Kevin shrugged. 

“These are really good. Thank you.”  Nick said with his mouth full. Kevin patted him on the back and left him to his music, strolling to the back of the plane where he spied the empty bed. He decided to take a nap there while nobody was occupying it, at least for a hour or so before they landed in the next country. The promo tour was so hectic that the guys took whatever naps they could in between and wondered if there would ever be a time when things would slow down and they could stop to enjoy just being themselves and have a regular life again. It would be a few years before that would happen, but for now he just took things as they came.