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She knew that she would be able to finish school before she had to retire the Galleon communication system, but that didn’t mean that she had to wait until then to solve the problem. And then it hit her, surely the Malfoys would have a painting of Sirius somewhere, he was after all, part of their family. Narcissa was his cousin, perhaps on one of her many trips to the Malfoy estate (Narcissa insisted on planning the Wedding) she could slip away and scour the attic, she knew that they would not have it hanging in sight. And there would certainly be a painting of Sirius in Headquarters, especially since Harry missed him so dearly. Yes that was what she would do, find a painting of Sirius and use that…she would have to leave it in the attic though which posed a little problem, but that was nothing that she couldn’t think about later.
The end of the summer was rapidly approaching and Bree was looking forward to the new school year, her last year at Hogwarts. She sat down at her desk and penned a note to the new Headmistress.

~Dearest Professor McGonagall;
My parents have asked that I request a house transfer, as you know my whole family has been in Slytherin and no doubt that is where they want me to be as well. So I am regretfully sending this request, please address the return Owl with your answer to my parents, as they are more likely to accept any denials you may send if it comes straight to them. Were I to give it to them they would most likely think that I tampered with it in some way.

~Please and Thank You
~Brianna Wolfe

She retrieved her owl and put a charm of her own making on the parchment, so that if any person aside from McGonagall read it, it would appear to be a neutral request for House transfer, exactly what her parents wanted. She was quite pleased with her newest spell. She hoped that it would work the way she needed it too. She sent the owl off to Hogwarts; she couldn’t risk sending it to headquarters. When she was finished she went to bed, her school list would arrive in the morning and then she would be off to Diagon Alley, and to her friends that were sure to be waiting there for her arrival. They always met to purchase school supplies together, whether her parents liked it or not. But she knew that they would not object to the trip, they knew that she needed to go.
The next morning she went downstairs to breakfast, her mother was sitting at the table reading the Daily Prophet and nonchalantly waving her wand about, which was resulting in breakfast. A most delicious smelling fry-up that Bree was anxious to gobble up. She sat down to the table and greeted her mother.
“Good morning mum, did you sleep well?” she asked. Her mother didn’t even look up from the Prophet.
“As well as I could with your father complaining all night about his only daughter.” She looked up and smiled at Bree. Her mother didn’t agree with Bree being part of Voldemort’s cause, she was actually against the circumstances under which Bree had been marked. She believed that Bree should be able to live her life, make her own choices. However she was also the old fashioned type that believed you should obey your husband, although when she was passionate about something she let her husband know about it. She had been furious when Bree walked in the door sobbing and holding her left arm; and she let her husband know it. They had a very heated argument about it, which resulted in the slight discoloration of her right cheek, at which time she had dropped it.
While Bree helped herself to breakfast there was a tapping at the window, there waited two owls. Bree walked to the window, both owls were from Hogwarts, though one was addressed to Bree and the other her parents.
“Mom, one of these is for you.” Bree said taking the letter addressed to her. She handed the other to her mother, which she opened right away.

To Whom It May Concern:
I regret to inform you that a house transfer so late in Brianna’s schooling would only be detrimental to her learning experience. Therefore I am unable to grant your request that she be moved, also, when the Sorting Hat speaks it is final and there is nothing that I am able to do about it. So sorry.

Minerva McGonagall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The older woman folded the letter up and smiled, her husband had been thwarted again. This pleased her greatly, for she did not wish her daughter to be in Slytherin. Alamadrea Wolfe had been very pleased that her daughter made it into Gryffindor; it had been her home as well, when she was in school. She was happy that Brianna was there…it would protect her.