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Kevin woke to find himself strapped to a table.

" What the hell?"

" Welcome back to the land of the living Mr. Richardson."

" What the hell do you want with me?" Kevin spat.

" To run a few tests. thats all." Keith said.

" What kind of tests require me to be strapped to a table?" Kevin asked anger apparent in his deep green eyes.

" One that will hurt alot." Keith said with an evil smile. Kevin struggled with the straps that held him in place.

" I'd stop even Trista couldnt break those."

" I'm not Trista." Kevin answered as his green eyes began to almost glow. Keith backed away from him as the straps unhooked themselves and Kevin stood.

" Well isnt that interesting."

" Now let me and my friends go." Kevin nearly growled.

" Not a chance. You and Trista will make wonderful soldures."

" And that will be a cold day in hell before we do anything like that." Kevin growled. Keith looked towards the tinted glass just as it shook.

" Sounds like your little angel just exploded." Keith said with a laugh. Kevin turned his attention to the sound and suddenly felt a needle prick and then saw Bily backing away. Kevin turned towards him and Billy flew across the room just as Kevin fell unconscous to the floor.

" Telecanetic. Very interesting. What about the other girl?"

" You mean Steph? The one that betrayed young Randy?"

" Yep. Did you find out what gift is hers?"

" Yes I did. She seems to be able to control the weather conditions if she's angry it's hailing. It's rather interesting." Billy said.

" Perfect. Four perfect specimens. This could have worked out better. Take her and reunite her with her friend." Keith said smiling,

" On this should be fun. What about him?" Billy asked looking down at Kevin.

" Return him to Trista. For now."


" Trista, calm down." Randy said trying to stand. Howie's calm voice suddenly could be heard over the noise.

" Honey, they'll give him back. Just calm down please." Howie begged trying to make his way around the glass.

" Howie don't she could hurt you." Alex said trying to grab his friend's arm.

" She wont hurt me." Howie said moving around the glass. Trista turn towards him, tears rolling freely down her cheeks. Howie opened his arms and it was as if she was that frightened child again she rushed into his embrase. Randy slid down the wall gasping for air. He had never seen anyone so angry before. He watched as Howie calmed her and that's when he saw it. Running over he moved her hair.

" Oh my god." Randy said.

" What?" Alex asked looking at the back of Trista's neck.

" My..My sister had the same birthmark in the same place. I was so young when I was told she died but I remember it very well. it was a rather strange mark." Randy said,

" could it be true?" Alex asked. Trista looked at Randy, it had been so long she barely remembered her former name. All eyes suddenly snapped towards the glass cage as it slowly sealed shut and then someone was shoved inside. Then the large door opened and Kevin was dropped on the floor. Trista rushed to his side forgetting for a moment the question that lingered in the air.

" He's been drugged. He'll be out for a while. Now who's our new friend?" Trista asked turning and looking at the girl.

" Steph!" Randy hissed, the air started to crackle.

" Not again." Alex said backing up.

" Randy stop." Trista said moving forward. " She's here for a reason and it's not for a social call. The way she was brought in tells me she's special like us."

" I dont care. She nearly got me killed." Randy said looking into Trista's eyes.

" I didnt have a choice. I ended up getting tested on anyways. They promised me they wouldnt hurt you. They promised me they'd leave me aloneYet here I am." Steph said, she looked at Trista and narrowed her eyes as if she remembered her.

" Christina? Oh my god your alive. After all these years. Randy I told you that girl I saw on tv was her."

" The name is Trista. Trista Dorough. I dont know you."

" With all the testing they did I am not surprized at all. But Randy that's your sister."

" Thanks for the FYI I fogired that out on my won. She's got a birthmark like Chrissy."

" Even if I am her I will never be Christina again."

" Hey I totally understand and would never expect you to be her. I've seen who you are now and how much Howie over there loves you. And how much you fiancee Kevin loves you." Randy said. Trista nodded and turned her attention back to Kevin. Randy looked back at Steph.