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Katherine moved through the woods quietly as she moved to find her kill. She could hear the soft steps of another vampire as she made her way into the clearing, she could see a young woman sitting in the moonlight. Katherine returned to her human form and stood in the shadows.
“Don’t bother me during my feeding Darcy.” Katherine warned. Darcy changed form and looked into her eyes, he could still see the golden eyes of the leopard looking back at him. Nodding he stepped further into the shadows as he watched her creep from the woods and into the clearing. Katherine walked up to the upset child and smiled.
“What seems to be the problem child?” Katherine asked, her voice seemingly to almost purr.
“My parents are always fighting and I always seem that I am the reason.”
“Why is that?” Katherine asked looking into her eyes.
“They are not happy, I am sickly all of the time and father wishes I was never born, and mother defends me.”
“Child, there are always things that parents wish for their children. But sometimes it never comes to pass.” Katherine replied as she placed her hand the girl’s shoulder. The girl looked into Katherine’s dark eyes, she fell limp against Katherine’s shoulder. Katherine leaned down and began kissing her way down the girl’s soft neck and held her form close. Sinking her teeth into the soft flesh she felt the warm blood fill her mouth as she drank her fill. She let the girl’s now dead form fall to the ground and stepped over it.
“Your family wished you dead, so be it.” Katherine said whipping the back of her hand across her mouth.
“Tell me, do you pleasure in taking a life?” A soft voice came from the darkness.
“I would not pleasure in it, if you would have left me alone.” Katherine hissed seeing Nickolas step from the dark. Nickolas smoothed the jacket he wore and smiled at her.
“You desired to become what I offered.”
“You offered me a life that was more a dream, then it became my nightmare.”
“Yes that it did. Where are your children?”
“Feeding. I can not let them starve because of my duty to destroy one like you.”
“You always say that being the demon that you are is a curse.”
“It is, I fight this urge to destroy the human race to feed a need deep within me.”
“You wanted this, I could not make you into what you are without you wanting it.”
“No, you told me things that all young women want to hear, they want to hear of a life that is far beyond their reach. A life that you had painted was far from what I had expected. The anger that had flowed through me was enough to keep me going for centuries.” Katherine hissed as she grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground. She pulled him harshly to her and sunk her teeth deep into his neck as he gasped with surprise. She drank from him and threw his body away from her and laughed.
“You unleashed an evil within me that I’ve tried keeping in check for five hundred years. That will remain that way and I will finish what I was destined to do. Stay away Nickolas or I will destroy you.” Katherine said as she changed form once again.
“You will pay for this.” Nickolas shouted as he slowly and unsteadily stood. He watched the leopard disappear into the darkness. The anger within him was boiling, but now he was weak from what she had drank from him, he needed to find some fresh blood and quickly.