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" When do we do it?" Billy asked watching the group inside the room.

" Soon it seems our siblings have found each other. And did you see that display of power out of Trista?"

" Yes I did. She knocked Randy off his feet and across the room. And it seems as if her brother has some kind of calming effect. Howard is good for that. We have to keep him around Keith ya know to keep her in line."

" Yes that we might. For a while anyways."

" You going to kill the other three?" Billy asked.

" Ah you mean Brian, Nick and Alexander? Not really sure yet. We could geneticlly alter them. Maybe mess with their minds make them our servents. I am not sure yet."

" Sounds interesting."

" I want one that can keep Trista in line. That would be Howard. The other three are of little use to me. BUt for now I want Nick brought to me."

" She's still pretty angry after we took her boyfriend out of there. DO you really think she'll let us anywhere near any of them?"

" Kevin will. I made sure he will follow my every command. Messing with someone's mind is an easy task.

" I was wondering what you were upto with him while he was unconscous."

" I couldnt control Trista. Her mind is to strong. But Kevin his was easier, since he still isnt really able to use his powers as he'd like I can use him just like a puppet." Keith said with an evil grin.

" So do it. Show me that you've perfected your mind control." Billy said looking at him.


Kevin woke suddenly his green eyes scanning the room nervously.

" Hey you ok?" Trista asked feeling him jerk awake.

" Yeah. They didnt hurt me. But I found out a secret of my own."

" What's that?" She asked tipping her head curously.

" I have powers of my own it seems. I can move things with my mind." Kevin said looking at the group.

" Wow. And your alright with that?"

" Yeah as long as I've got you. I can handle anything." Kevin said pulling her close. His green eyes suddenly began to glow and he held her tighter as if he was going to disappear any second.

" I love you." He whispered in her ear before he mentally tossed her across the room and pinned her to the wall.

" Kevin?" Trista said trying to free herself from the unseen grasp.

" Kevin what the hell are you doing?" Howie asked moving forward.

" What I was told to do." Kevin said mindlessly. He reached out and grabbed Nick by the throat and pulled him close.

" Let him go." Alex hissed as suddely flames burst forth from his fingers.

" Holy shit." Randy said backing up into the glass cage only to jump forward by the sudden shock.

" Is anyone else hiding something?" Brina asked looking around.

" Hey I didnt even know I could do this." Alex said never taking his eyes off Kevin.

" Kevin my love. Please I beg you don't do this. He's your friend. Kevin please." Trista begged. Kevin looked at her, she could see his eyes where empty as if he wasnt even there. " Randy make him stop."

" Alright." Randy said raising his hand and shooting electrial bolts from his fingers hitting Kevin dead in the chest. Kevin dropped Nick hard on the floor and looked at Randy.

" You little bastard." Kevin growled looking at him pure hatred in his deep green eyes. Steph wanted to help them but from where she was she was useless to them as she banged her hands on the glass.

" You can't keep us both at bay." Randy said raising his other hand.

" I could just crush her." Kevin said his voice void of emotion. Randy turned and looked towards Trista as she suddenly gasped and began choking.

" You'd kill the woman that you love?" Randy asked looking at him. Alex watched from his vantage point waiting for anything to happen. He didnt want to hurt Kevin but would if he had to. But something something in Kevin's eyes told him he had partail or was trying to gain control.

" That's right Kevin. Do you really want to hurt her?" Howie asked Alex moved foward suddenly, kevin narrowed his eyes and tighted his unseen grip on Trista. Trista began gasping for air and clawing at the unseen hands. Trista's body finally went limp and she became still.

" Shit. You've killed her." Randy said running to his sister. He had only known her for a few short hours but she was still his. " Look what you did.!" Randy shouted looking at Kevin.

" Kevin, please let her go. I'll go where ever you want just dont hurt her anymore. You said you loved her, Prove it."" Nick siad pleading with Kevin. His hands on his friends arm trying to make him see what he had done.

" My love." Kevin said quietly as he lowered his arms letting Trista's unconscous body fall to the floor.

" Thank god. How is she Randy?" Howie asked not daring to move.

" She's breathing. Kevin she;s breathing. You didnt kill her." Randy said looking towards the confused man. Nick watched as Kevin's deep green eyes seemed to almost soften as he looked at Trista. Kevin walked over and lifted Trista into his arms and walked over and lay her on one of the small beds. He brushed her hair from her face.

" God what have I done? I couldnt control myself. I hurt her."

" Kevin you didnt mean it. You had no control."

" I could have been stronger but I wasnt and I hurt her."

" She will understand. She loves you. Sit here with her." Randy said as he walked away from him. Kevin moved Trista's hair from her face again he could see the deep purple bruises forming on her throat.

" God I am so sorry." Kevin sobbed as he lay his head on her chest holding her close. He could have killed her and for a short moment he wouldnt have cared. And that scared him more than anything in this world.