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Katherine could feel the change in the air, she could feel that Nickolas had returned and with that meant that his evil had returned. Her power was nearly at its peek, and she would make him pay for what he had done to her those years ago. Katherine remembered that her life, as lonely as it was, was till one that had some meaning. Something that meant she would always have loved; but when Nickolas came into her life that changed everything; everything about her world had changed.

*** Flashback***

Katherine’s long flowing dress swayed as she walked down the cobblestone street. She rarely was ever seen within the tiny village that sat just outside the castle walls.
“Tell me child, for whom do you hide?” A soft male voice asked.
“I hide from no one.” Katherine answered looking around.
“Then what is the reason you never leave the castle walls?”
“I am the betrothed of the young prince.”
“If you are such, how doest thou leave the castle without guards?”
“The prince has found favor in another. And I’ve become one that he wishes not to see.”
“Then why remain?”
“I remain of my own choosing.”
“Or do you remain because of the wizard. Does he teach you his magic?”
“I do not know what you are speaking about.”
“Yes you do, your magic is great, and if you are learning from him. The power within you shall become great.”
“Leave me alone stranger, or I shall have the king do away with one that speaks of dark magic.”
“So I shall leave you. But we will meet again young one.” He said. Katherine turned and saw just his silhouette as he disappeared into the darkness.

*** End Flashback ***

Katherine wondered if she had stayed within the castle walls that day, if her life would have changed. Her walk through the village that day changed her life, the day she meet the stranger that accused her of learning dark magic. Even if she was learning the art of dark magic, she learned to keep that a secret, for learning dark magic was forbidden and would have meant her death. Katherine knew that she must be cunning and keep those that knew of her secret close to her. But this stranger knew of her secret and she knew nothing of him. At least not until years later, when Nickolas revealed himself to her. Revealed that he was a creature of darkness, one that wanted her power. A power only she could control, a power he could not own.