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Bree was happy to see her friends rush to her with open arms; she wondered exactly how much longer those arms would remain open and welcoming. Hermione was the first to greet her; they hugged as though it had been months since that last spoke instead of weeks. And those weeks had been some of the most awful of Bree’s life thus far. Bree had tears in her eyes as she pulled away from her best girlfriend, tears that Dougie noticed first.
“Bree, what has kept you from us for so long, that is so unlike you.” He said as he pulled her in for another hug. Bree was unable to keep her sorrow inside any longer, she burst into tears and pulled up her left sleeve.
There was a collective gasp as the Order stared at her outstretched arm.
“The dark mark!” Mrs.Weasley exclaimed, “Why sweetie, why would you do that???” she asked stunned. Bree found her voice and began the explanation that she owed her friends.
“I had no choice, my father held me down while Lord Voldemort laughed.” She could not meet their eyes; the shame she would see there would break her heart.
“He wants me to use my talents for his cause, I think that they suspect I was helping the Order…” she was having trouble talking, “…he says that if I do not help them they will kill everyone that I love.” She looked right at Harry when she said this, everyone knew that the Dark Lord had guaranteed vengeance against Harry, but when Draco told him that Bree had been cavorting with Harry it was all the more urgent for Voldemort to succeed. Brianna’s talents were too important for Voldemort to let them fall into the “enemy’s” hands.
“He wants me to invade your minds to get inside information, he actually thinks that I would spy on you. I refuse, my mind is stronger than his and he knows it. He wants to use Draco and my folks to bully me into it. BUT I AM STRONGER THAN THEM!!!” she yelled, more to herself than anyone else.
“I have come to tell you that as soon as I turn 18 Draco and I are to be married. Then I will be less able to come to you, we need a better means of communication.” She said. McGonagall was the first to pose a question after Bree’s disturbing announcement.
“Brianna,” she moved closer to Bree, “Will you be returning to school at the end of the summer holiday?” she asked. “It is your last year, surely your parents wish you to graduate from school.”
“Of course, but how will I hide this abomination…” she held up her left arm, “…from my fellow Gryffindors? I don’t want anyone else to know” she said, ashamed.
“Well dear, there is a spell that I can cast that will cause people who do not know about the mark to be unable to see it. However, those of us that know it is there will still see.” She said, Bree’s spirits lifted immediately.
“Seriously, you can do that?!?!” Bree asked. Minerva nodded.
“Oh thank you Professor!” Bree exclaimed as she hugged the older woman. Bree was so relieved that she almost forgot about the time.
“Oh one more thing, if I start acting odd, you know doing things that you know I would not do…then they have put me under the Imperius curse. I was threatened with it all ready and they will not hesitate to use it on me to get what they want.” She said.
“Oh dear,” she looked at her watch, “I must be going, my family will start noticing that I’m gone. Thank you all for being so understanding and supportive. I’ll miss you all, see you again soon, I promise.” She said as she walked out the door.

When she arrived home she was greeted by her VERY angry father.
“Out.” She said and walked into the drafty house.
“Your disrespectful tone will not be tolerated in this house. If I find out that you were with…” he looked like he had tasted something disgusting, ”… those Blood Traitors. So help me Brianna. All your mother and I want is for you to live up to your heritage. Hanging around with the likes of them tarnishes our good name.” He stated.
“Father, do we have to go into this. I have done all that you have asked of me, I am branded for life,” she held out her arm, “and I have agreed to marry Draco so that you and mother will not loose face among your peers. Is it so much to ask that you allow me a little privacy?” she was begging her father to drop it.
“So be it, but I am serious. When you return to school I expect you to request a house transfer and you will spend ALL your free time with Draco. That is my final word.” He turned and walked away, his daughter was devastated.
“A house transfer?” she thought to herself, “I can get out of that, McGonagall would never allow it.” At least that much she knew, her father may accept that as out of her hands but Draco all the time. She may not have to marry after all. If she had to spent that much time with him she might just kill him before the school year ended. This thought put a smile on her face.