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" Trista, you ok?" Kevin asked moving foward towards the glass.

" Yeah I am fine. Howie? Howie I am sorry. I never meant to keep this from you. I thought it was safer." Trista said, ignoring the fact a young man was sitting in the corner and watching her. Howie looked up towards Trista, she could see he was angry. Tears sparked as they rolled down her cheeks.

" You lied to me."

" I thought this was safer."


" I'm sorry. I am so sorry." Trista cried. The harder she cried the more her skin seemed to spark. Randy moved forward from the corner he was in and pulled Trista into his arms. Randy's eyes sparkled with electricty was he looked towards the five men.

" This is a curse and a gift at the same time. We take it but we hide it was well. People with this power hide from everyone. We dont want people hurt because of this. But instead what we try to protect is what get's us hurt in the end." Randy said.

" I'm sorry Tris, you know I didnt want bad things to happen to you. But this I dont know." Howie said looking at her. He watched as Randy tried to calm Trista. THe electrical sparks that flew between the two could light the city of Denver for a month. He was intregued by what he saw.

" D, she's up set."

" I know. I wish I could hold her tell her that I didnt mean to make her upset."

" I know so do I." Kevin said looking back towards Randy and Trista. He was jelous but happy she had someone that could understand her problem.

" I want to know more about this boy." Kevin said sitting down on the floor.


" Tell me about you." Trista said once she had stopped crying. Randy had felt like he had been holding her for a life time. Something about her brought back memories he thought he had long since forgotten.

" I am Randy Crieg Martin." Randy said with a small smile. " But you can call me Randy." Randy knew all eyes where on him interested in knowing how his powers had come to be and how he had hidden from the world.


It had been six weeks before. Randy smiled and stretched out his stiff muscles. He never understood why or how he could be happy when he had spent the last ten years hiding from the world.

" Randy you best find a job today."

" Yeah Yeah" Randy answered as he flopped down onto the couch.

" Don't yeah yeah me. You need to find something to do."

" I will. Steph you've been good to me. Dont worry I will not let you down." Randy said.

" Good, now I am going to work." Steph said giving him a quick kiss. Randy smiled and watched as Steph left him alone in her small apartment. Randy raised his hand and let sparks come from his finger tips, he made it dance on his fingers. He smiled and then flicked the sparks out into the room and watched them disappear. He heard a gasp from behind him Randy stood and spun around to see Steph standing in the doorway clutching her purse close to her.

" I..I forgot my purse." She stuttered. Randy took a step forward.

" Don't" Steph said raising her hands.

" Steph? What's wrong?" Randy asked calmly.

" You're that freak they're looking for." She said.

" Steph you've known me since we were kids. I am as normal as you are."

" Then what the fuck was that?" She nearly shouted.

" oh that? Something I've always been able to do. Come on Steph do you really think I'd do anything to you?"

" No, but I'm scared that those men will come here looking for you."

" I would never allow them to hurt you. You know that."

" I dont know that Randy. You should have been honest with me from the start. You never should have lied I would have hidden you."

" What are you talking about?" Randy asked. That's when he noticed them standing behind her. The ones that would be holding him hostage now. Randy backed away and looked towards his now once friend. Randy raised his hand and shot electricity from his fingers and into Steph's surprized body. Randy turned his attention to the men that stood near her now unconscous body. He shot bolts from his fingers. He felt a stinging and saw a dart sticking out of his chest. He shot bolts from his fingers and eyes once more before falling unconscous to the floor.


Trista looked at him with sadness in her deep blue eyes.

" I'm sorry. that's the ultimate betrayle." She said placing her hand on his shoulder.

" She had always known. She never let on and hten betrayed me." Randy said looking at her. He knew how she understood.

" Well then we have something in common. Trista betrayed us." Howie grumbled.

" I didnt betray you." Trista hissed turning her attention to her brother. She reached out to touch the glass only to find it was gone. Her eyes flashed with electiricty as they seemed to almost surround her head as her own anger began to build.

" Trista calm down Howie didnt mean it." Kevin said stepping between them.

" Bull shit he didnt mean it. He's as bad as those people who had tested me when I was a child. Freak they would call me. Is that what you think Howie?"

" No." Howie siad lowering his eyes.

" THen why accuse me of betraying you?"

" I didnt mean it. Trista honey you know I would never think of you as a freak." Howie said.

" But Howie you did. You siad you didnt know what to do. You said I betrayed you."

" I didnt. But I would never think of you as a freak your my little sister. You where scared and alone when you came to stay with my family. I wont ever let anyone hurt you." Howie said touching her arm. He could see his words were calming her.