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Chapter Four: Meet Your Destiny

Her yells rang through his head in his slumber as he roused up from a distance screaming. Struggling to sit up, A.J. stumbles out of his apartment, gazing down at the corridor at the dimly lit hallway. His mouth drops open at the sight of the blood streaked handprints and blood trails smeared across the white marble walls all the way down to the stairwell exit. Gulping, he slowly walks down the eerily dimly golden lit hallway, his eyes glancing to and fro to the dripping trail of crimson liquid splashed across the walls.

“What the hell happened here?” He murmurs to himself, his bare feet touch the cold living fluid on the floor, the blood caressing his toes as he continues to walk down slowly. His feet drenched in the liquid, he makes his way to the end of the hallway passing each apartment that seemed streaked with blood on the outside doorway.

He exhales slowly, feeling a damp chill embrace him in the hallway. Reaching the end of the hallway, still confused on who could have done such a horrible massacre, he feels eyes prodding behind him. Slowly turning, he eyes locked on to the two women from the cemetery last night that crept him out badly. Shivering, he stumbles back against the railing of the lavish balcony the floor has, expanding around in an oval shape. His dark chocolate eyes gaze at the two women. The more taller caramel complexioned, dark haired women with steely blue gray eyes tilts her head at the man from across the hallway with a deviant smile.

She smiles, her light eyes glitter in the dimming light as a small sparkle from her nose and eyebrow ring give off a small glow. Pointing at him, she laughs, her smile carves into a taunting grin as her laughter resounds and echoes off around them.

“You have something I want!” The woman calls out loudly, standing straight as a cold breeze filters down the hallway.

A.J. grips the balcony behind, pressing his back against it while his eyes remained locked on the two women. “Who…who are you?” He chokes out, slightly shivering knowing something about them wasn’t right. He gazes at their blood streaked white summer dresses as their fangs gleamed brightly in the light.

“I am everything you’re not.” The more petite woman hisses out, her bright brown and green eyes give off a hint of glow in the light. Her long dark hair flutters in the cold breeze as she takes a step forward, her white summer dress now stained in the rich blood, clings to her curves.

A.J. watches them both and gulps as the women begin to ascend to him, walking quickly to reach him. He tries to move his feet but remained frozen in place at the shock takes over him. Gasping for air, his eyes remained on them inches away from touching him. In a final attempt to escape from their grasp, he gasps and leans further back over the railing as the women’s hands lie centimeters from reaching his neck. He slips and feels his body slip off the ledge and flips over the rail, falling towards the ground. He screams out, flailing his arms in the air above him as the two women laugh and disappear from his view. His screams echo in the night outside the lavish hotel as Kevin looks up at the threshold of the entrance of the hotel.

Gasping, Kevin races into the lobby of the hotel, his footsteps pound against the marble tiles as he slides into the large oval interior of the hotel. “A.J.!” He yells rushing over to see A.J. lying on his back on the ground as two security men look and check him over. Kevin gulps and looks up to see a shadow figure up on the balcony before looking back at A.J. lying still on the floor, his eyes closed.

Kevin narrows his eyes at the security guards who seemed worried and began dialing for help. He sighs and looks over to see Brian and Howie on the second floor balcony watching in shock as they gulp and began to scream out “Thief” to distract the security guards. Kevin smiles and kneels down next to A.J. as the security guards glance at him.

“Sir, are you gonna stay here until the ambulance arrives for this man?” One of the men asked, before taking off to find out who was responsible for all this. Kevin nods as the security guard takes off with his partner to track down the so called thief.

Once the area was vacant of the security and vacant, Kevin looks down at A.J. and smirks.

Snapping open his eyes, A.J. bolts up and lands on his feet hissing out: “Damn! That would have killed me if I was human.” He rasped out as Kevin chuckles.

“What happened?” Kevin whispers out, watching the guards reach Howie and Brian on the balcony above them.

Gulping, A.J. places his hands on Kevin’s shoulders: “It’s them! Dude…I saw them!”

“Saw who?”

“The chicks from the grave yard! They were going after me!”

Kevin sighs and steps back: “They’re here. They managed to make it in here.”

“Who are they?! You didn’t tell me who they were!” A.J. hisses out, running a hand down his goatee.

“I think it could be the two queens.”

“Of the dead? Are you kidding me? They’re dead.” A.J. rasped out, frowning.

“Well who else you think I’m talking about? Look they’re obviously out for something and now the question is what is it they’re looking for?” Kevin whispers looking around the premise.

Snorting, A.J. shakes his head in disgust. “Well that’s just nice, now isn’t?”

Kevin sighs, “Yeah well…let’s go get the others.” And he heads off to meet up with Howie and Brian who points somewhere to distract the guards.


He exhales slowly, shuddering at the cold air passing through the upper blood stained hallway where A.J. had passed only a few before hand. Stepping in to A.J. vacant hotel suite, he walks into the dark room, scanning the walls. Nick gazes at the bloody words smeared across the walls, his mouth dropping open at the words. “Holy…” He whispers out, stepping back, stumbling over a chair as his eyes remained fixated on the white wall, the haunting words gleaming back at him as he breathes out heavily.

Howie and Brian rush into the room behind Nick gasping at the words.

“Who…who did that?” Brian whispers out, mouthing out the words over and over again.

Kevin steps up to the wall, passing a small flashlight over the words reading it out loud for all to hear: “We come for you, do not hide. We shall find you and take what is needed.”

“Well those are always encouraging words.” Howie murmurs out, rolling his eyes as they sigh, gathering around the wall each picking up a rag and cleaning the fresh blood off the wall.