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Bianca walked quietly at Katherine’s side, her hand intertwined in the older woman’s. Katherine looked down at Bianca and then looked forward toward the village, she knew that it had been a great many years since she had been in the village and many would think her nothing more than a ghost or the direct descendant of someone that lived in the mansion years before.
“When was the last time you were in the village?”
“I was here that day we met and that was the last time I spent any time in the village. I tend to stay away from those that want to kill me. But today we are here to help you find someone to feed on. Feeding on human blood is what keeps us alive, and what has kept me alive for over five hundred years.”
“What of Nickolas?”
“What of him?” Katherine asked, stopping and looking at Darcy. She still wondered how he knew so much about her relationship with Nickolas and how he knew that he’d left her.
“If he chooses to take his brood back?”
“He doesn’t have that kind of power. There is a difference between Nickolas and I, had he left me to die as a human, the prophecy would have died with me. But I lived, he changed the power that was deep within me.”
“There is still little known about you.”
“And there always will be. I choose to keep my past just that mine. I choose to tell those that I trust what and who I was before I met Nickolas, but until that day comes I shall keep it to myself. Even if that means that my legacy dies with me.”
“Then let that legacy continue with us.” Darcy said. Katherine stopped and looked at him. She wasn’t sure she had heard him correctly, was he offering to become the last in her brood?
“You are choosing to become a vampire? To share in the power that I was born with?”
“Yes. If that means saving all of that from someone as evil as Nickolas yes.”
“I want you to understand what you are asking, that you are asking to end the life you have now and have a new one, the one of a vampire and a sorcerer are you ready for the undertaking that it requires?”
“Yes. I want this. I want this more than anything.” Darcy said, “ My life hasn’t been my own in a long time. I want something that is now mine, something that I can control, something that will make what I do as living worthwhile.”
“Then so be it, we must find a dark alley where I can change you. But I must warn you; this transformation is something that can’t be changed. Once you’ve become a vampire, if you change your mind, the sun is the only way to destroy what has been done.” Katherine informed him. Darcy knew the fate that he was choosing but he wanted that fate, somewhere deep within him he knew that it was the fate that he had always been waiting for. Katherine walked him down a dark alley and looked into his eyes. She could see the fear that was hiding behind his beautiful eyes. She had never seen anyone with eyes like his, they were almost sensual, but she knew that his eyes were what were going to give him his prey. Katherine pulled him close and kissed his neck, her soft lips caused him to moan slightly, Darcy pulled her closer and turned her face to him and kissed her deeply.
“Let me love you, let me love you like Nickolas didn’t,” Darcy replied, he held her closer and leaned his head sideways as she sunk her teeth deeply into his neck, she felt him collapse against her. She held his body in her arms and closed her eyes, there was something about him that made her cold heart skip a beat, she slit her wrist and pressed it to his lips and felt him start drinking.
“Yes lover drink, for soon you will find yourself in a new world.” Katherine said. She pulled her wrist away and looked at Henry and Martin.
“Return him to the house and place him in my chambers, I shall return to the mansion in a few hours. Do not let anyone disturb him.”
“Yes mistress.” Martin replied as he lifted Darcy into his arms. Bianca looked down the alley and growled low as Martin carried Darcy back to the large house.
“Now my child never is jealous of another. Every one of my children holds a special place in my heart. Never think that there is something different. But you must always remember that one of my children shall become my equal, you are my child and might be the one I choose.”
“I am sorry, I never meant any disrespect, forgive me?”
“I will never hold it against you, fear not.”
“Thank you.” Bianca answered kissing her deeply. Bianca noticed the change in the kiss; the kiss wasn’t as passionate as it had been before Darcy had been changed. But was she going to change the way she thought of her?

Nickolas felt the change in the air, he knew that Katherine had taken the preacher as her own, and with that she shared her power with him.
“What is wrong master?”
“She has taken another. We are losing time, we must hurry.”
“You said she’d not take another until just before the new moon.”
“He made the choice for her. Something about the preacher tells me that he wanted to be a vampire.”
“Then we start the war?”
“After the new moon, she is sharing her powers, that means that she is going to weaken herself.”
“Yes master, but until then what shall we do?”
“We shall feed, the humans of this village will blame the demon that resides within the mansion on the hill, and none will suspect that it was us.”
“Very good master.”