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Randy woke some time later, he held his hands over his eyes to wait for them to adjust to the bright light of the room. Once his eyes had adjusted he looked around and saw five men in the outer part of the room. Four pairs of eyes looked at him and the other man seemed to be sleeping. He could see multipul bruises on the man's face and arms.

" Who are you? What do you want with me?"

" We dont want anything from you." Alex shouted.

" Then why am I here?" Randy asked. Howie moaned and rolled onto his side so he could look at the young man in the glass cage where his sister had been earlier.

" Good question." Howie muttered.

" You dont know?" Randy asked shocked. He could have sworn that the men that were holding him in the outter room were talking about the others in the other room. But something about these men told him that what ever was going on wasnt of their doing.

" We don't even know why we're here."

" Well that;s just great." Randy said standing, he placed his hands on the glass and leaned his headagainst it's coolness.

" Looks easy enough." Randy said concentrating on the glass.

" I wouldnt do that." Alex said backing away from the glass. He watched as Randy's eyes began to change colors and the room he was in seemed to fill with electricity.

" He's like Trista."

" So I noticed. What has Trista been hiding from us?" Kevin asked.

" Her entire life."

" D, you know that she would never intentionally lie to us."

" She never would?Then what was that? What is this? I just got the hell beat outta me just because someone thought it was funny? Fuck you Kevin." Howie growled. Alex had to admit his friend had a right to be angry but it couldnt entirely be Trista's fault.


" What do you want?" Trista hissed trying to free her arms from their confines. She had woke up and found herself strapped to a chair and blindfolded. She could hear someone in the room with her but she wasnt entirely sure.

" Why you of course. You and that boy I found will breed me a new form of warrior.."

" The hell I will." Trista hissed.

" Oh you will my dear. You will and it will be the strongest and most powerful mixing of your DNA with another."

" I already have someone thanks."

" AH yes Mr. Richardson, but you see Trista he's just a normal human. But Randy he's special hes the one we want with you."

" I will never do that. I will never betray Kevin that way."

" You will do as your told or you can watch your beloved die first."

" Not before I kill you." Trisa said as electical currently came from her finger tips. Keith backed away from her, he knew her power relied on her being able to see her prey.

" You can't do anything to me. You can't even see me."

" Try me. My gift usually comes from my eyes and my hands. Or have you forgotten that already?" Trisa asked her voice dripping of sarcasum. Keith couldn't believe how powerful she truly was.

" You need to calm down, or I'll give you something to calm you down."

" You can try like hell. " Trista said calmly. She raised her hands as best she could. Electricity shot from her fingers, Keith backed as he felt one shoot past his arm. He suddenly hissed in pain as he felt one slice threw his leg as if it were butter.

" Bitch!"

" Then let me go." Trista hissed.

" Never. Take her back to the cell."

" Yes Keith. Come on back to your friends." Billy said placing his gloved hand on her shoulder. Trista growled but allowed Billy to lead her from the room.

" You will pay for that. And you will learn to do as your told Trista Or I'll kill each and everyone of those men while you watch helplessly. And I'll start with your beloved. "