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...Chapter Sixteen...

The next 3 months went by so quickly, I know this sounds bad but Stephanie and I forgot about our mothers anniversary we were just so busy and having to much fun. I remembered it 3days later and Steph and I said a Prayer and lit a candle for her.

Its 5 weeks until I go back to New Zealand and personally I don't wanna go. Steph will though, she misses everyone and I talked to dad the other day and he has let her go back home when she leaves me. She may miss everyone back home but to me this is home, Home is where the heart is people say and my heart is here, with 'my' boys, my friends. I have a feeling they might ask me to stay cuz I have been getting little hints, for example the guys have been making plans for after the tour which include me and also AJ, he hasn't sleep in his own bed since I came back from New Zealand. He's always with me, weather its on the bus or at a hotel. Not that I mind, I actually enjoy waking up to him in the mornings.

‘God, I hope they want me to stay, but if not, I'm still not going back to NZ, I'll probably more to California or some thing. Please can they want me here, PLEEEAASSSEEE!!!’ That's it!! I rung a New Zealand realitor and put my house on the market.

That night around 9pm Steph had gone to bed early so I went to find the guys. I finally found them in Kevin's suite. I walked in and found the guys all looking upset.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"We just realized your leaving in 5 weeks" Brian said

"Yeah I know" I said sadly.

"Well we don't want yo to leave" Kevin said


"Duh, Why would we, you are a part of our lives and we all want you here"

I smiled brightly "Well it's a good thing that I put my house on the market this morning then aye" I laughed.

"So you're staying?" AJ asked looking all hopeful

"Where else would I go, home is where you guys are" I smiled

AJ jumped our of his seat and spun me around while hugging me. The other guys also hugged me.

"Celebration Dinner!" Nick yelled

"Yeah, Michelle's choice" AJ said.

AJ looked at me and I could read him like a book, when it came to food

"I don't want anying fancy or expensive so Micky D's, is that ok with everyone?"

"AJ lit up like a light-bulb "Perfect" he said and put an arm around me.

The guys and I where having a great time at Micky D's just joking around. Some fans knew who we were but left us alone. We had been there for about an hour when I got up to go loo. On my way back to the guys I saw Nikki sitting with a bunch of girls.

“Nikki?” I said walking up to her table

“Oh my gosh, Michelle. How are you?” she asked as she got up to hug me

“I’m fantastic, what are you doing here? I thought you were still in New Zealand”

“Nah I only went to visit my dad”

“Oh, ok”

“Michelle, I would like you to meet my friends – Ashley, Sam, Chloe, and Katie, guys I would like you to meet my angel Michelle, now also known as the ‘Backstreet Angel’”

Ashley gasped “Oh my god, so you do know her”

“yep” Nikki smiled

“Do you think I could borrow Nikki for a couple of minutes? I’ll be back for you girls in a minute” I asked

the girls looked confused but nodded anyway.

Nikki was confused also, but i just pulled her towards the guys and my table.

"guys" i said coming up to the table, getting their attention, Nikki went as white as a ghost, but sooln returned to her normal colour. "I would like you to meet a very good friend of mine Nikki, Nikki meet the Backstreet Boys"

Howie remembered that she was the girl who he spoke to on the phone when Michelle was in New Zealand. Then stood up and kissed her hand.
"So i finally get to meet the sweetheard that i talked to on the phone when Michelle was in NZ"

Nikki was in heaven, Not only did she get to meet the BSB but Howie had remembered hger and called her a sweetheart.

After a couple of minutes I disapeared back to Nikki's friends. "Ok come-on, i would like you to meet someone" "But could you so me a favor, don't make a scene"

"Ok" the girls answered but still didn't understand

I took the girls over to the table where Nikki was sitting, she was sitting next to Howie and having the time of her life by the looks of it.

"guys, i would like you to met Nikki's friends and also my new mates Ashley, Sam, Chloe and Katie"

By the girls reactions i could tell who liked how - Ashley liked Brian, Sam liked AJ, Chloe liked Nick, Katie liked Kevin and ofcourse Nikki liked Howie. After the introductions we all sat down and started talking.

"So, Michelle what are you guys doing here at this time of night" Nikki asked

Aj piped up "Were celebrating" and the rest of the guys smiled remembering why we were at MickyD's in the first place.

"what are you celebrating?"

"Michelle's gonna stay here instead of going back to NZ"

"Really thats fantastic"

Just then my cell-phone rang

"excuse me" i said as i answered it

"hello" on the other end was a very angry Dezerae


Excuse me , its MY house and i can sell it if i want to! i said Angryly

*the guys p.o.v*

We all looked at Michelle, we had never heard her speak that way before

Michelle then excused her self from the table and went outside

Aj turned to the others "Do you know who was on the other end?"

haven't got a clue but i hve never heard her talk like that before" Nick said

"I have once, when she was argueing with Dezerae" Aj said

"Oh Shit, DEZERAE!!" Aj exclaimed

"She must be upset that Michelle's selling her house, since she used to live in it" Brian said

Now all the guys understood

"Excuse me i'm going to see how she is" Aj said then left the table


"Whos Dezerae" Nikki asked

"She used to be Michelle's bestfriend"

"Used to be?"

"Yeah, but i won't day anymnore but i'm sure Michelle will tell you, you are one of her good friends now Nikki"Nick said

"Yeah, and i am glad i met her - i was totally devistated when i heard she was supposably on that plane that went down

"Yeah so were we, but i have to say that AJ was the worst he wouldn't even speak to us" Kevin said

"Are AJ and Michelle together?" Sam asked

"Nah, but we reckon they should be" laughed Brian

"why aren't they together, heck even i can see that they love eachother, or close to love anyway" sam said

"You can?"

"Well duh! Just look at the way they look at eachother and the way AJ just went after her, you can totally tell

"So you wouldn't mind if they got together, we can tell he is your favourite" Howie asked

Sam blushed "Nah, i wouldn't care, Michelle is the koolest, look we just met her briefly and she introduced us to you, What she did for Nikki, she is like the nicest person ever, She would be real good for AJ and i know other fans will feel the same, she really is an angel

"That is so nice of you Sam" Nick said

Sam blushed again "Well i'm just telling the truth"

Meanwhile Outside…My P.O.V

“Dezerae, I can sell MY house if I want to!!”

Aj come out side with out my knowledge

“Our? Where the fuck did you get our from? I am the one who paid for the house and I am no longer going to be living in the house, so i’m selling it!!”

“What did you just call my friends”


Just then AJ put his hand on my sholder, and I jumped a mile, I didn’t know he was there. I smiled a unhappy smile then carried on argueing with Dezerae

“Dezerae, there is no point argueing about this with you, it is my house and I can do what I like and I mean it if ou ever call my friends anything like that ever again I will be on the next flight out to kick your arse… got it?”

Then I hung up. I turned to Aj and he opened up his arms and I flew into them and sobbed. After all Dezerae was my bestfriend fjor the past 5 years and I hated fighting with her.

A couple of minutes past and I pulled away from Aj wiping my tears off my face

“Do you wanna tell me what happened

I sat down and told him the while thing about how Dezerae told me I couldn’t sell my house cuz it was hers to, even thoughi had brought it and how she had call them …(AN: think of the worst thing possible cuz my mind is blank) AJ hugged me and told me everything was going to be fine.

We walked back in and sat down with everyone else. AJ put his arm around my waist without anyone knowing (but Kevin did notice and just smiled)

“Are you ok?” Nick asked

“Yeah I’m fine, thanks though” The guys looked at AJ and he just shook his head as to say everything is fine and we would tell them later.

Nikki turned to me “Shell, can I talk to you for a minute”

“Yeah sure” AJ and Howie moved so we could get out.

We went and sat down in another booth

“Ok what’s up?” I asked

“Ok, you are one of my good friends, well I consider you as my good friend to me” I smiled “And I can tell when something is wrong. What did that person do and say to you on the phone, you don’t have to tell me but I would really like to know why this person has upset you so much since you are one of my friends” Nikki said in one breath

“Ok first off – BREATHE, and I’ll tell you but it is in confidence ok” She nodded ‘yes’ and I went on to tell her about everything Dezerae had done and said to me. Nikki then told me that I didn’t deserve a friend like Dezerae and that I had 10 friends right here in MickyD’s that I could always count on. We hugged and went back to the table and then carried on having a great night.