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Kevin was nervous as he walked up to the warehouse where he was told to meet the group that he was thinking of joining up with in Orlando after he had auditioned for Lou Pearlman the other day. He was told to come to this warehouse to sing with them to see how they sounded. Looking at the others from afar, he noticed that some of the other boys were very young. 

“Hello, Kevin. Glad you could make it.” Lou greeted him with a big smile. He patted Kevin on the back and Kevin smiled back at him, looking skeptically at the two teenagers across the room. 

“You didn’t tell me they were so young.” Kevin said, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. 

“I thought we should have a variety, and these boys had the best vocal talent of everyone we saw in auditions. I think you’ll fit right in once you get to know them. Give them a chance.” Lou said. Kevin finally went over to the others and introduced himself. 

“Hello, I’m Kevin.” 


“I’m AJ.” 

“Hi, I’m Nick.”

Kevin looked at them and they talked for a little while before they decided to sing a little something to see how they sounded together. When they finished everyone clapped. It was then that Kevin knew that the pieces fit together.

“That was perfect.” Kevin said, looking at the others. They spent a few days rehearsing some of their songs and dances and everyone seemed to be getting along well together. Everyone was happy with how things were going until it was pointed out that four members were not enough for what the group needed to accomplish. 

“There’s one problem though, boys. Most of your music that you will be singing for the performances are a five part harmony.” Lou pointed out. 

“We need another member.” 

“Yeah, I think five would be perfect. We just need one more.” Howie agreed. 

Lou came over to them and they all discussed options. They were planning to hold more auditions. Kevin didn’t like the fact that they were going to have to wait because from the sounds of things the guys had been waiting a while and gone through a few members before they even got him. Would it take just as long to find someone else to round out the group? Suddenly, it dawned on Kevin that his cousin could sing. He wondered if Lou would go for it even if he didn’t audition. 

“Hey, I think I know someone we could get.” 

“Is it someone you know from Disney World?” Johnny, one of their managers asked. 

“No, I have a cousin...his name is Brian. He sings gospel at church, and has great harmony, he has a voice like an angel. I bet if I asked him, he would do it.” Kevin suggested. He knew Brian wasn’t trying to break out into singing and had his sights set on college, but he knew Brian was a fit for this group. Something told him that Brian was the missing piece they needed.

“Get him on the phone and let me hear him sing.” Lou said to everyone’s surprise. Kevin knew Brian was in school so he called the school, who pulled Brian out of class. 

“What’s gong on that couldn’t wait until I was home?” Brian laughed when he found out that Kevin was on the other end of the line. 

“I want you to do me a favor. I need you to sing something for this guy Lou on the phone, he’s looking for a fifth member for the group I just signed with here in Florida. I think it would be a good opportunity for you, I know you can sing really well. Please do this for me.” Kevin begged. 

“I don’t know, cuz. Are you sure about all of this?” Brian asked. He sounded uneasy. Kevin managed to convince him to sing over the phone and Lou sent for him immediately. Everyone was so excited that they had found their fifth member. 

“So what is Brian like?” Nick asked Kevin when they were waiting for him to come down from Kentucky. Kevin didn’t really get along well with Nick in the beginning because of the age difference but he seemed like a nice kid. 

“He’s a little like me.” Kevin said. 

“I hope he’s as cool as you.” Nick replied. Kevin had to laugh. He and Nick had really grown close over the little time they spent together. Nick seemed to follow him like a lost puppy. He was the oldest in his family and didn’t really have anyone to look up to, so Kevin was happy to take on the role of big brother to the others. When Brian finally arrived he sang with them and it was like magic.

The Backstreet Boys had finally found the missing piece of the puzzle and were now complete. They’d go on to work hard for many years and be successful. 

Kevin sat in his office, looking at a photo album of some old pictures from that day the boys had become five. It was like forever ago, hard to believe the ride he had been on until six years ago when he had decided to stop. The last six years had also been an adventure but he was ready to start another one. He’d talk to Brian at the birthday party and get a feel out for how the others would take to him coming back to the band, surely they’d be happy and welcome him back. He was their big brother and they were definitely family. 

Family forever whether they wanted him back or not.