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Nickolas looked toward Nathaniel, he could almost feel the boy’s passion, he could feel the eagerness to please his master. Nickolas walked across the floor and stopped in front of Nathaniel.
“Tell me what you are feeling?”
“Many things master.”
“I can sense that you are feeling lust. You are feeling sexual tension, would you like to help relieve that?”
“We’ve been together for over five hundred years, I’ve yet to show you the passion of being a vampire. We do not care if we are male or female but that we have our lovers and those lovers are our equals.”
“We have never been equals, are you saying that you’d see me as an equal?”
“If things are doing as we plan, then yes. You are a vampire that was created out of evil, you find that the evil deep within your own soul is enough to become my equal then it shall be.”
“I’ve been a loyal and devoted follower. I have done all that you’ve asked and more. You’ve rarely talked to me about love, and even about the chance to be your equal, to rule at your side. You said that place was Katherine’s and Katherine’s alone.”
“Things change.”
“She changed, she chose that preacher over you. And because of that I am nothing more than a second choice.” Nathaniel stated. His anger was boiling to the surface and his once green eyes now red, the evil that had been deep within him was now finding its way to the surface.
“Now that is what I like to see, let that anger flow my son, let that anger flow show your master that you can be my equal and my lover.”
“You are always testing me, always saying that I am less than worthy of you. And when you find that she doesn’t want you any longer you decide to choose me. That isn’t fair.”
“Fair? Do you believe that this world is fair? You made your choice to become what you are.”
“No I didn’t, you made me who I was because she didn’t want you, she had left me with a mark. The mark had me calling me to find her, but you chose to make me your servant or even your lover? I highly doubt that you want me to be your lover Nickolas, you just want someone that will care.”
“Is that hard for you to do? Care for the evil that has made you the creature that you are.”
“She could have done the same thing, could have made me a vampire. What would have been different? Would I have cared?”
“You would have been different that is a truth, but you are here with me, if you had a choice would you have left?”
“If the choice was mine to have, I am unsure. You are all I’ve known all that has taught me what there is to see in this world.”
“Then why do you say that, if you had had the choice to leave you are unsure?”
“I care about you, and that is what has kept me here. But you at times act as if you care for me. Then there are the days you are more interested in your precious Katherine. Katherine has moved on.”
“This is a fact that I have now to face and because of that I’ve chosen you to be the one that shall share the power I possess.”
“What power? You’ve always wanted hers.”
“To add to my own. I was a powerful wizard when I was a human. And adding her power to my own would have made me the most powerful vampire that walked the earth.”
“Then when do we fight for that power?”
“We fight soon, my demon minions will be at our side to fight her. To fight her goodness.”
“The darkness that holds her soul is still good?”
“There are many sides to evil, Katherine is the darkest of all evil, but she holds something both of us can not.”
“And that is?”
“Katherine holds some of her humanity, that is what centers her evil, what keeps her from being fully evil and being our queen.”
“Then it’s time that we use my power.”
“And what power is that boy?”
“I will enter her dreams, make her doubt those around her. Make her think they are all plotting against her. Make her think that you are her only hope.” Nathaniel said. Nickolas smiled evilly and pulled Nathaniel close and kissed him passionately.
“We are one. We shall be the rulers of this world both human and demon alike shall bow down to us.”