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"BIANCA!! get your ass out of bed or you'll be late for school!" Logan yelled,"Bianca Lawson did you here me?!?" he yelled again."Yes ,yes ok I'm up alright"Bianca yelled back to him.
She went over to her radio and turned up the volume,Brittney Spears's 'Everytime' song was playing."What the hell is this crap?" Bianca said to herself, she flipped the station knob around a bit then setteled on a station Good Charlotte's 'Riot Girl' was playing "This is more like it "she said.
Bianca headed towards her closet and grabbed her black tank top with the zipper down the middle and a pair of black jeans, then she got her brush and a scrunchie and with ease put her hair in a sloppy pony-tail.Just then Logan's big rottweiler San Lorenzo came into her room,he was huge but he was as gentle as a puppy.
"Hey Renzo"she said to him as if he was a person,he came up to her and whined "Ok I'll feed you just let me check my e-mail first" Bianca told him.
Katrina Bianca's 13 year old sister stormed into her room and came up beside Bianca."What?"
Bianca said without even glancing at her "You better get down here Logan is having a fit" Katrina said with a worried expression. Bianca looked her sister up and down,she envied Katrina she had beautiful,long red hair and elegant blue eyes .Then Bianca noticed her eye ,"Katrina did Logan hit you again?" she asked .Katrina stalled for a few seconds then told her .Bianca hated Logan he was an abusive alcholic who beated her family Katrina had even said he raped her once.
"Bianca, Katrina!!! get down here now the bus is here!!"Jaqueline their mother yelled "Okay be down in a sec!!"Bianca yelled back as Katrina left to get her backpack.
"Guess I'll just have to wait 'till later" Bianca said to herself as she got her bag and left.