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...Chapter Four...

2 weeks later
26 May 2002

Nick arrived in Auckland New Zealand at 7.30am.

(I had moved out of my father's house and brought one when I won some money at the casino, even though I was under-age but I look older. I moved out 4 months before this day and Dezerae and I are housemates)

9.00am - "Michelle wake-up" Dezerae said shaking me.

"What? Ooh go away" I mumbled

"Nah - you getting up"

"Ok Ok I am up" as I sat up in my bed.

"Happy Birthday Gurl"


I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen only wearing my silk (very fitting) baby-blue nighty.

There was a knock at the front door.

"DEZ- could you get it I haven't had my coffee yet" I yelled

Dezerae laughed "Ok, ok"

Dezerae opened up the door and there stood a gorgeous blonde.

"Well hello there - what can I do for you?" Dezerae said in a seductive voice.

"Yeah hi, Is Michelle home?"

"Yeah hang on. MICHELLE there is a very gorgeous blonde here to see you!" Dez yelled.

I was in the kitchen and heard her. 'huh?' I walked up to the door still not seeing who was there (I am still in my nighty). Dezerae opened up the door wider.

"NICK! Oh My God" I threw myself into his arms. "What are you doing here, come in come in"

"Michelle? Dam girl you're gorgeous" Nick said looking Michelle up and down

"Aww thank you Nicky" "so why are you here? Not that I mind"

"I'm here cuz its your Birthday, and I thought it might me a nice surprise." Nick said smiling.

"It's a fantastic surprise, how long are you here for?" I asked

"3 days then I have to go back"

"Oh ok" I said disappointed

"Ok Michelle who is he?" Dezerae asked. I had totally forgotten about her.

"Oh sorry Dez, Dezerae meet Nick Carter my male best friend, Nick meet Dezerae Smith my female best friend"

"Hey nice to meet you" Nick said

"Yeah same here, Carter, Carter where have I heard that before" Dezerae asked

I laughed, so did Nick "Nick is a member of the Backstreet Boys" I said

"Oh shit, that's why you are so familiar, well welcome to New Zealand, and Michelle why didn't you tell me you knew a Backstreet Boy?"

"Well...truthfully I never thought it was that special, Nick's just as normal as you and me" I said "But where not normal" Dez laughed

"Oh yeah" I laughed and so did Nick.

Nick turned to me and said "by the way I love your outfit"

I looked down and realized I was still wearing my nighty. "Oh shit you should have said something. Nick make yourself at home, Nintendo is in the corner by the tv, coffee in the cubbard and if ya want there is chocy cake in the fridge. Then I ran up stairs to get changed. Before I disappeared I heard Nick laugh "Man she knows me to well". I laughed and carried on.

I came down stairs 20 minutes later with my make-up done perfectly and my favourite outfit on, a Emerald green tummy tank and white short skirt.

"Wow" Nicky said as I walked in.

"Thanks" and I blushed slightly

"Oh, I nearly forgot about this. Happy Birthday" he handed me a gift bag.

"Nick you didn't have to get me anything" I said surprised

"Shut up and just open it"

I laughed and opened up the bag. Inside were 2 parcels. I took the biggest one out first. But before I could open it Nick turned to me and said "And don't you say it is too much, you know I can afford it."

I opened up the box and gasped, inside there was a silver necklace, matching bracelet and matching earrings all of them had my birthstone on them (my birthstone is a Emerald).

"Oh Nick, there gorgeous - you really shouldn't have"

"There's more" Nick smiled

"It better not be to much more Nickolas Gene Carter" I opened up the next box and I was totally confused when I read the piece of paper. The piece of paper said "Go out side". I looked at Nick and he just smiled. I opened up the door and nearly fainted at what I saw. Out side was a brand new HOLDEN HSV - V8 CLUBSPORT (I love Holdens) with a ribbon and bow on it. "Nick I can't take this" I whispered.

"You can and you will, but there is one more but this is for my benefit more than a present for you" Nick handed me an envelope.

I opened it not knowing what to expect. Inside was a plane ticket. "Am I going somewhere?" I asked.

"Hopefully, I want you to come on tour with me and the guys for 5 months - well it's for the whole of the next tour. I know it is a lot to ask but I have met you now and I don't want to let you go yet so please come" Nick pleaded.

"Nicky...(I dragged it out just to annoy him) I would love to" I screeched the last part.

"Really? Great" he said while picking me up and spinning me around.

"Ok, I have 3 days to spend with you then I have to go back and then you come a week later ok?"