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" What do you want to do with them?"

" What do you mean?" Keith asked.

" We cant breed those two." Billy answered him. Keith looked at him strangely.

" And why the hell not? They are perfect."

" The DNA test I ran on them shows they are siblings."

" What? That's impossiable."

" Trista is the sister Randy was talking about. But there is some good news."

" And that would be?"

" The fiancee has powers of his own. I'm not entirely sure what that power is right now. But we can test that."

" Hmm that we can. And how about we do that right now."

" Alright but she's not going to let me take him freely. She's not in the cage anymore."

" FIll the room with the sleeping gas. Then take him from the room once they are unconscous."

" Will do." Billy said pressing the button. Keith watched threw the tinted glass as the people inside the room collapsed unconscous to the floor. Billy waited till the room had cleared and then walked into the room and dragged Kevin from it.


When Trista woke she found that Kevin was gone.

" Bastards give him back. GIVE HIM BACK!" Trista cried banging her hands on the door. Alex stood and tried to pull her into his arms, he jumped back as sparks flew from her body. Randy stood and watched as Trista's anger began to build. He could see she was getting madder and madder by the second.

" I'd find a safe place to hide. If she get's any angrier she's going to blow. And that means her powers will go wakie."

" Where are we going to hide?" Nick asked fear filling his voice, he had never been afraid of Trista.

" Where we were being held the glass is reenforced. That was how they were able to keep us in there." Randy answered as he watched Trista nearly glowing form in the middle of the room. Alex helped Howie up and moved behind the glass wall. Brian and Nick hurried to join them as Trista let out a blood curdling scream and the room light up as electrical bolts came from her body. Randy had braced his body for the impact but still ending landing hard on the floor on the far side of the small room.