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Katherine awoke just before the sun set, she could sense the new presence within the walls of her home. Sitting up she looked around the dark room.
“Your not leaving me, are you?” Bianca asked.
“For a moment. It seems that I have a guest I must attend to. The sun shall set soon and we shall show you your first night of hunting.”
“All right.” Bianca replied. Katherine leaned down and pressed her lips to Bianca’s and kissed her deeply. Bianca looked sadly as Katherine dressed and left the room. Katherine pulled her robe closed and walked down the dark hallway. She stopped in front of the large door and knocked, waiting for some sound she slowly opened the door. To her surprise she found Nathaniel standing on the other side.
“Have you returned home? Or have you come to find information for Nickolas?”
“I can smell his scent on you. It’s almost as if he’s right here in the room. He changed you Nathaniel, and because of that I am unsure if I can trust you.”
“I’ve returned because you’ve been calling me.”
“That is a lie, if you had been returning because of that mark, you would have returned by now. What brings you here?” Katherine asked, her anger now boiling over. Nathaniel backed away from her; he could feel her anger and wondered if she knew of his deception.
“I have returned, why question how long it has taken?”
“Because the scent of deception is all over you and because of that I know what you seek, and it’s not redemption. Tell me what does Nickolas want? Besides wanting my power as always.” Katherine shouted, as the room seemed to crackle with anger and her power.
“Why do you think that I am deceiving you?”
“My power is great Nathaniel, do not test me.” Katherine answered, raising her hand; his body lifted off the floor and was held fast against the wall.
“He wishes to own you, to own your mind and power for his own.”
“He can not own what he can not catch. Go back and tell your master, if he dares to return to this mansion it will mean his death.” Katherine replied, as her powers threw him out of the large glass window. Being immortal she knew he’d live but would Nickolas allow his failure. This she did not care to find out.
“Was the boy return because of Nickolas?”
“Yes, never allow him to enter the house again.”
“Yes Mistress, Bianca is asking for you. She wishes for you to return to her. She is very distressed that you’ve been gone so long, and the strange noises in the house have frightened her.”
“I understand. Assembled the others, it seems our war will begin sooner than I was anticipating. If Nickolas gains my power, the humans will not survive.”
“Yes mistress, we will be assembled in the main hall.”
“Good.” Katherine answered and walked down the hallway toward her room. She had some talking to do with Bianca and then the answer from Darcy held their fate in the balance. If he chose to remain human, then Nickolas would find a way to bring him to his side, and unlike Katherine, Nickolas was less than kind about it.