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..Chapter Five...

AN: hey everyone i just wanna say one thing about this chapter... Some of this chapter is just for fun and far fetched but most of the game "I-Never" is ture, you should be able to tell which is which... I know this chapter isn't the best but the next chapters are better... ok on with the story

"Ok so I will start". I said.

"I never...have been a member of the mile high club" - AJ, Howie, Nick and I took a shot. Then laughed.

Kevin's turn - "I never have had a 3-some with 2 girls" - AJ and I took a shot. AJ raised his eyebrows.

"Ok explain" Nick said

I looked around and saw the curious faces so I decided to tell them. "Ok when I was 15 I liked this guy and so did a friend of mine and he liked the both of us so we made it easy on him, we did everything together and then that lead to sex and I must admit it wasn't a bad experience but he was no good, me and her ended up dumping him and for a year after that we still got together but she moved away but we are still friends."

"So you are gay?" Brian asked

"Oh no definitely not but she was a good lay that's all!"

Nick's turn - "I've never slept with someone more than 10 years my senior" - once again I took a shot.

"Fuck how old were you?" Nick said

"I was 12 going on 13 and he was 23 - he was my first"

"23! Did you DATE him?"

"I will get into that another time ok"

"Yeah ok"

Howie's turn - "I would never sleep with anyone from BSB and if I would take as many shots for people you would sleep with"

I looked at Brian and took a shot, then at Kevin and took a shot, the same with Nick and AJ and there eyes lit up and then I got to Howie, I looked at him and hesitated taking a shot he frowned and I just smiled and downed the last shot.

AJ's turn - "I have never had sex in the back-seat of a car" Everyone but me took a shot.

"Oh come on you have to" Brian said

"Nope. Yeah sure I have had sex in a car but I have never made it to the back seat" I laughed.

"Ok Bri your turn and it's the last question for all of us" I said.

"Ok, um I never have made-love not sex, made-love" Brian, Kevin and Howie took a shot.

"Ok, I totally feel like dancing now" I said then grabbed Howie who was closest and started dancing.

The next thing I know it is morning and I have woken up in my bed with one hell of a hangover. I walked into the kitchen and AJ was there getting coffee.

"Want one?"

"Please" and then handed me a cup

"Mmm thanks" "where is everyone?"

"Still in bed asleep"

"Oh ok, what is the time?"

"10.30, so what you up to tonight? Cuz there is a party us guys have to go to before the tour. Wanna come?"

"Love to, it's a party which you have to dress up aye?"

"Yep, everyone is gonna be there, from us to Mel Gibson. Its sorta a celebrity thing."


"Morn'n y'all. Coffee need coffee" Nick stated coming into the kitchen.

"Hangover?" I asked giving him a cup of coffee.

"Yep, and its one from hell"

"So Nick you looking forward to the party tonight?" AJ asked

"Shit! Is that tonight? I was gonna take you out tonight Michelle"

"Don't worry Nicky, AJ invited me to this party so everything is kool"

"Well since AJ did that, now I don't have to, but you have to save me a dance at the party tonight ok?"

"I'll think about it" I laughed then went up stairs to figure out what the hell I was gonna wear to this party.