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...Chapter Six...

At the Party...
I ended up coming with Nick to the party, but I didn't care, who would?.

"Look there's Kevin" I said walking arm 'n' arm with Nick heading towards Kev and the rest of them but I didn't get that far.

"Michelle you are looking very fine this evening" AJ said

"Why thankyou AJ you aren't looking to bad yourself"

"don't I know it" AJ laughs "Wanna dance?"

"Sure, Nick could you do me a favour and put my bag on the table where we are sitting?"

"Sure no prob"

"Thanks" then I kissed his cheek and headed for the dance floor with AJ.

Nick carried on to the table.

"Nice purse Nick" Kev laughed

"Shut up, its Michelle's"

"Where is she?" Bri asked

"On the dance floor with J" Nick spat out

Kevin looked over and saw us grinding into one-another.

"You're a fantastic dancer" I said in AJ ear when I turned to face him

"Have to be in my line of work, and your not bad your self "

I laughed and said "thanks"

Then a slow song came on.

"Mind if we sit this one out, I need a drink" I asked AJ

"Nah, its kool I need a drink myself. What drink do you want?"

"Vodka and coke thanks"

"I'll take it over to the table"

"K thanks"

I walked to where the other guys were sitting.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"Nothing much but I see you have been having fun on the dance floor with AJ"

"Yep, so far this party has been great"

"Michelle- I would like you to meet my wife Leighanne"

"Hey nice to finally meet you" I said while shaking hands.

"Same here, you're a great dancer, are you AJ's girl?"

"Nah, I'm not, just a friend."

"Oh ok"

"Nicky after AJ comes back with my drink do you wanna dance?"

"Love to"

"Actually I wanna dance now, come on I love this song"

Nick put his beer down and I led him to the dance floor. I put his has on my hips and I started grinding and dirty dancing with him. I was getting so turned on it was not funny.

4 songs later I turned to face Nick "Babe, your really good at this, do you mind if we carry it on later, I need my drink" I laughed

"No prob" Nick replied

We wove through the other couples on the dance floor, hand in hand. We got to the table and everyone was there including another chick.

"Michelle I would like you to meet my wife Kristen, Kristen this is a new friend of ours Michelle" Kev said "Hey nice to meet you, are you dating Nick" Kristen asked

I chuckled "Nice to meet you too, but no I am not dating Nicky" (unfortunately I said in my head)

"What's funny?" AJ asked

"Leighanne asked me if I was your girl AJ and now Kristen asks if I am Nicks girl, I find it funny that's all"

"Oh ok" AJ laughs

"Shit! Dweeb alert" AJ said

"What?" I asked confused

"You'll see" he replied

Just then N*Sync came over

"Hey guys what's up?" Justin asked

"Not much" Howie replied rolling his eyes

I turned around to see 5 guys looking at me.

"Well hello there" Justin said trying to be seductive

"What?" I said already annoyed

"Who are you?" he asked

"I know who I am but who are you?" I asked knowing full well who he was.

"You don't know who I am?" Justin asked bewildered

"No should I?" I said keeping a straight face but it was now getting very hard to accomplish that.

"I'm Justin Timberlake from the band N*Sync"

"nope sorry doesn't ring a bell" I looked at Nick who was also trying to keep a straight face. He knew I knew who they were and I was just taking the piss out of him. Why shouldn't I he was a total sleaze.

"What about if I sing this "Bye Bye Bye"

"Ok see-ya" the turned around, I had to kick Nick so he wouldn't laugh.

Justin and the rest of N*Sync left the table and as soon as they were out of hearing range Nick and I burst out laughing.

"I can not believe you could do all that with a straight face, especially when you saw Justin's face when you didn't know who he was and you kept on dissing him" Nick said

"Well he deserved it, Just because he is apart of N*Sync doesn't mean he can be a total sleaze" I replied

"you know who they are?" Howie asked confused.

"well duh, I don't live under a rock you know"

Everyone clicked and relised what i had just done, then cracked up laughing.