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Trista sat cross legged on the floor of the cell they were being held in. Randy sat against the wall watching the group.

" Tell me about you/" Randy said looking at her.

" About what?" She asked looking at him.

" Anything from what I understood while I was in that room your not Howie's Blood sister?"

" Nope I'm not. But there really isnt much to tell."

" Trista, you were missing for over a year." Howie said looking at his sister.

" Yes that I was. For over a year I spent being tested on. Things began to run together. I didnt know one day from the next."

" Tested on?" Randy asked. Everyone had been thinking it but Randy voiced the question.


Trista had walked away from the venue, a huge smile on her facing knowing her brother was happy and so was she. Kevin made her the happiest woman in the world. Nothing could make her upset. Later that night when her and Kevin had returned to the hotel room alone she was going to finally tell him her secret she would tell him and pray that he didnt turn her away. She loved him more than life itself and couldnt bare being apart from him. She had decided to take a walk outside around the venue to clear her head why the others finished up. The body guards hadnt seen her slip away and she hoped they wouldnt notice.

" Hello Trista." An evil voice said from behind her. Trista turned around surprized that someone other than the bodyguards or the boys knew who she was. She looked at the man courously and then backed up as he reached out for her arm.

" Get away from me." Trista said as her eyes began to glow. The man grabbed her arm and plunged a needle into it. Trista tried to shoot off a few bolts when she colapsed into the mans arms. He lifted her into the waiting van.

" Take her to the facility."

" Yes sir."

Trista woke a few hours later to find she was strapped to a table.

" Where am I?" She muttered looking around the room. The table seemed to be made of a hard plastic so that made her ablities usless at this point. The room wasnt any better with strange padding on the walls. She saw a man enter the room with a small tray in his hands.

" Why am I here?" She asked."

" Because your special. We want to find out why." He answered as he watched her try to free her arms.

" Now first we will try and find out how much wattage your body can handle. Since your putting out alot we will start with that and work up." He said looking at her. He placed two wires on her forehead and then one on each side of her chest. He reached over and flipped the switch. He watched as Trista's body arched as the current ran threw it. She never screamed and he wanted to see how much she could handle so he turned it up as far as it would go. Trista's painful screamed fillted the small room. Trista had lost track of how long she had been there it just felt like forever as they did everything possiable including assulting her physiclly. All she knew was that she wanted out and she wanted to kill someone. They had played with her mind and her body trying to find out what had caused her to become what she was. She had heard that it was genetic and that it was a family traite but they couldnt find anything that went with that since she was adopted saying her family had died in a car crash. When everthing seemed to stop Trista awoke to find herself laying on a comfortable bed in a large hotel room.


" That's when I found you. I was so surprized to find you there." Kevin said wrapping his arms around her. Trista leaned back against him as she felt Randy take her hand in his.

" That's alot for someone to go threw."

" About as much as you went threw. I had a family before I became a Dorough. I was ripped from them when I was little. I cant remember if I was hidden with the Doroughs or if I was kidnapped and that's where I found myself. But what ever I would have never changed ending up there. I love them all so much. " Trista said looking at Howie. Howie smiled and understood how much knowing her real family meant to her and if they lived threw this he vowed he would find them.